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Gold or Silver – Batman or Robin?



Gold & Silver Prices graph

Gold or Silver? A common dilemma investors often face with regards to which precious metal should be on their portfolio. As both are valuable commodities, their global supply is limited. But there are specific properties that set the two metals apart, investing in one particular metal a natural choice for most investors.


Unlike gold, the supply and industrial demand for silver are much more significant. Silver is used for soldering, batteries, dentistry, glass coatings, etc. Mine production of silver accounts for approximately 85% in supply, while industrial application constitutes almost 56% of total silver demanded. With regard to gold, it is produced in limited quantities. Only about 2,500 tons of gold are mined globally, annually, with an estimated 54,000 metric tons in global reserves. Gold is a relatively rare commodity than silver.

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Keeping the demand and supply conditions of gold and silver in mind, we can note that the bigger silver market values are much less than the smaller gold market. The supply conditions of silver, make it a more volatile product, susceptible to variable market conditions, and hence price fluctuations. In other words, even though the silver market supply is much larger than that of gold, the lower price of silver makes the annual value of silver supply much smaller than that of gold.

The graph below shows how silver compares with the market capitalization of individual popular stocks.

Therefore, it takes a relatively small amount of money to create a more significant impact on the silver market. This results in the prices of silver rising more than those of gold on certain good days, while they fall more than those of gold on bad days. Depending on a bull or bear market, prices of silver have performed differently in different settings.

The examples below show how silver and gold have played in some of the biggest bull and bear markets in modern history.

The higher volatility in silver, and the table above, suggests that silver will outperform gold in bull markets.


Silver is the more affordable metal. However, the reason this is important is that an investor can benefit in similar ways from purchasing physical silver (not paper investments such as ETFs, certificates, or futures contracts), at a lower price, than from making a gold purchase at a higher price.

Like gold, silver is:

  • Tangible – In this digital age of paper profits, digital currency, and digital trading, intangible assets are commonly used to make substantial investments. However, silver and gold are tangible assets that can easily be assessed, monitored, and tracked. 
  • Highly Liquid – Both silver and gold are liquid assets, which means they can easily be converted to cash. Whether to make small or large payments, silver and gold can easily be traded in for immediate cash payments.
  • Default Risk & Counterparty Risk-Free – Gold and silver, alike, have no default risk as there is no issuing entity that could go bankrupt or that could default.

Silver may come with volatile prices and some uncertainty, but it is a more affordable metal. The average investor can purchase silver in smaller denominations, enabling him to make quick cash when needed for low, insignificant immediate payments like that of a phone or medical bill.


The affordability of silver comes with a small catch: it needs more storage space than gold. At the current prices of $1,733.10 for an ounce of gold and $17.49 for an ounce of silver, at the same dollar value investment, say $5,000, one can get roughly 98.9% more ounces of silver than gold. Isn’t that a lot? But how would you manage to store all this silver? With a density of 10.49g/cm³, silver is known to be much less dense than gold, with a density of 19.32g/cm³.

The fact clearly indicates that silver bars are much larger than gold bars and hence take up more surface area. It is said that one could hold about $50,000 worth of gold in one hand, but it may take approximately ten large shoe boxes to keep the same amount’s worth of silver. If this is true, one could be almost sure that keeping silver does not only require space; there is a lot more to it.

Investing in silver pertains to incurring individual storage costs higher than those that one would pay to hold gold. As silver is less dense, it takes up more space and is cumbersome to deal with, and hence professional storage costs are a lot higher with most depositories. Transporting silver bullions, unlike gold bullions, is not only difficult but expensive and burdensome. Silver, again, unlike gold, will eventually wear out if exposed to the elements; it cannot withstand moisture or light. It needs to be stored in a dry place, locked away, and prevented from the weather forces.

Industrial Uses

While the industrial demand for gold is just about, between 10% and 15%, the need for silver is an enormous 56% of its annual supply. Silver is used in almost everything you see around in your house. From electronics and batteries to dentistry and solar panels, you name it; its uses are extensive. This allows for a more significant impact on silver in periods of booms or slumps. When the economy is flourishing and doing well, the demand for silver is high, when the economy is in a recession, demand for silver falls. However, it is essential to note that unlike in the scenario with gold, where supply increases by recycling leftover remnants from its industrial uses, silver cannot be recycled; instead, it is thrown away after being used. It is uneconomical to recover every minute shaving or chip of silver after being used in the industrial processes. The supply of silver is, thus, limited. Linking back to our earlier discussion, and following the facts stated above, you may want to question whether the prices of silver rise in times of economic booms and fall in economic busts. Let’s take a look at this situation.

