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Five Beginner Tips For Playing CS: GO


Tired of constantly getting told to improve your aim and not finding any other critique on your
gameplay? Do you want to up your game in areas other than your mechanical skills? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive into the five top beginner tips for playing CS: GO!

1. Don’t Get Yourself Caught In A Crossfire

One thing that you need to teach yourself to do right off the bat is to clear each angle one by
one to ensure that you are not exposed to multiple angles. Basically, avoid standing in a spot
where you can get shot from two different directions. That’s just asking for trouble. You want to make sure that you only have to deal with one angle at a time.

Oh, and the last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of two AWP-ers thirsty for your
blood. It’s especially true if one of them has a badass skin on, like the AWP Wildfire, one of the
absolute best skins available now. In fact, getting this skin deserves to be its own beginner tip!

2. Buy Those Utilities When You Have Leftover Cash!

Utilities are things like grenades, flashbangs, and smoke grenades. When players start playing
CS: GO, they tend to go heavy on the guns and Kevlar but shy away from these utilities even
when they have that extra cash. The sooner you realize what a huge difference utilities can
make in those tough in-game situations that come up when you least expect, the faster you get
towards climbing up the ranks.

3. Trick Your Enemies By Dropping Some Fake Moves

What we mean by this is that you should try to outsmart your enemies by pretending to do
something that you’re not really doing. For example, you can give off audio cues to lure your
enemies, e.g. reloading your gun when you still have bullets left but then switching it out and
back in to cancel the reload. This can make your enemies think that they have an opening to
rush you when they really don’t.

4. Keep The Enemy Side Guessing

Probably everyone has experienced getting queued in with that one dude that will rush in the
same spot each round just to get picked off by the enemy team seconds after the start of the
round. Yeah, this is about avoiding exactly that. You should try to be creative and unpredictable when deciding your position to play or your strategy to execute.

For example, you can change your position frequently so that the enemy doesn’t know where to look for you. You can also use different weapons or utilities to throw them off balance, like using a mid-ranged rifle to play farther from the site one round and then hiding with a shotgun up close the next round. This will make it way harder for the enemy team to execute their strategy.

5. Plan And Execute!

It’s fairly common for newer players to focus on improving their core mechanics like aiming and movement but leaving out the strategizing part completely. Although it is a good idea to mainly work on your aim till you’re comfortable with your mouse grip and your sensitivity, sooner or later you’re going to have to start using your head to get ahead in the game!

Simple strategies like pretending you’re going to attack one side of the map while actually going to the other side can make your enemies think that they have your plan all figured out. For example, send a couple of players from your team to one bombsite to make noise and cause the defenders on the target site to rotate. This will make them waste time and resources on the wrong site while you sneak up on them from the other side.

Keep these simple tips in mind when playing and you’ll soon see improvement. And remember
that communication within the team is as important in CS: GO as each player’s technical skills. Good luck and have fun!

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