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Top Motorcycle Events in Las Vegas

Motorcycle Events in Las Vegas

As an avid motorcyclist, events in Las Vegas have been on your radar for a while now. Finally, you plan to attend some events in Vegas, and you couldn’t be more excited! 

There are many events in Vegas that bikers flock to that we reveal in this article. You may be planning to attend a few yourself! 

Although attending events in Vegas is momentous, remember that staying safe is vital. Unfortunately, in bigger cities, as fun as events are, more accidents are prone to happen. 

We discuss the top motorcycle events in Las Vegas and how to stay safe while attending them.

1. Vegas Bikefest

The Vegas Bikefest is held annually in Las Vegas, and it is one of the most significant motorcycle events in the city. 

Bikers from all over the world come to Las Vegas to participate in various event activities. 

There are many different vendors at this event selling motorcycle gear and accessories. There are also live music performances and stunt shows. 

The Bikefest can be fun, but it is also essential to be careful. It will help if you stay aware of the increased traffic and danger on the roads.

2. The Street Vibrations

The Street Vibrations is another event held annually near Las Vegas.

This event, in particular, focuses on custom motorcycles. So, if you enjoy looking at unique motorcycles, this event may be perfect for you! 

During Street Vibrations, there are various motorcycle shows and competitions. There are also many vendors selling custom motorcycle parts and accessories. So check out this event and have a blast! 

3. The Laughlin River Run

This event is held every year in Laughlin, Nevada, about an hour outside Las Vegas. During the Laughlin River Run, bikers from all over the world participate in various activities. 

There are live music performances and stunt shows. Plus, some vendors sell motorcycle gear and accessories. 

Again, since this is another busy event, it’s essential to be cautious while driving and walking. 

4. The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

Hells Angels is a motorcycle club that has been around for many years. The club has over 2,000 members, and they are known for their support of many charitable causes. The club also organizes various events and rides.

If you’d like to attend one of their events, hop online and determine when they’ll be heading for Las Vegas! 

5. The Mongols Motorcycle Club

Mongols motorcycle club is another well-known motorcycle club. Although it’s based in Southern California, they have chapters nationwide in 14 states. You can attend many Mongol events in other cities like Las Vegas.

The Mongols have over 1,000 members, and they are known for their support of many charitable causes. The club also organizes various events and rides.

With clubs with many members, it’s perfect for meeting new people. Although, you must be a vigilant driver, which we discuss more below. 

Safety Tips When Attending Motorcycle Events in Las Vegas

As a motorcycle driver, you must be careful not to get into an accident while riding. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the events happening in Vegas and other cities that can put you at risk. 

Look out for pedestrians on foot and those riding a bicycle. If they were to get injured, there’s always the possibility of them getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer.

1. Always Wear a Helmet

When attending a motorcycle event in Las Vegas, be sure to wear a helmet. A helmet is an essential piece of safety gear for a rider in a motorcycle accident. 

It protects your head in the event of a crash and can help prevent serious injuries. Always wear a DOT-approved helmet when riding, and make sure it fits snugly.

2. Wear Protective Clothing

When attending a motorcycle event in Las Vegas, be sure to wear the proper safety gear. Protective clothing helps protect you from the elements and road rash in the event of a crash. Leather or denim jackets and pants, gloves, and boots are excellent choices.

3. Ride Defensively

Defensive riding means being aware of the potential dangers on the road. You must take steps to avoid them. Ride at a safe speed, use your brakes properly, and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

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4. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Always be on the lookout for other vehicles, and be mindful of your blind spots. Use your mirrors and turn signals to let other drivers know where you are going.

5. Take a Safety Course

A motorcycle safety course will teach you the basics of riding. Plus, it’ll help you become more confident on the road. 

Besides local and online courses, community colleges or motorcycle clubs offer rider education programs.


In Las Vegas, there are many different types of motorcycle events throughout the year. Some events are races, while others consist of motorcycle enthusiasts getting together. 

Regardless of the kind of event, you should always be aware of the risks associated with riding. It would be best if you always took precautions to stay safe. As a biker, make sure to stay safe on the roads and obey all traffic laws.

By being a smart and savvy biker, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and look forward to many Las Vegas events to come!

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