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A New Generation of Advanced Robotic Pool Cleaners with a Smartphone Control

Robot Pool Cleaner

Using a Robot Pool Cleaner – Why It Is Beneficial

Robot pool cleaners are very easy to use and can be operated without experiencing any trouble. They are very environmental-friendly, energy-saving, and cost-effective. They provide exceptional cleaning results and aren’t difficult to maintain.

Every robot pool cleaner has its newfangled features. Numerous users find using a robot pool cleaner highly efficient and useful. It’s also very convenient to use as you will no longer manually clean the pool by yourself. With the right robot pool cleaner, conserving the cleanliness and purity of your pool will be so easy and practical.

What’s also distinctive about some of the robot cleaners is that they can be controlled using a smartphone. You can just sit, relax, and command your robot through your phone or tablet. That’s cool, isn’t it?

Robot Pool Cleaners That Can be Controlled with a Smartphone

  • Dolphin S300

Is your swimming pool badly in need of cleanup but you’re not in the mood to manually clean it? Well, here’s the answer! Dolphin S300 is guaranteed to finish all your pool cleaning duties. It promisingly decontaminates and purifies the pool water by intensely filtering and scrubbing it. You’re also free to schedule cleanups, edit the cycle settings, and spot clean with the assistance of the Dolphin app.

The cable used in this robot pool cleaner is tangle-free so it allows the robot pool cleaner to move around the pool with ease. This feature makes cleaning convenient and hassle-free. Moreover, the filtration system present inside is clog-free and it uses superfine filters that can eliminate algae, debris, and dirt very efficiently.

This energy-efficient robot pool cleaner can be easily operated as it features a simple on/off function with a cycle selector and weekly timer. Furthermore, it can be remote-controlled using your smartphone. Just download the MyDolphin app and connect it to your robot.

Talking about Dolphin brands, you can also try the Dolphin Triton PS as it has a lot of cleaning abilities and it also offers a lot of unique features. But unlike the Dolphin S300, the Triton PS cannot be controlled using a smartphone.

  • AstralPool H7 Duo Robot Pool Cleaner

This robot pool cleaner is one of the most high-tech pool cleaners obtainable in the market. It uses the most innovative and modernized features that allow the robot to function very well. It can efficiently keep the cleanliness of the water lines, walls, and floors of the swimming pool.

This robot incorporates a built-in transmission technology that merges 2 traction motors and 1 suction motor in 1 block. With this highly innovative technology, you can be so sure that every movement performed is precise, reliable, and efficient.

What’s so cool about this is that it can be controlled and navigated with the H7Duo App. This app is equipped with AquaSmart and Gyro Navigation systems which allow the robot to take the shortest route across the pool shell and adjust to its shape automatically. These combined systems also allow the robot pool cleaner to rigorously clean in every cycle and avoid all kinds of obstacles.

The Aquabot RC app, which is downloadable on Android devices, helps you control the AstralPool H7 Duo pool cleaner by just connecting your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection. Moreover, this robot has adjustable nozzles which enable it to collect larger debris. There’s also a vibrating brush found at the center to scrub the dirt before sucking it using the vacuum intake hole.

  • Dolphin M500

If you’re searching for a robot pool cleaner that’s truly superior in thoroughly cleaning a pool, the Dolphin M500 might be an excellent selection. This cleaner can provide effective and rigorous pool cleaning for swimming pools up to 15 meters in length. It also incorporates newfangled systems that ascertain precise scanning for systematic coverage of walls, water lines, and floors, making the water ultra-clean and hygienic.

Yes, you can relax while getting your swimming pool cleaned because you can easily command your robot through your smartphone. You can simply connect your phone to the robot through a Bluetooth connection. Just download the MyDolphin Plus app on your iPhone or Android device and you can have the power to fully control your robot anytime and anywhere.

This robot pool cleaner has a clever navigation technology that assists in cleaning every spot of the pool. It also contains top-grade filters that help in eliminating fine and rough debris.

Pick the Robot Pool Cleaner that will Satisfy your Cleaning Needs

There are lots of high-tech and innovative robot pool cleaners obtainable in the market, but not all of them can be reliable and long-lasting. So be sure to choose the robot cleaner that will satisfy your needs and will give you convenience. Plus, it will be a huge advantage if the one you’ll purchase can be controlled with a smartphone.

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