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What are the Top Things to Know Before Renting an Osaka Apartment?

Osaka apartments for rent

If you are thinking of living in Japan for a longer period and will not be staying with friends or family, you might want to consider renting an apartment. There are several things you should keep in mind before signing the contract, though. So here are some things to know before you consider Osaka apartments for rent.

1) The costs involved

The first thing that anyone interested in renting an apartment has to do is research what it would cost them. Various costs have to be taken into consideration when looking at apartments for rent. First, there are general deposit fees which everyone has to pay along with the first month’s rent. In addition to that, there might be a security deposit, brokerage fee, and key money you have to pay in some cases when renting an apartment in Japan.

2) The contract

To rent an apartment in Osaka or, in fact, in any other part of Japan, a person has to sign a contract with the landlord. This contract means that they will rent out their property for a specific amount of time which can vary from one month to several years depending on what both parties agree upon. Every Japanese resident also has to sign a similar agreement with the government by paying their taxes of course.

3) Renting procedures

When considering Osaka apartments for rent, it is advisable to do so during the weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm because this will give you more opportunities to see apartments and talk to the landlord. People who want to rent an apartment usually have a list of places they want to visit with a set amount of money they can spend on it. In addition, most landlords prefer having someone from Japan as their guarantor, so using a company that has experience in dealing with real estate agencies for foreigners is recommended.

4) The guarantor

In case renting an apartment in Osaka, it might be required that the renter gets a guarantor, which means someone who guarantees all payments under the contract. Most reputable companies or individuals are willing to act as a guarantor but make sure you do your research before choosing!

5) Neighbourhood

The neighborhood you will live in when renting an apartment in Osaka is very important simply because it can make or break your stay. You need to know if the area is safe and what the general atmosphere is like. Is it a busy area with lots of shops and people around? Or is it more on the quiet side? Knowing these things will help you narrow down which places you want to see first.

6) Double check all costs involved

It might sound obvious, but you never think of this until after something bad happens, so always double-check all costs involved when signing a contract for a rental apartment. Doing this from the get-go can avoid mistakes from either party, saving time, money, and perhaps even friendships. Make sure the landlord knows that you are aware of all of the costs involved and be wary if they try to make any changes.


Osaka is a beautiful city with many interesting places to visit. But if you’re just here for the weekend or week-long vacation, there are plenty of convenient options available nearby. If you plan on staying for an extended period, it may be worth investing in Osaka apartments for rent.

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