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Top Home Improvement Projects to Add Property Value

Home Improvement Projects

Spring often brings a sense of freshness to homeowners, be it a weekend of spring cleaning around your home or thinking about home improvements you can make. 

If you’re thinking about listing your property sometime soon (super fast?) or sometime in the future, it’s important to know what home improvement projects will offer the best return on your investment. Look no further to learn about our top home improvement projects that add property value.

Create a home office

According to statistics from Global Workplace Analytics, the number of individuals working from home has risen 159% since 2009. The need for home offices is in high demand for buyers, meaning if you can create a home office space before you list, it will add value (upwards of $10,000 in increased value to be exact!). 

Even if this means simply staging a bedroom as a home office, it can end up paying off big by allowing buyers to see the potential of the space. This can be as simple as swapping furniture. Staging a home office makes for an extremely cost-effective option to rack up some easy property value.

Simple Outdoor Swaps

Curb appeal is a buyers first impression when looking at your home, so creating simple outdoor swaps can make an impact for your property value. Consider these ideas for home improvement projects:

  • Replace your garage door (average of 133% return on investment!)
  • Update your mailbox and home address numbers (small details that give a well-maintained look)
  • Touch-up exterior paint (average full exterior paint costs about $3,000 and brings $7,500 in resale value)
  • Tidy landscaping for a fresh look that appears to be low maintenance

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Minor bathroom refresh

With an average return on investment of 102%, giving your bathroom a minor facelift will pay off when it comes to property value. Although you’re only gaining 2% more out of what you put into this project, it is a huge selling point to buyers to have an updated, fresh, and clean bathroom space. 

Another tip, paint your bathroom a pale shade of blue. Homes with this simple feature sell for on average $2,793 more than their non-pale-blue counterparts.

Projects to avoid

On the flip side, some projects aren’t worth much in terms of added property value. These include:

  • Swimming pools (many see them as extra maintenance or safety hazards for children)
  • Luxury upgrades (unless your market calls for them)
  • Fancy landscaping like water features (buyers see these as a hassle and added maintenance)
  • Minimum repairs (fixing broken necessities does not add extra value as they are expected to be in working order)

If you’re wanting to get a home appraisal to see what your current property value is, learn about free home appraisals and where to get a good one. Knowing your home value is a great starting point before you decide to take on any investment home improvement projects.

Whether you’re looking to decorate your backyard or upgrade your bathroom, one of the most important decisions you have to make is who can help you get the job done. With a simple search for handyman near me, you can get the services you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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