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Top Reasons Why You Should Switch to Nicotine-Free Vape

Switch to Nicotine-Free Vape

Nicotine isn’t excessively toxic. In fact, it’s approved as a stimulant. And it offers numerous health benefits, including increasing heart rate and boosting blood pressure.  But when used consistently, it can be highly addictive.

Thus, if you want to lead a healthier life, switch off your nicotine consumption. Otherwise, you might end up becoming dependent on it. Vaping is an incredible alternative to smoking. Nicotine-free vaping products from Black Buffalo allow you to have fun without consuming nicotine. Keep reading to find out more!

No Addiction

Most vape juice brands contain VG, nicotine, PG, and flavoring. Of all these products, nicotine is the only one that’s regarded as habit-forming. The rest are free of psychoactive components that trigger your nervous system to the extent where you crave them. In other words, they aren’t addictive. When nicotine is removed, the vape juice remains non-addictive.

Enhanced Flavoring

If you love strong flavors, then vaping could be your best bet. While nicotine is odorless, its taste can be quite harsh and can trigger severe hits on your throat. Including it in vape juice dilutes it a little bit, hence reducing the level of flavoring.

Zero-nicotine vaping provides you with a perfect chance to enjoy the flavors, without experiencing that prickling hit on your throat. Moreover, there are numerous e-Liquid recipes to pick from. And these include apple, watermelon, chocolate, cherry, strawberry, and menthol that can give you an exceptional vaping experience.

Better Blowing Tricks

If you want to add pizzazz to your exhale, then switch to vaping. It’s the best way to blow “huge” clouds. However, if you want to enjoy it more, consider utilizing free-nicotine e-liquid. You will definitely love it. If you would like to experience some vapor theatrics, avoid including nicotine in the mix.


Nicotine typically refers to a toxin contained in tobacco plants. And it’s commonly utilized as a mechanism to scare away predators. Human beings also use it as a stimulant.

Since nicotine e-liquids are non-toxic, you don’t need to fear for your children’s safety. All the constituents of vape juice are food-grade. So, in case your children come into contact with it, they won’t get hurt. But this doesn’t mean that you leave the bottles everywhere. Always store them in a cool and safe place.


Remember, nicotine is a drug. As such, it’s characterized by both physiological, as well as, psychological effects. And all these can cause addiction. Although its severity remains debatable, it can still cause some side effects. Also, if you need the same effects as that of nicotine, you can try CBD-infused products from

Opting for nicotine-free e-liquids can help you stay safe and healthy. Ditching nicotine-based vapes can help you refrain from consuming excess nicotine.

The Bottom-Line

Compared to smoking, vaping is potentially safer. And this is particularly true when it comes to nicotine-free vape. By utilizing zero nicotine vapes, you’re safeguarding your body against harmful substances. Plus, this ensures that your physiological and psychological well-being is fully protected. Above is all you need to know about vaping and why it’s important to opt for nicotine-free vape.

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