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Never Gamble When It Comes to These 5 Things

Never Gamble

Sometimes, it feels like just walking out of your house everyday is a risk that you can’t do anything about. It feels like you are gambling with your life every time you get in the car and face rush-hour traffic. Even so, there are many things you can do to make sure that the odds are in your favor. It is true that you can’t control the actions of others. But you can do better planning for the unexpected by simply thinking about all the possible scenarios and expecting more things.

Sports betting is one thing. But not everything should be treated in the same way. Not everything is a matter of frivolous entertainment. Some things are more consequential than others. Also, we are not the only ones at risk. If you have no family depending on your income, you can spend as much at the casino as you like. Enjoy and good luck. It only hurts you if you bet wrong. But dependents change the calculus. Your risk profile is quite a bit higher. In some areas of life, it is far too risky to gamble. Here are five:

Weddings and Other Special Events

If everything works out well, you only get married once. That’s a good thing considering the price of the average wedding these days. So be sure to buy extras for your sparklers for wedding send off plans. When it comes to that kind of fun, you don’t want anyone to feel left out. That is precisely the kind of thing that can cause a full-blown incident where no one is happy, including the bride and groom. The same advice applies to those gender reveal ideas as well.


Sports betting is a game. Financial investments are life. Get it wrong and yours will be a lot less enjoyable than if you took your investments more seriously. Working the stock market is not like playing the slots. While there can be no guarantees from moment to moment, the market is one of the steadiest predictors of future growth there is. Amateur day trading absolutely works all the way up until it doesn’t. So hire a professional so that you don’t have to gamble with your future.

Buying a House

It feels like you are never done signing the papers that will grant you the privilege of spending the next 30 years of your life paying off your new mortgage. Those house keys represent the biggest purchase of your life. You have to be sure you are getting the deal you think you are.

The house might show very well. But is it really in the good condition the realtor seems to think it is? You are taking an ill-advised gamble if you don’t insist on a home inspection as a part of the deal. If you don’t, you could be stuck in a beautiful disaster.

Your Fiancé’s Financial Responsibility

This is going to sound crass. But if you don’t make certain that your future spouse is financially responsible, it could end your marriage and your good credit. It doesn’t take very long for it to happen.

Somewhere in the dating phase where things are getting serious, do an exchange of credit scores and background checks. Be an open book and demand the same. When you visit their house or apartment, see if there is a stack of bills a mile high. You don’t have to snoop. That sort of thing is usually in plain sight. When problems are discovered, get on a plan to correct the financial issues before tying the knot. If they don’t want to take that step, they are not ready to take the marriage step either.

Your Pet’s Health

Becoming a pet owner is a big responsibility. You are solely responsible for their health. It is up to you to be sure they are caught up with their shots. They need routine checkups just like humans. It is going to cost you some money that you will not enjoy spending. But there are far too many things that can go wrong with your pet’s health for you to take the risk of doing nothing.

Gambling can be fun as long as you keep the risk/reward equation in balance at all times. However, things like investments, special events, and the health of your pet are too important to just roll the dice and hope that everything comes out okay. Never gamble on things that really matter.

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