Considering one of the worst economic situations of all time, the financial crisis of the 1970s, we will look at the development of silver prices. The second half of the decade of the 1970s, the end of the post-World War II economic boom, was met with much apprehension and fierce economic depression. The world battled with a severe energy crisis, with oil prices rising to above 70%, high unemployment looped with a high inflation rate accelerating to over 20%, two recessions, the Russian invasion into Afghanistan, and ongoing cold war tensions. With all economic forces at work and the world going topsy-turvy, one would expect that silver prices would reach their most dreadful fall. This, however, was not entirely true. The uncertain global economic conditions did well for the prices of silver. While investor confidence in the dollar dwindled, people began to increase their purchases in silver, aiming to hedge their portfolios from the economic turmoil and global chaos. As a result, silver played its role as money, which had a booming impact on metal prices. The graph below illustrates the price trend of silver during the 1970s crisis.

The above discussion gives investors a broader perception of the properties of gold and silver. Silver may seem like an excellent choice to make; gold has always been the prime choice of most investors. Investing in gold and silver entirely depends on the investor’s goals, life choices, and plans. Analyzing your portfolio, your goals, and your plans will enable you to make the right, fitting choice between the two metals. Whether to buy gold or silver, is not a judgment of prudence or intelligence, it is of patience and predictability, of waiting and understanding economic and financial situations.

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The Formula For Sodium Amide



The Formula For Sodium Amide

Formula of sodium amide

Sodium amide is also known as the sodamide, a very solid inorganic base.

Sodium amide

Formula and structure: Sodium amide chemistry is NaNH2 with a molar weight of 39.01 g / mol. NaNH2 is a tetrahedral crystal structured salt material. The chemical composition consists of the ions of sodium (Na+) as amide (NH2-) and shown below. This molecule is made up of free amide ions.

Preparation: Sodium amide is made with ammonia gas or liquid ammonia by reaction of sodium metal. In liquid ammonia, sodium with iron nitrate catalyst is the typical production method for speeding up this process. The reaction begins with the production of an intermediate electrode that gives sodium amide and hydrogen gas quickly.

Sodium amide

2 Na + 2 NH3 + 2 Nas2 + H2, respectively.

Physical properties: Sodium amide exists with a heavy ammonia odour as colourless crystals. The melting point is 210 ° C and the boiling point is 400 ° C. Its density is 1.39 g / mL.

Chemical properties: The sodium amide is extremely sensitive and strongly reactive to ammonia gas and sodium hydroxide. Chemical properties:

NaNH2 + H2O + NaOH NH3

It easily absorbs H2O and CO2 into peroxides that constitute explosive compounds from the air in closed containers. This is why sodium amide is contained in tightly sealed tanks in inert gases (such as argon or nitrogen). To have an ionic conductive solution, NaNH2 dissolves in fluid ammonia. In many organic solvents, it is insoluble.

Application: Sodium amide is a good basis and is used for this reason in many reactions, in particular organics. It is also used for preparing a certain number of dyes and other organic compounds (for example, hydrazine, Sodium hydride) (for example, indigo).

Health effects/safety hazards: Sodium amide has an eruption of peroxides, responds violently to air and water. It also represents a significant health risk. When inhaled, the eyes, mucosal membranes, and respiratory tract can cause serious irritation or even chemical burns. Screwed gastrointestinal burns or intake can lead to fatal burns. 

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Distinction Between Native and Hybrid App Development



Native App Development and Hybrid App Development

Being an entrepreneur, it is basic to work well for your clients and convey administrations past their desires. Before bringing a plunge into the substance of React local application improvement and Hybrid App advancement, we should initially comprehend the significance of mobile phones. On the off chance that you lost your phone or you overlooked it someplace. How might be your response? Will it be, “Let it be, I’ll search it after at some point?” No, in no way, shape, or form! You’ll leave your progressing needs and discover it. That much significant is your phone and no one can remain without it a moment.

Individuals over the globe look for data on their mobile phone without fail, which is the reason that your gadget ought to be profoundly responsive and dependable. No one will burn through their time on terrible client involvement with this quick moving world. As indicated by the specialists, 79% of clients will possibly retry more than once if your application doesn’t work unexpectedly and just 16% will make more endeavors.

In case your application isn’t responsive and doesn’t reload in a moment or two, you’re really losing your clients. Thusly, it is imperative to think about client experience when you’re intending to build up a mobile application.

Presently, with regards to React local and mixture application improvement, React local applications performs well when contrasted with crossbreed applications.

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What is React local application improvement? Respond local application improvement stage empower engineers to manufacture mobile applications for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry gadgets. In this unique codes are composed for explicit application utilizing the three regular programming dialects Java and Kotlin (Android), C# (Windows), Swift, and Objective-C (iOS). There are set rules to every one of its programming language that designers should remember regarding typography, signals, visuals, and realistic styles.

What is Half and Half Application Advancement?

Mixture application advancement stage is comprised of consolidating local applications and web applications. This single structure works for any stage Android, Windows, or iOS that gives you the presence of a mobile application yet run by sites. It uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as its programming language

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What are the contrasts between the two? Here’s a reasonable correlation between Native application improvement and Hybrid application advancement to discover the victor:

Improvement Time and Cost:

in actuality, building up a mixture application is a lot simpler when contrasted with local applications and is less expensive too. As the reality goes, that for half breed application advancement you have to keep up just one code, yet with local applications, there is various code for every stage, which makes things more perplexing, However, that doesn’t mean local applications are terrible it has its own favorable circumstances. Champ Hybrid application advancement

Better Performance:

When you work explicitly for one assignment you can more readily focus same is the situation with local applications. Your engineer will have various codes for various working frameworks that guarantee a smooth presentation of the application. Then again, half breed applications simply include an additional layer between the source code and the objective mobile stage that impacts the exhibition of the mobile application. Indeed, even the CEO of Facebook has moved to local applications with the terrible half and half experience. Victor React Native application advancement.

