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How To Use Patchouli Oil

patchouli oil

The essential oil derived from Patchouli can be said to be an era defining oil that labels generations with its impact.

The relationship with the swinging sixties and hippies who favoured eastern materials is also described as the scent of the sixties.’ Patchouli essential oil was frequently used to perfume these materials.

Patchouli Essential Oil: What Is It?

  • Patchouli essential oil is derived via steam distillation of the patchouli plant’s leaves, which have the generic name Pogostemon cablin or Pogostemon patchouli. 
  • It’s applied to the skin in a diluted form or used in aromatherapy. 
  • Patchouli oil has a rich sweet musky scent that some people find overpowering. Using a few drops of the same is mostly more than enough.
  • The origin of the name of Patchouli Oil is said to have been derived from the Hindi word “pacholi,” which is translated to “to scent,” due to the strong musky perfume. 
  • The oil is okay extracted from the parts or a plant called Pogostemon cablin. It is a bushy plant with many leaves and blossoms. 
  • This plant is known for its presence in tropical Southeast Asia. 
  • The oil is a part of the big family of aromatic herbs. This group is also home to many of our most loved herbs like lavender and sage. 
  • In itself, the essential oil is derived by using the processes of steam distillation which requires the usage of carbon dioxide or steam
  • The colour of the essential oil darkens into an amber tinge as it ages, and the aroma grows richer and smoother.

What is Patchouli essential oil good for?

There are multiple uses of Patchouli oil and it is normally used for both it’s aroma and more practical purposes. Its application may vary depending on your requirements. Patchouli oil can be used in a variety of ways, including:

Frequently this oil is used for things like Aromatherapy, which holds the purpose of relaxation and reduction of stress. As for having a bit of variety, this essential oil blends well with scents like rose, sandalwood, and cedarwood, among other essential oils.

For skin:

  • Patchouli oil can also be put without any inhibition directly on the skin. A good way to use the oil would be to mix it with your moisturiser or body oil/lotion. 
  • Carrier oils like jojoba oil can be mixed with patchouli oil to make a herbal skincare process for good skin. 
  • To check that your skin isn’t sensitive to the oil, make sure to do a patch test beforehand.
  • To do so, use a tiny amount of diluted oil on a small part of your skin and see if you have any irritation to the same.
  • You can also use it in your bathwater, where the warm water will aid in the absorption of the oil by your skin. 
  • Remember to use carrier oils like avocado, jasmine, olive, and jojoba to dilute the oil.

For a pesticide

  • For centuries patchouli oil had been used in different kind of pesticides. 
  • After this, use a few drops of the oil to be added to the water filled spray bottle for future use.
  • Whenever there’s a pest problem, this is a viable solution to solve the problem. 

Aphrodisiac properties

  • Patchouli oil has been said to possess aphrodisiac effects when used.
  • Using it as a diffuser for aromatherapy is also a common use of the same.. 
  • But make sure you’re not in a stuffy environment. 
  • It is important to note that the scent might not be for everyone. Many people find the smell to be pungent and hence it might be too strong for some.

Treatment for Respiratory Issues

  • Respiratory problems are very common in the current world. The world of Patchouli essential oil is used in platters of respiratory problems.
  • This is due to the antibacterial qualities of the oil which makes it of great use to fight such diseases. 
  • The oil is beneficial in eliminating congestion in the chest. Removing mucus and rheum deposits from the nose canal is also a use of the oil. 
  • The relaxing elements of the oil helps in the treatment of dry, irritable throat problems.
  • Diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, headaches, and pharyngitis seem to be well healed by using this essential oil.

Patchouli Oil: Where Can I Buy It?

  • Luckily, this oil can be found quite commonly and hence is available for use. 
  • You may either order it online or get it at an aromatherapy store. 
  • In case one wants to go and buy the oil, big marketplaces and large retailers sell Patchouli essential oil also.
  • Please note: Check the label to ensure that the oil hasn’t been diluted by other substances. Also, look into the country of origin. 
  • It’s best to use less essential oil than more when it comes to essential oils. 
  • Remember that you’ll only use a few drops at a time.


  • Patchouli essential oil’s long-lasting aroma, while sweet, may be too powerful and unpleasant for certain people. 
  • It’s best not to use or inhale too much of it because the smell might be bothersome. 
  • Please dilute this with any carrier oil before usage. 
  • It is also important to note that this oil has shown to cause problems for people with blood coagulation. 
  • People with any bleeding issues or on any blood thinning medicines must avoid the usage of the same. 

Patchouli essential oil mixes really good  with bergamot, clary sage, lavender, and geranium essential oils.

Patchouli oil uses:

Let us explore how this wonderful essential oil can be used in a multitude of ways

On your body

  • The application of the oil on the body just be done by adhering to the proper dilution properties.
  • The amount of essential oil blends required for skin should have about 1-5% of the oil that is meant to be used.
  • A patch test must be done before the application of the oil as one shoukd be aware of any reactions that might be caused due to its usage. 

Essential oils should be diluted in a carrier oil before being applied topically. Carrier oils which are easily accessible are Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and avocado oil. 


  • Patchouli oil can also be used for aromatherapy by inhaling steam or diffusing it. Please ensure that before using essential oils, that they are properly diluted.
  • 30 minute breaks along with an airy room is essential while inhaling essential oils
  • The risk of having headaches, fits or vomiting and sickness can become very high if proper breaks aren’t taken.
  • Avoid any contact of diffused essential oils with young children, animals or people outside as everyone acts different to them.


  • The mixes of patchouli oil with other aromatic scents make a deeo, flavourful smell which can be used to create a variety of strong Perfumes.Patchouli can be blended with a variety of oils. 
  • What mixes well with Patchouli oil: Cedarwood, frankincense, jasmine, myrrh, rose and sandalwood

To conclude:

  • Patchouli oil is an essential oil derived from the patchouli plant’s leaves. 
  • The most common uses of the oil would be to heal skin problems, reduce skin conditions and appetite suppression. 
  • Many people use it as an oil for skin softening, massaging, and aromatherapy. This oil however has to be completely diluted.
  • Despite the fact that most of the proof of its usage comes from anecdotal abs experimental evidence, the Oil has always proved to be useful.
  • With its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and pain-relieving effects, the patchouli oil is the up and coming essential oil for ones everyday needs. 
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