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TSGLI Coverage: Eligibility and Compensation Range

TSGLI Coverage: Eligibility and Compensation Range

The Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection (TSGLI) is a service provided under the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) that offers insurance compensation to service members who develop serious traumatic complications while in military service. The program covers the members whether they sustained the traumatic injuries while serving or off duty. The TSGLI was created to provide short-term support, mainly finances, to enable the scheme’s eligible members to overcome the effects of the traumatic event. If you are covered by the SGLI scheme and suffered a severe injury while working for the military, you can file for the TSGLI benefit claim, provided you meet all the requirements.

The TSGLI benefits cover the cost of your recovery from a serious injury or offer compensation in cases where permanent injuries occur. TSGLI automatically covers service members insured by the SGLI. Additionally, this insurance still covers service members who got injured while off duty. To get compensation or payment for an injury suffered, members must first file a TSGLI claim by completing the TSGLI Benefits Application form (SGLV 8600) and mail or fax it to their service branch. The service branch address is usually posted on the form’s front page.

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In addition to being a service member covered by SGLI, they must fulfill the following requirements to enjoy the benefits of the TSGLI:

• The member was injured before midnight of the day they came out of military service.

• The member had a loss resulting directly from the injury.

• The member suffered the loss within 730 days of being injured.

• The member survived for at least 168 hours from the day they suffered the severe injury.

• The member was a reservist, on a single day master duty, on National Guard service, funeral honors service, or an active duty service in the military.

However, the following conditions disqualify members from getting the TSGLI benefits:

• The injury the member suffered was self-inflicted.

• The injury the member suffered was due to the use of any controlled substance without the written permission of a qualified medical doctor.

• The member’s injury resulted from surgical or medical treatment of a previous disease or illness.

• The member suffered the injury while committing a felony.

Additionally, members who sustained injuries between 7th October 2001 and 30th November 2005 can apply for a retroactive TSGLI if they meet the conditions mentioned above. The retroactive TSGLI implies that the benefits are calculated from a past date. In cases where your first application is not successful, you will receive a denial letter that will advise you whether to complete the TSGLI Appeal Request Form (SGLV 8600A). It will also inform you of the deadline for submitting the appeal form.

The compensation range for the TSGLI benefits is between $25,000 and $100,000 for each traumatic event. However, the amount given to a member depends on the type and extent of their injury. In unfortunate cases where the service member dies due to the traumatic injuries suffered, the family members will be paid the TSGLI benefits provided the member was able to survive for at least seven full days from the date of the traumatic event.

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