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Vetiver Essential Oil – Benefits, Uses And Blends

Vetiver Essential Oil

Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium that largely affects the upper respiratory tract and the skin. It has been identified as one of the common bacterium that causes infections in humans. It is one of the main reasons for skin infections. It can also result in hair follicle infections, like furuncles and bone and joint infections. But, why is an article about essential oils elaborating on the bacterium, S. aureus? It’s because Vetiver essential oil is capable of putting a stop to the growth of S. aureus and eliminating it. Good quality vetiver can be applied on the skin or ingested to stop sepsis (a dangerous condition).

What is vetiver?

Vetiver is more commonly known as khus, a genus of Poaceae. It is a perennial bunchgrass, which can grow up to five feet under favorable conditions (humid regions). The roots of these plants are fascinating. It can grow 10 to 13 feet deep. And hence, it is drought tolerant and prevents the soil from erosion. The term vetiver is derived from the Tamil language, which means roots that have been dug out.

What does vetiver oil smell like?

Vetiver plant is related to plants such as lemongrass. Vetiver oil smells woody and smoky.

What is vetiver essential oil good for?

Vetiver essential oil has health benefits that cannot be ignored. Vetiver oil for hair and vetiver oil for skin care are quite popular. The oil can take the edge of exhaustion and stress when used in aromatherapy. High quality vetiver essential oil can be bought at gyalabs. So, what does vetiver essential oil do?

It increases brain functions – Aromatherapy with vetiver oil at bedtime rejuvenates the senses by boosting the limbic system that is responsible for memory and emotions. Diffusing vetiver in the rooms of children with ADHD can improve their alertness and concentration power. This scent gets imbibed within the memory, which can later be used to recollect events and lessons. Diffusing vetiver oil regularly can prevent the occurrence of neurotic disorders, including depression and behavioral issues.

It heals physical wounds – Vetiver oil can be used to clean or disinfect regions near a wound to stop the spread of infection. Because of its anti-inflammatory property, it stops the growth of microbes near the wound. It also boosts the production of the white blood cells, called leukocytes. In the process, it quickens the healing of the injury.

It helps fade scars – Another property of vetiver is that it is a cicatrisant, which means it heals by the formation of scar tissues. Applying this oil on the skin speeds up the process of diminishing the scars formed on the surface. It also boosts the production of newer cells, which serves dual purposes –first, it removes or replaces the dead or discolored tissues, and second, it brings uniformity in the skin’s appearance. And what about the stretch marks post pregnancy? And, what about the marks left behind by diseases such as chicken pox? Well, vetiver essential oil for skin diminishes all such marks and scars, and lightens the skin.

It helps with sleep – Similar to other essential oils, vetiver oil too has sedative properties. This property is made use of in aromatherapy. Sleeplessness is a problem that is rampant in the fast paced world. The sedative nature of the oil lowers irritations, nervousness, fear, anxiety and restlessness. Vetiver oil can be used by those afflicted with insomnia.

It is an aphrodisiac – Scent is always an aphrodisiac. And if that scent has molecules that have health benefits, then it definitely arouses sexual desires. Vetiver essential oil is an aphrodisiac as it calms the mind and stimulates the brain. Sexual disorders are more often than not associated with the mind than some physiological problems. Inhaling the aroma of this oil can improve sexual life.

It drives away the bugging pests – Malaria, dengue, zika fever, chikungunya etc. are some of the illnesses caused from insect bite. Besides these, there are Lyme disease and skin infections as well. Vetiver oil acts as an insect repellant. It can be sprayed or topically applied to ward off the pesky bugs and avoid any illnesses.

It is good for skin care – Vetiver essential oil for skin cures or provides relief from any inflammation or redness caused due to infections or sunburn. It also lowers the irritation and other symptoms of skin diseases like eczema and acne. The antibacterial property of this oil makes it a good solution to regulate sebum excretion from the glands. In some cases it is effective in controlling acne outbreaks forever. As mentioned earlier, vetiver promotes cell regeneration. And how can it be useful in skincare? Well, this property makes it an excellent anti-aging agent. As a person ages, the body slows down the production of collagen, a protein essential for the skin, blood and muscles. Vetiver stimulates the production of collagen. It thus slows down wrinkles, dryness of the skin and fine lines, thereby restoring the elasticity of the skin, giving it its young look and feel.

It may lower the after effects of chemotherapy – This quality of vetiver oil is still undergoing research. It might have the ability to lower the damage to kidneys, the DNA or bone marrows after chemotherapy.

Vetiver essential oil blends

Vetiver essential oil blends well with other essential oils including ylang ylang, cedarwood and patchouli. Here are some commonly used vetiver essential oil blend recipes.

Vetiver blend for relaxation – In the diffuser, mix three drops of vetiver with six drops of petitgrain and six drops of cedarwood essential oil. Upon waking up, the body will be energetic and relaxed.

Vetiver blend for skin – Mix it with other essential oils of avocado and primrose, and carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil, and apply twice a day to get smooth and bright skin tone.

Vetiver blend for calmness – This mixture has to be dispersed in the air with a diffuser. Vetiver, lemongrass, bergamot and anise oils can be mixed to get an aroma that calms the mind and rejuvenates the senses.

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