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Uncover the Top Benefits of Using Blue VPS Hosting

Blue VPS Hosting

Are you looking for the benefits of VPS hosting? Still, wondering which is the best hosting for your requirements? Do a prompt search on the search engine for VPS hosting and what you will discover is a long list of shared hosting options. Most people select shared hosting as they are not aware of the better options for their business. Unfortunately, it causes disappointment and frustration when their website gets hacked and functions slowly or poorly. It is advisable to opt for VPS hosting as opposed to shared hosting. This blog further mentions what is VPS hosting and One of the best VPS web host providers is HostGator, so if you are willing to purchase a VPS hosting plan, check out the HostGator review.

Find Out What is VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting is a virtualized hosting option with a particular space, memory and CPU cores assigned to an individual tenant and is placed on a parent server. Whereas, shared hosting split resources with many clients’ websites. VPS Hosting is one of the effective and affordable solutions which can be beneficial for your next web project.

Discover the Top Benefits of Using Blue VPS Hosting

Below, we have listed the top benefits of using Blue VPS hosting:

  • Dedicated Entirely for your Project 

One of the major benefits of using VPS hosting is that all our servers are committed to your projects. A VPS will facilitate more resources as compared to shared hosting. By using VPS hosting, you will not have to split your RAM, CPU, bandwidth or space with any other client.

  • Improved and Better Speed

If a user is using shared hosting, then the website performance will solely depend on the number of resources being accessed by other websites on the server. A VPS hosting can be easily optimised to run smoothly and effectively for your website. Due to more customised configurations, a business using VPS will uncover the benefits such as better and improved performance. 

  • Affordable Hosting

While VPS hosting will cost you more as compared to shared hosting. But it is not expensive and is quite affordable. At, high-performance VPS hosting is affordable and does not cost much. VPS hosting is available at a better value and is economical.

  • Software Freedom

Many shared hosting plans do not facilitate users to operate certain software. Most of the shared hosting do not facilitate gaming servers or streaming software. However, by using VPS hosting, the users can easily select their desired operating system and select from OS options such as Cloudlinux, Debian or Ubuntu. The users do not have to worry about if the software will operate or not as VPS allows. 

  • Long-Term Configurability

As a user’s business expands over time, they will inevitably require more resources for their website. By using VPS hosting, they can easily upgrade to a better VPS hosting plan that will match their requirements.

  • Control and Access

Many site owners make a common mistake of using shared hosting and they get restricted control over what is established in their environment. Individuals who use VPS hosting will get endless advantages including running only the services required. For instance, if a person is not using email functionality on their server, they can close down or even uninstall services such as webmail applications and Bind. Blue VPS offers root access to their customers so that they can modify any changes when required.

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  • Adaptability

If a business website unexpectedly undergoes a surge in traffic, then it should be able to scale its server resources to match the increasing traffic demands. This kind of flux will often cause a shared server to crash, especially if other websites are also encountering surges. Not only will a VPS hosting manage the surge but also offer more resources when required. You can upgrade your VPS hosts quickly and easily.

  • Improved Security

Shared hosting is not a secure hosting option as the security is compromised due to many clients using the server via Plesk, InterWorx, and cPanel. If a client accesses weak or poor passwords and is hacked, it will affect all and put the whole server at risk. However, if a user is using VPS hosting, they will not face the security issue. The server is not compromised as fewer people are using it. A VPS hosting provides its users with endless benefits as it secures data from other users. Software such as spam filters, security configuration and firewalls and more can be strict on VPS. the users will get improved security and do not have to worry about getting hacked as the security is not compromised on VPS hosting.

  • Flexibility Hosting

VPS hosting has many access cases including project management servers, emails, gaming and more. If a user is accessing WordPress multisite, they will notice that large multisite networks will require higher resources. The shared hosting will crash.

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