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What Type Of Dentures Are The Best?


As you advance in age, it is more and more common to lose your natural teeth. It could be due to gum diseases or tooth decay.

Thankfully there are plenty of options to replace your missing teeth. While dental implants are gold-standard, dentures are still a popular choice among people with limited funds.

Dentures are teeth restoration that looks just like your real teeth and help you chew food.

But the decision of what type of dentures to get can be a difficult one. So we got in touch with a dentist near Austin, Tx from Paradigm Dental to find out.

Types of dentures

There are a few different types of dentures: traditional, implant-supported, and partial dentures

Traditional Dentures:

Traditional dentures are the most common type – They’re held in place by artificial suction created by the shape of your mouth. They can be easily removed, cleaned, and stored for the next use. Over the years, the built and shape of dentures have improved to fit better and look 100% natural.

Implant-supported dentures:

Implant-supported dentures are similar to traditional dentures, but they use dental implants to hold them in place. This is an option for people who don’t have any teeth remaining in their jaw or for those who want permanent fixtures. Your jawbone structure remains the same as the dental implant acts as natural tooth roots.

Partial dentures 

Some people choose to go with partial dentures because they only require the replacement of a few missing teeth. This is a good option for people who still have some healthy teeth remaining in their mouths. The dentures are made in a color that matches the remaining teeth for seamless blending.

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Which Is Best Denture For You?

There are several factors to consider when making this decision. Complete dentures are the most common type of denture and are made to replace all of the teeth in either the upper or lower jaw. 

Partial dentures are made to replace a few missing teeth, while implant-supported dentures are fixed in place with dental implants. 

There is no one “best” type of denture; the best type of denture for each person depends on their individual needs and budget says this dentist in Germantown. Dental implant-supported dentures may prove to be a bigger investment, but the results are long-lasting. It also prevents facial sagging and bone loss so is highly recommended. 

But they don’t fit your budget, traditional removable dentures are also worth considering due to their ease of use. 

To find out which dentures will suit you best, we highly recommended consulting some expert cosmetic dentists in your area. They will examine your teeth and recommend to you which dentures will best suit your budget and needs.

So if you are looking for affordable dentures in Austin, tx you must visit Paradigm Dental. Run by Dr. Mike and Dr. Mark Shalaby who are both known for their excellent dental artistry skills, you can get a beautiful smile with the help of dentures. 

They also offer finance options to help their patients get the treatment they need. So call up Paradigm Dental or visit their website today to book a consultation for dentures.

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