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The Best Online Games To Play With Friends

Online Games

Each player himself chooses what emotions he comes in any game, and it does not matter whether it is social or single-player.

The task of the game is to entertain and bring pleasure from the process.

Many players prefer to play in a company, and it is desirable to be able to achieve joint results when passing along with friends. The very fact of joint efforts unites and gives the game a special charm.

Let’s take a look at some famous games that will be interesting to play with friends.

  • Destiny 2
  • Apex Legends
  • Escape from Tarkov

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is one of the most famous MMOs in the space-themed shooter genre, with constant combat against an alien invasion.

Studio Bangie prepared a continuation of the legendary first part of Destiny and Halo and made a project with a maximum focus on co-op and community development.

Players will choose their class and begin their journey in the world of Destiny 2.

If you are playing with friends, it is better to assign roles in advance, because there are only three classes, and if you choose and balance them correctly, you will get a good squad that will potentially be ready for any threat.

Titan is a defensive warrior, needed in any squad to contain most attacks and retaliatory damage against opponents that get too close.

The Warlock is an attacking class with a medium damage range and the ability to use magic to deal heavy damage to groups of enemies or use regeneration and buff spells to support his group.

The Hunter is a ranged attacking class and has the ability to disguise and use grenades to fight. Can attack enemies in close combat with daggers, but is much more effective at long range than close.

Having formed a combat squad, you will begin your journey in pumping and mastering dungeons and raids, PVP activities.

The most interesting content will start at high levels, to which you can go systematically and master each piece of content, or order a destiny 2 light level boost from professional players who will pull you up, which means that the whole group will receive a boost.

Apex Legends

One of the most dynamic and interesting representatives of the shooter and battle royale genre with a big esports component.

Apex Legends is primarily a shooter about the royal battle, which means you will be landed on the game map at a selected point and will have to get yourself weapons and ammunition, armor and accessories, grenades, and medicines.

All other players except members of your squad are enemies. You need to constantly monitor the changing game environment, move to a point that will be a safe zone, and survive as long as possible on the game map.

Apex Legends is based on a system of heroes and you need to choose your specialist for whom you will win back throughout the entire confrontation.

List of relatively simple and useful heroes:

Lifelane is a combat medic and drone operator. Can generate first-aid kits to restore health to squad members, and use a drone for reconnaissance and resuscitation of a fallen ally without involving the hero himself.

Octane is a warrior and shooter with an increased level of regeneration, which allows you to restore health until the character takes damage. This feature makes Octane a semi-tank capable of defending the squad, the main time is to go to regenerate or eliminate the threat.

Bastion is a shooter who combines the abilities of a tank and an artilleryman. The character is able to deploy dynamic defense to block most of the damage that comes in a straight line from the hero. Be careful – the shield can still be thrown with grenades, or bypassed from the flanks or rear. The second feature is the ability to conduct artillery fire at a specified point, depriving the enemy of opportunities for maneuver.

Escape From Tarkov

Tactical battle royale shooter with a wide range of options to play with a group of players.

You start your game by choosing a side of the conflict – a private military campaign of Russia or the United States.

The choice of side does not affect the gameplay at all and only changes the voices of communication of the characters themselves and the general equipment of the corresponding state.

You have to organize combat sorties for the extraction of weapons and ammunition, equipment and accessories for weapons, armor, helmets, and medicines.

It should be remembered that death in the combat zone will lead to the complete loss of all accumulated equipment, without the possibility of resuscitation on the battlefield. This is not to be feared, but it is worth considering during combat sorties, in the end, you are playing with friends, and cover in battle will be provided.

This also means that you will pick up all the most valuable things from the killed PMCs of the enemy side, which makes hunting profitable.

Avoid bandits, because although they have weak weapons and bad ammo, they can cause trouble in large numbers.

Bandits do not give big rewards, but they can kill at the level of other players. If the situation of a battle is unavoidable, then act decisively, using grenades and a quick retreat – an enemy PMC may come to the sound of shots and catch you in a disadvantageous position.

For this, by the way, it is extremely important to monitor the flanks and rear even in the midst of a strong battle.

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