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What Are The Features Of Reversi Online Game

Reversi Online Game

Reversi is a popular board game, though it is not played much these days. It was a prime game in the early 20th century but, ever since the modifications that invented Othello, Reversi has been wiped out from the scene. Therefore, the people who still want to play Reversi with its original crux and authenticity have found the alternative as Reversi online game. It is very much similar to the original game but still, the slight improvements of digitalization have come out as a big change.

What is Reversi online?

Reversi online is the online version of the ancient Reversi game. It is new in the market and therefore not known to many people. However, those who know about it, absolutely love it for the modifications. It has a whole new set of functions, features, and lots more improvements. This online version stands out from the classic version of Reversi in many aspects but keeps the original authenticity and follows the important rules. 

This new game was launched around 2018 for the people who wanted to enjoy the classical feeling of Reversi without removing the classical flavors. It is very easy to play with the involvement of your friends, and especially with the online connectivity feature, you could connect with your friend far away. 

How to play Reversi online?

To play Reversi online, you have to first get a stable internet connection. After you open the game in the app or the web browser, you can sign up to create an account or even go for the guest mode to start playing instantly. The rules are similar to the classic Reversi game, where only two players can play at once. The game is not available for multiplayer.

Even in the online version, there is no color restriction, you can select the color of your discs and board. And then start playing by any corner, or center, or in any direction you want. No center compulsion is called out like Othello. The capturing of the opponent’s discs is carried in every way possible in any direction, even two directions are also allowed at once. lastly, when you reach the end of the game, one player is eliminated by having no space to move. Usually, a game ends by filling all the blocks and counting the number of discs to determine the winner. More discs- winner!

Features of Reversi online

This new version of the Reversi online game is laced with a lot of improvisations leading to accurate and cleaner gameplay. These features are explained in the section here. 

  • Amazing user interface: The new Reversi online has an extravagantly clean and smooth user interface. It has a non-confusing and direct system which leads to a better experience. You will find the system interactions to be specific and answer your queries right on time.
  • Relaxing background music: One of the best features of this game is the relaxing background music. While playing the game, you need to concentrate on the strategies and make moves accordingly. For this, the music is non-irritating and soothing.
  • Compatibility with all devices: The game is compatible with all kinds of devices such as a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or PC. People who use iOS in iPhone and MacBook can also enjoy the same features as Android users. Even web browsers support this program on PC and mobile devices. 
  • Flexible difficulty levels: For your convenience, the game is available in three different difficulty levels, ranging from easy to medium to hard. The choice of difficulty is completely made by you, whatever you feel like.
  • Offline and online modes available: For people who stay far away, the game can be played via the internet, similar to Ludo. You can connect with your opponent anytime, anywhere you want. Also, for people who want to play the online version sitting together, the game has an offline version available. Try them out!


Is Reversi online available on iPhone?

Yes, the modern Reversi online game is available on iPhone and iOS. You simply have to go to the App Store and download the Reversi game on your iPhone. After you download the game, open it and signup by filling in the details being asked. After confirming, you can continue to play the game. The game has been designed to suit all the devices available in the market for your convenience.

How many players can play Reversi online?

Be it online or offline on board the Reversi game, there can only be a maximum of two players at a time. It is one of the rules of this game that there can only be two players, no more and no less than two. However, there are some improvements in the Reversi online, such as you can even play the game with someone far away via the internet, similar to other online games. Also, you can play the game with someone in an offline manner without being connected to the internet.

Is Reversi online available for offline gameplay?

Yes, Reversi online game is also available in an offline manner. It is made so, to suit the players who want to play the game in its native manner, manually. For instance, if you and your partner in the game are sitting side by side, you don’t need to connect to the internet for playing the game, rather an offline game is better to avoid internet interruptions. You and your friend can play the game on the same device while communicating with each other constantly.

What are the difficulty levels in Reversi online?

In the Reversi online game, there are three difficulty levels available for you to choose from. These levels are set on the viewpoint of an amateur player to be playing the game for the first time. You can choose any of the levels you desire while playing. These three difficulty levels also open up with your wins, that is when you win the easy mode, the medium difficulty levels unlock, and then after it, the hard level can be unlocked.

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