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Types of Robots and How They Improve Work Productivity

Types of Robots and How They Improve Work Productivity

If you think robots are relegated to the realm of science fiction, then think again. Robots are a reality, and increasingly, they are sculpting our lives in terms of work productivity.  From pet-walking robots to cutting-edge surgical robotics, technology is shaping the future and improving how we conduct work tasks every day.  Read further for astounding ways robots are helping to improve work productivity.

Types of Robots and Ways They Get the Job Done

The science and technology industry doesn’t always agree on terminology for types of robots who conduct various jobs.  However, this is a generally accepted breakdown of the main categories of robots and how they enhance work productivity.

Professional Service Robot:  As you may have guessed, this type of robot is used in highly specialized, professional environments.  Some uses of robotics of this type are used to improve productivity in industries such as manufacturing, farming, healthcare, and the military.

Personal Service Robots:  Unlike professionally used robots, these devices are used for personal, non-commercial use.  The most common use of this type of robot is for domestic purposes such as home maintenance. 

Service Robots:  These unique robots are invaluable to humans today.  They perform tasks humans could not do on their own. Service robots help with mobility and executing daily functions. For example, robotic prosthetics and robotic wheelchairs can help humans with disabilities complete everyday tasks easier.

Examples of Professional Service Robots in the Workplace

Now that we’ve established the different types of robots, let’s delve more deeply into how professional service robots can help humans improve work performance.

Warehouse Use:  These professional service robots automate and streamline productivity in terms of pulling products out of inventory and placing them into shipping cues.  This job was once done by humans, but with robotics, warehouse tasks have become much more efficient.  In fact, Amazon utilizes robotics in their warehousing facilities to assist with getting deliveries to customers on time all around the world.

Manufacturing Robots:  Since the first robot arm was installed in a General Motors automobile factory in 1961, robotics in history has gained momentum on the manufacturing scene.  These professional service robots assist in the assembly of vehicles, computers, and other products.

Industrial and Military Use:  Drones and robots were first deployed in the military for ground combat in the Afghanistan war in 2002.  Since then, technology has advanced making innovative robotics a wave of the future in military tactics.  For example, Sarcos powered exoskeletons are groundbreaking robotic suits that assist with military function and industrial tasks.  Robots and exo-robotic suits assist in helping humans by combining artificial intelligence and technology to handle heavy-duty tasks in military and industrial settings.  

How Personal Service Robots Make Domestic Work Easier for Humans

Some of the most important work in life is the tasks we must complete at home.  Thankfully, robots are here to help with common household duties.  Here are a few examples of how personal use robots can make life easier around the house.

Pool Service Robots:  If you have a swimming pool, then you know it can be a tremendous hassle to keep clean.  Fortunately, there are advancements in robotic pool cleaners that tackle this chore like a champ.  The newest models on the market today even perform remotely by a smartphone app – making pool cleaning a breeze.

Cleaning Robots:  Why hire a maid service if you can have a robot clean the house for you?  Wireless robotic vacuums have been around for a while, and that means they’ve improved in performance over the years.  More technological advancements have led to floor mopping robots as well as window cleaning robotic units.  These personal service robots can be a great help if you’re simply too busy to keep on top of cleaning duty.

Lawn Mowing Robots:  It’s true that some folks enjoy mowing the lawn and even find it relaxing.  However, if your workweek is jam-packed, you may find lawn mowing the last thing you want to do on the weekend.  If this is the case, consider getting a lawn mowing robot.  These units detect the perimeter of your lawn using guidewire technology and they are typically powered by a battery station.

The Last Word on Robotic Helpers

Whether you are seeking help in your manufacturing business, or just need an extra hand around the house, robots are increasingly becoming a solution for getting jobs done right.  While there are still advancements and improvements being made to robotic helpers, the trend of using robotics to improve work productivity is here to stay.

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