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Want To Hear You Look Great All The Time? Here’s What You Need

Why do you always look tired? That might be the first question your colleagues ask you every morning. We understand getting a good night’s sleep is next to impossible. You may pull an all-nighter or binge-watch a new Netflix show up to 1 am. The result is groggy-looking eyes.

Looking for a quick fix for dark circles beneath your eyes is a taxing task. You may have tried different creams with little success. However, with, more is less when it comes to cosmetics. Get your eyes looking brighter despite the long awake hours. Below are ways to get your eyes looking lively and sexy for that ‘’you look great‘’ comment all the time.

dark eye circle treatment

What causes tired eyes

Most individuals ascribe puffy-looking eyes due to inadequate sleep. It is true that little sleep makes your eyes look like those of Kai and Jia Jia of the Singapore Zoo. But genetics, slow blinking rate, eye strain, poor lighting, and long commute also cause eye tiredness.

Some of the causes of eye fatigue are medical, and only medical procedures can correct them long-term. However, for subtle causes, cosmetic solutions such as fake awake techniques suffice.

How to relieve tired eyes

Start your day with a mild scrub and massage

You do not need a complete exfoliation routine. A gentle scrub using charcoal or your preferred scrubbing cream is the stuff dreams are made of. After a scrub, gently pat your face with a soft towel. Facial scrubs already remove the dead cells, and you should negate the progress by rubbing your face with a towel. Finally, massage your face from the eyes outwards or use an eye massager.

Facial massages improve blood circulation, which ensures your skin remains vibrant throughout the day. The best massaging creams incorporate peptides that rejuvenate your skin.

Apply a brightening concealer to your inner eye

Dark circles emanate from the inner eye and give your face the panda look. Brightening concealers highlight your eyes, making them seem wide awake. Use a concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone for best outcomes. A peach concealer is a perfect brightener to balance under-eye bags. You want no one to know you were up all night watching Squid Games, right? Then invest in the best eye brightening concealer.

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Choose an eyeliner

Eyeliners give your eyes an alert appearance which is what you desire even after an exhausting night. Light eyeliners are the best for your lower waterline. At all costs, avoid dark eyeliners. Dark eyeliners make your eyes seem smaller, which only worsens the raggedy state of your eyes.

brightening concealer to your inner eye

Go for curled lashes

Apart from being insanely attractive, curled lashes open up your eyes to soak in the light for a brighter appearance. Curled eyelashes are eye-openers, literally.

Bottom Line

Mondays after long weekends no longer have to be about you dreading comments about your eyes. Turn your morning hours into delightful moments of your life with New York Skin Solutions cosmetic solution for dark eyes.

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