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Self-Employed Builders – Tips For Van Care

Tips For Van Care

If you are a self-employed tradie, your van is everything; without it, you wouldn’t be able to do your job, which means it is vital that the vehicle has regular servicing. In this short article, we offer a few tips on van maintenance to ensure that your workhorse is always ready to roll.

    • Take out additional insurance – All your tools and equipment should be covered, as should major vehicle breakdowns/repairs. A blown engine would cost a big chunk of money, while insurance can cover such events.
    • Keep service records – There will come a day when you want to trade your old van in for a newer model and if it has a full service history, you will get the best price on a trade-in. Find a local garage that can change the engine oil and the other essential inspections and filter replacement.
  • Safety first – Wherever you are based in Australia, you are never far from a tyre shop and with affordable tyres for light trucks, you will have good grip at all times. When your tyres have less than 2mm of tread, it is time to replace them; either all four or two at a time. Brake pads need to be inspected every 5,000 miles and keep an eye on power steering and brake fluid levels and top up as necessary.
  • Do a monthly clear out – If you are working full time, travelling from site to site and carrying out work in all weathers, the rear of the van will be quite messy inside. Removal all materials and tools, then you can blow out the interior with an air hose, making sure the brush out all dust, dirt and grime.
  • Weekly wash – On a Sunday, wash the van and wipe dry with a soft cloth, leaving the vehicle looking like new. While time is often an issue, a weekly clean is all it takes to keep your workhorse looking good. If you don’t feel like getting the ladders out, you could pay a local boy to wash the van. Click here for information on traffic monitoring, which is essential in today’s world.
  • Organise your tools – Installing custom racks will allow you to arrange things neatly, leaving more room for materials. You can install shelving and plastic organisers for nails, screws, enabling you to carry more items than you normally would. Of course, a lot depends on the nature of your business, but regardless of that, good organisation is something to strive for.
  • Consider advertising – The exterior of your van is great advertising space and with ceramic wraps, you can create head-turning graphics that might lead to extra contracts. Hire a graphic artist and let them use their creative genius to create an awesome vehicle wrap.

Your commercial van is a critical component and an investment that you should take care of, in order to maximise your earning potential. 

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