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Ways CBD Can Be Helpful To Quit Smoking

CBD Can Be Helpful To Quit Smoking

While tobacco addiction is not transferable, it is responsible for millions of deaths globally. Additionally, it is one of the most addictive chemicals on the planet. Over 7 million people die each year as a result of tobacco-related diseases.

Several promising “new” therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, can be supplemented with natural remedies that alleviate withdrawal symptoms. CBD (cannabidiol) has recently made news in scientific journals for its capacity to aid in the treatment of cigarette addiction. Is it rational to use CBD oil to help you quit smoking cigarettes?


How to Use CBD to Help You Give Up Smoking?

Cannabis use as a means of quitting smoking is not novel. Numerous people have successfully used cannabis as a substitute for cigarettes for years. THC, like CBD, has soothing properties that can help alleviate anxiety and tension. However, many people find it impractical to smoke THC daily. It’s critical to keep in mind that CBD is not a psychotropic component of the marijuana plant. Because it does not cause euphoria while having many medical benefits, it is a safer option than cannabis that contains a high concentration of THC. It’s convenient to use CBDistillery products daily, as well as at work.

Many of the most effective methods for quitting smoking involve substituting new, healthy habits, such as taking a walk after a meal or drinking a cup of tea during a time when you would usually smoke. While substituting CBD cigarettes for tobacco cigarettes is not a long-term solution, it can undoubtedly aid in the transition.

Use CBD to Help You Give Up Smoking

Then it’s healthier to vape CBD or to take it orally, either as an oil or an edible such as candy or chewing gum. Additionally, research indicates that taking a daily amount of CBD can assist recovering addicts in quitting other narcotics, such as opiates and cocaine.

How CBD Can Benefit You in Quitting Smoking?

1. CBD Assists in the Treatment of Tobacco Withdrawal Symptoms

Nicotine is just as addictive as narcotics such as cocaine. When you attempt to break this destructive habit, you will come up against an almost insurmountable wall of withdrawal symptoms. It isn’t simply the want for another cigarette. Tobacco withdrawal symptoms typically manifest within a few days and include headaches, increased appetite and irritability, anxiety, sleeplessness, hypertension, and depression.

Therefore, how may CBD assist you in overcoming nicotine addiction? The fact is that CBDistillery controls the sleep/wake cycle, pain, mood, and satiety. It relieves headaches, promotes peaceful sleep, and maintains healthy blood pressure levels. Given this, CBD can help alleviate some of the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, allowing you to transition smoothly through this phase.

2. CBD Cigarettes May Assist in Reducing Tobacco Cravings

You take a cigarette from the pack, light it, and take a long, warm puff in tranquillity. You’ve been doing this day after day for years. It is an integral aspect of your self-identity. However, if you’re desperate for a cigarette, you may try a CBD cigarette instead of a regular one. It could be the initial step toward overcoming tobacco dependence. By smoking the best CBD cigarettes, you eliminate nicotine from your system, which is significantly healthier. Additionally, CBD protects your body and mind from the majority of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

As a result, you can maintain your smoking habit while switching to a far healthier alternative. It is far easier to quit smoking in this manner than to make a significant shift in your practice.

3. CBD Assists in Relaxation

Cannabidiol has well-documented anxiolytic effects. For instance, CBD alleviates anxiety associated with public speaking. Additionally, cannabidiol is highly effective against post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Overall, this is a highly effective stress-relieving pill that will assist you in coping with panic attacks and despair associated with smoking cessation.

4. CBD Helps Smokers Quit

The researchers discovered a direct correlation between CBD consumption and cigarette usage. Thus, a 2013 study found that tobacco-dependent people reduced their cigarette usage by an astonishing 40% when using CBD. Additionally, CBD reduces the pleasure associated with smoking cigarettes. In other words, if you take CBD, smoking will not provide you with that pleasure.

CBD can have a plethora of health benefits, and it can undoubtedly aid you in your efforts to quit smoking. It is also critical to see a physician before using CBD, as it may interact with prescription medications. The benefits of smoking CBD include its rapid action, non-psychoactive nature, ability to maintain good inflammatory function, potential assistance for those attempting to quit smoking tobacco, and ability to promote a peaceful mood.

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