Client Experience:

Undoubtedly, local application improvement nails this angle. As I’ve referenced before that clients will click off your application on the off chance that it neglects to dazzle the first run-through, so in the end, you won’t hazard your business customers at any expense. Local applications give obviously better feel, looking over, nice impacts and liveliness, specific signals and acknowledgment, and much more than settle on this system an ideal decision for some. Nonetheless, with mixture mobile phone repair applications it is difficult to keep up a smooth client experience on both the stages. On the off chance that you center around iOS client experience, you will lose your Android market as you’re using “one for all, just for one” strategy while coding. Victor React Native application advancement

Brief Timeframe to Market:

With crossbreed application advancement, you can dispatch your application in short turnaround time. As the opposition is extreme in the market and there are a few organizations that offer the same items or administrations as you, so going live as quickly as time permits are the thing that each business looks for. However, the situation is diverse with regard to local application advancement. As you to compose various codes for various stages, dispatching your application before long is beyond the realm of imagination, it will require some investment.

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Why Grabbing Discounts and Offer Deals Online is a Great Idea?



Grabbing Discounts and Offer Deals

Online shopping is the trend setter of the time. Almost everyone is shopping online because of the convenience and comfort the medium offers. All of us are fond of discounts. Who on this earth would not want to save some extra bucks on a product? Therefore, looking for discounts on e-commerce sites is a common practice.

There are many discounts on these websites throughout the year. Due to the staunch competition, all the websites try to offer the best price to their customers. It is a tactic to gain customer loyalty and improve brand image. In this article, we would look at why should one look for discounts on online buys.

Why Should You Look for Discounts on Online Products?

  1. You Save More

The first reason has to be saving money. Online products usually cost you less than the market price. However, the discounts displayed on your site are for visual attraction. Online e-commerce platforms host products online at a wholesale price. The discounted price already contains the profit margin for the company. Therefore, you do not really save much. But if you apply or look for additional discounts on the product, you might save a little more. 

  • The Delivery Time

One thing to remember while shopping online is that the e-commerce sites take time to deliver your items. You have to wait for the product for possibly a week. That wait time is worth discounting some price. This is another reason why people should always look for a discounted price on items as a means of compensation for the waiting period.

  • Buying in Bulk

We often tend to buy items in bulk. Buying bulk items paves way to a huge bill. So, if you are such a voracious buyer and are loyal to the e-commerce site, you definitely deserve some extra care. So, whenever you buy items in bulk, do look for a discount on the products. This can save you a lot of money.

  • Best of Products in Less Prices

During the sale season going on in the e-commerce sites, you can grab the best items from expensive brands that are really low cost. This means that sales and discount seasons are your ticket to having your hands on the top brands you once dreamt of using but could not afford.

  • Tax Charges

Taxation for online marketing is higher than the offline retail shops, which means if you don’t avail discounts you will end up spending more than what was required. Therefore, looking for discounts and buying discounted items is the best when it comes to online shopping. You might have to heavy taxes, but you save a lot on the product, which equalizes the cost.

  • Delivery Charges

Delivery charges are the additional charges that the company applies to different products. These charges often go above a hundred bucks. So, if you buy a product at a regular price and also pay the delivery service, then you have got into a loss deal. To save yourself from this loss, always try and look for discounted products.

Looking for discounts online isn’t a bad practice. There are many reasons to do so. Before buying any product it’s important to compare each price. After comparison, finding the best deal is possible. Discounts come in various forms, but some of them are deceptive too. Make sure to save yourself from such discounts or facilities.

Above were some of the reasons why you should look for discounts during buying products online. If you follow the steps above, we are sure that nothing can stop you from getting the best deals.

Get the Best Deal Online on BiggBull

BiggBull is one of the greatest e-commerce sites of all time. The website offers the best of discounted product. There is no competition when it comes to offering original quality products at the lowest prices.

There are constant one day sale programs going on in the company’s sites. The one day deals are very profitable and can be afforded by anyone. They also highlight deal of the day tags on their website where the most selling product of the day or the best discounted product of the day is displayed.

BiggBull is a class apart from all other e-commerce websites. There is no room for duplicate products on their site. They personally check each and every item before sending it to the customer. The feature product of a day is displayed in the Today’s deal section of the website.

There is a huge rush of people to buy deal of the day products on the website. BiggBull provides single day offers like ‘offer of the day’ schemes on a regular basis. Apart from it, the company has been engaging in a lot of social development activities.

Active since 1997, BiggBull is a brand to trust. Shop on BiggBull to get the best discounted product of your choice.

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