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Tips for Successful Server Rack Installation

Server Rack Installation

When dealing with data centers, it is required to place network equipment somewhere. This is what server racks are for. Special pieces of furniture are produced to accommodate high-precious and heavy hardware. These are sturdy metal constructions that are able to house dozens of telecommunication parts.

It is impossible to arrange a server room without using cabinets or racks. These are indispensable elements of space allocation in data centers. If you need furniture for your server premises, go to where you’ll find lots of models for any need and purpose.

Benefits of Racks & Cabinets

There are two main types of racks, namely open-frame racks and enclosed cabinets. A server rack is an open-frame construction that is designed for closed premises, access to which is limited, while enclosed cabinets are suitable for installation in public places. They provide a high level of security due to a solid body with locks and laches.

However, in terms of cooling, open-frame models take the first place. Due to the absences of side walls, airflow freely circulates through functioning devices cooling them and maintaining the required temperature. Enclosed models must be equipped with fans and other tools for forced ventilation inside the cabinet.

As for space allocation and ergonomic organization, both racks and cabinets allow storing lots of equipment in a relatively small area. One rack or cabinet can accommodate several dozens of devices, which means that equipment takes less place on a premise.

Why is it Important to Consider Server Furniture Mounting?

The following parameters depend on the quality of server rack installation:

  • Hardware safety from damages;
  • Security;
  • Room ergonomics.

Although it may seem that the process is easy to deal with, it can turn into a troublesome case. The process of server rack setup requires particular consideration and preparation. Below, let’s consider useful tips that will help cope with this task easier.

Tips for Successful Server Rack Installation

Before planning a data center, keep in mind the following points:

1. Find an appropriate room

It is important to pick the right premises. Certain requirements are set for rooms for data centers since telecommunication equipment is vulnerable to all sorts of environmental influences. Optimal temperature and a humidity level must be maintained in such premises to ensure that apparatus is well-functioning.

Most often, rooms without windows are chosen for data centers.

2. Consider cooling

Network hardware generates a lot of heat during functioning. Improper cooling will lead to overheating and system malfunction. It is important to provide both premises and cabinets with properly developed ventilation systems.

3. Type of the rack

Note that if you deal with closed data centers, access to which is limited, it is better to prefer open-frame racks since housed devices are cooled by natural airflow that freely circulates through the body.

4. Choose power distribution unit

Electricity supply is organized via a separate power line directly from a distributor of a building. PDU should be reliable and be able to handle the power needs of stored equipment.

5. Isolation of the server

Also, note that computing devices are noisy during operation. Noise can distract employees from their work. Such premises must be located away from the working area. Still, you should think about server isolation. Systems administrators can isolate both cabinets and rooms.

6. Rails and rack should match

When you deal with server rack assembly, you’ll understand how important it is to have all parts matching each other. Different models of cabinets have diverse parameters. One should use rails attached to racks to make sure that they are compatible and will carry apparatus securely.

7. Cables organization

There are many cables in data centers. Cables should be organized and well-routed. This will protect them from accidental raptures.

8. Labeling of cables

This step significantly simplifies maintenance work. By labeling cables that may stretch through the entire room, administrators are sure that a necessary cable won’t get lost.

9. Cost of equipment

Server furniture can’t be cheap. Its cost depends on the size, material, and manufacturer. Do not try to save money on this purchase and pick quality products.

10 Consider future growth

Note that when picking suitable furniture, you should foresee future system expansion. It is recommended to choose cabinets and racks where hardware is accommodated loosely. When making measurements, leave enough space for the air to circulate and cool devices.

Any business requires at least a small server room. Yet, before arranging it, it is important to take into account the above-mentioned points. Identify whether all criteria are met to guarantee system smooth and safe functioning.

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