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5 Interior Designer Approved Colours to Elevate Your Bedroom Design

Elevate Your Bedroom Design

Your bedroom is your own safe haven, your joyful space. This is where you pause all the chaos of everyday life and disengage for a little while. Therefore, your bedroom design should be planned in a way that promotes a sense of calmness and serenity. While there are a bunch of ways to achieve this, one of the most straightforward and effective is to select a suitable colour scheme.

Colours have an important emotional impact and may significantly influence your mood. In reality, each colour has its own aura and can evoke distinct emotions. Perhaps this is why the best interior designers use colour palettes to create environments for customers of various temperaments.

While timeless colours like white and cream have their own follower base, there are a few hues that even the best interior designers are obsessing over. Wish to know which shades they are? Continue reading!

Rosy Lavender

With this colourful take on rosy tones, you can experiment with soft accents. Rosy lavender is both nice and naughty, making it great for your insta-ready bedroom decor. Excellent for rooms with limited space, this soft yet impactful colour will give new life to your bedroom design. 

Combine this colour with mint and ivory for a decor that appears as if it came straight from a magazine.

Pastel Blue

Nothing says spaciousness like the hue of the open sky. This tone of blue is fluid, rich, and expansive and offers openness and tranquillity to any room. It has a natural, earthy feel, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. This colour goes well with neutral colours like ivory or cream and is ideal for bedroom designs with a modern theme. 

Consider a sky-blue accent wall with complimentary rose tones. Isn’t it lovely?

Steel Grey 

Do you love it when the environment is quiet and relaxed? Choose this clean yet flowing grey tone that goes well with a variety of bedroom design options. This colour works well as both a foundation and an accent colour and is ideal for large space designs. Steel grey, a tad on the dark side, may offer a mysterious appeal to your master bedroom design. 

To add a pop of color to your bedroom décor, use this color with brighter, rose tones.

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Tea Yellow 

With this gorgeous hue of yellow, say welcome to positive-tea. This colour expresses delightfulness and joy, making it great for all those sunny hearts out there. If you wish to begin each day on a delightful note, including this hue into your bedroom decor will help you do so. 

To introduce a snug, inviting energy to your bedroom design, use this as an accent hue or as the foundation for your photo wall.

Sunset Pink

Capture the mood of a gorgeous sunset in your bedroom design with this gorgeous hue of pink. Sunset pink is a warm, friendly, and welcoming colour that will encourage a gorgeous glow into your bedroom, making it the ideal area for a nap. 

So, these were our picks for the best wall paint colours that will breathe new life into your bedroom designs. Don’t know which one is best for you? Allow the professionals to assist you. Contact experienced interior design firms such as Livspace for an in-depth consultation on the best house bedroom design ideas for you. 

Livspace is one of the top interior design companies in the country, offering full-service home décor to accelerate your home renovation. Livspace handles everything from design through manufacture, allowing you to sit back, relax, and watch your ideal home come to life.

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