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6 Helpful Tips for Working Women in Home Cleaning

Working Women

Cleaning your home while working a full-time job may not always be easy, but it is possible. Working women need a strategy that helps them manage time and clean effectively. 

Managing time involves establishing priorities that enable you to identify tasks that come first and the ones that you can do last. This is important in a cleaning schedule. 

It ensures your schedule is flexible enough to accommodate changes that may come up. These changes can affect how you delegate duties. It is also good to delegate work to the people you live with, like your roommates or your children. They can help with vacuuming, cleaning cabinets, and washing windows.

Here are six tips that can help working women in home cleaning.

1. Gather Cleaning Products and Equipment 

Gather all your cleaning products and tools in one area. This will help you quickly find what you need when cleaning. It is also a good idea to simplify your cleaning products. This means you do not need different products for each room or surface. You can try to minimize it to only three products to clean dirt and remove grease from surfaces.

Areas to Clean:

(a) Start by Dusting Your House

Dusting your house is the best way to start the cleaning process. Make sure you dust surfaces, shelves, picture frames, TV screens, and furniture. Avoid using water or getting surfaces wet at this stage. Wet surfaces will make it harder to clean.

(b) Always Wash Mirrors and Windows

Always Wash Mirrors and Windows

Wipe all mirrors and windows in your home. If you want to wash your windows thoroughly, you can use pressure washing. Pressure washing and window cleaning ensure all dirt and debris are removed from the windows. 

When using pressure to clean windows, you should take necessary precautions. For example, avoid using a ladder when window cleaning and power washing. Make sure your safety and the safety of your cleaning team come first. 

If your house is a two-story building, a second-story nozzle or telescoping extension is the best option. Professional window cleaners have these tools for pressure washing. Charlotte window cleaning experts will also pay attention to windows with wooden frames. Experts ensure windows are intact before using pressure.

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(c) Begin with the Dirtiest Rooms

Cleaning the dirtiest rooms first will make cleaning other rooms easier. Some of the rooms to consider cleaning first are the bathrooms and kitchen. 

Make sure to clean all surfaces and appliances in your kitchen. Do not leave kitchen dirt for long periods before cleaning. This is because the dirt will harden and become harder to clean.

Choose products that will thoroughly clean surfaces and work best with microfiber cloths. Such products and a microfiber cloth will help wipe surfaces and clean more areas in less time. 

Wipe surfaces in your bathroom. For example, wipe the tubs, showers, toilets, and sinks. It’s important to clean your bathrooms and kitchen every week. This makes cleaning these rooms less painful.

(d) Wipe and Polish Surfaces and Floors

Wipe and Polish Surfaces and Floors

Sweep, scrub, and mop your floors. Start from the back of the room, moving towards the front. Clean from the top parts to the bottom parts. Starting high makes dirt fall on surfaces you have not yet cleaned. This way, you do not waste time repeating the same surfaces. 

Clean and finish one area before moving to the next. Polish everything and make sure it sparkles. When polishing, you can spray surfaces with vinegar and wipe with your microfiber rag. Don’t forget to wipe and polish doors, doorknobs, and porcelain fixtures.

(e) Include Your Gutter

Cleaning your gutter is an essential part of home maintenance. Gutter cleaning ensures your house remains in good condition. Remove all dead leaves and debris from the gutter. You can use a hose to ensure all materials that cause clogging and water overflow are removed. 

If your gutter needs extra cleaning and maintenance you can check the gutter cleaning cost from your local pressure washing service in Charlotte, NC. Do not forget to check, clean, and maintain your gutter from time to time.

2. Get Help from a Professional

Professionals can help working women keep their homes clean from time to time. Reaching out to your local cleaning company is a good idea. Professionals in pressure washing companies in Charlotte, NC, have the right equipment and products to clean your home. 

3. Delegate Duties

Assign duties to the people living with you. Train them to do simple chores like dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning cabinets. Getting help enables you to work fast and save time. 

4. Set Goals and Motivate Yourself

Thinking of the good feeling that comes with living and working in a clean home can be great motivation. When you are motivated, you can do more work in less time. 

Inviting guests to your house is another motivation to keep your house clean and organized. Before you start cleaning, you can also turn on the music. This is a fun way to clean your home.

5. Don’t Forget to Brush and Clean Your Pets

Brush your pet regularly. This keeps the pet and the home clean. Use a vacuum to keep your pet’s hair off the floor. It also helps you maintain clean surfaces. 

6. Avoid Overwhelming Yourself

Clean the main rooms and items first to avoid overwhelming yourself. Add other areas bit by bit and make this part of your routine. This strategy will make cleaning more manageable. You will surely work much faster when you keep following a routine each time you clean. 

Key Takeaway

Working women are always busy, and cleaning can sometimes be overwhelming. Developing a cleaning strategy and following these tips can go a long way in making cleaning manageable. 

Start cleaning the dirtiest area as you move to the more organized places. This helps you put more energy into scrubbing and cleaning the painful spots. Stick to your cleaning routine and make sure you are consistent. It is a good idea to get professional help if the cleaning area is complicated or is in need of repair. People living in your home can also assist with the chores.

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