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Tips For Staying In Shape Beyond Your Forties


The body changes as people age, and this can lead to it becoming more difficult to stay in shape and to maintain body weight and muscle mass. In order to keep your body the way you want it and to maintain your health, it becomes necessary to do so in different ways, moving to lower-fat foods, trading hard lifting workouts to those using your body weight instead, and maintaining cardio in different ways. 

Food Changes

The food that is required by the body will change as people age and depending upon how their metabolism is functioning, along with other factors. Younger people often need higher energy sources as they burn through more energy in a day to maintain their lifestyle, but without raising the calories. As the metabolism slows, the body will not need as many of some nutrients, so a leaner and more plant-based, low fat, and low sugar diet can help to keep balance and healthy. It is also important to ensure that you are getting the nutrients that you need, which will be changing from the twenties and thirties throughout the forties and beyond. Including more calcium and vitamin D can encourage bone health, while vitamin C will help keep skin healthy and boost its ability to heal after minor cuts and wounds. These vitamins will also help to keep the skin younger looking and deter wrinkles and lines from forming.

New Workouts

High intensity and high impact workouts may not be the best choices as you are passing the forties and aging beyond that. The body can still be in good shape, but keeping it that way can require a different approach. Activities that use a lower impact can protect the muscles and bones from injury while decreasing the intensity allows for longer recovery times and less strain on the body. High impact activities cause increased wear on the body at any age. They increase the pressure felt on the joints and can strain the muscles, while repetitive movements that are often key in a high-intensity workout will also cause extra stress on the ligaments and lead to misalignment or even surgical repairs.

At one age, this wear and tear will have already accumulated, and the body will be less able to continue without injury. It is not a sign of being out of shape, but only that the body has been through years of stress and hard work that causes stress on anybody. 

So, consider investing in a gym for sale in NSW, and get into high-intensity boxing to light sparring, switch out lifting heavy weights for more reps at a lower weight, choose hula hoops, Yoga, or water exercises to lower the impact on the joints. Each of these workouts can maintain muscle mass with a lower risk of injury. and owning your own gym will ensure you are working with the right trainers.. It is important to maintain cardio at any age, as it will maintain heart and lung health, but it may be necessary to alter that for other activities. To stay in shape, choose lower impact activities such as slower movements, run or jog inside on floors that are intended for this use rather than concrete which can be hard on the knees, and trade your HIIT workout for biking or elliptical time.

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