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Things to Ask Before Marriage Proposal

marriage proposal

What you don’t know might truly damage you when it comes to marriage. According to relationship specialists, many couples do not ask one another the challenging questions that might help form the basis for a strong marriage because of shyness, lack of interest, or a desire to retain romantic mystique.

Those contemplating marriage today want their husbands to be both their greatest friend and confidant, in addition to someone with whom they can raise children and construct a comfortable life. These romantic-comedy expectations might be tough to meet due to Hollywood.

There are a lot of things that couples should discuss early to make a perfect marriage, let’s have a look on some of the important questions, which can be discussed:

Financial Issues

Financial issues are one of the first things you need to ask before getting married because financial disagreements are one of the main reasons for divorce. 

Put all of your credit and debit cards in front of your spouse. There are no secrets. It’s time to be honest with each other and come to an understanding of what’s going on. You’ll also discover a lot about that person’s habits, such as whether they’re a spender or a saver, and other stuff like that.

Past Relationships

Divorce and poor marital quality might result from previous meaningful relationships. (This might be because a person has had breakups that are more significant in the past and is comparing a current relationship harshly to previous ones.) 

People are hesitant to discuss their history and might feel retrospectively envious or judgemental if these concerns are brought up early on. The only true way to conduct such talks in an intimate, fruitful, and loving manner is to understand that the other person had a life before the relationship.

Talking About Having Children

When it comes to children, it’s crucial not to say what you believe your spouse wants to hear. Couples should discuss whether they desire children before marriage. How many are they looking for? When do they want to be able to have them? In addition, what do they see themselves doing as parents? It’s also crucial to discuss birth control options before conceiving a child.

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Spending Time

Will one of you expect to do everything as a married couple, while the other needs a great deal of alone time? When you’re dating, you spend a lot of time with your partner. Many individuals lose their freedom after they’ve settled into a married lifestyle, and they may begin to withdraw a little.

Expectations for In-Laws

You need to know what you’re getting yourself into with your in-laws. What percentage of your life do they want to be a part? and how engaged (or not) do you want them to be? Make sure you’re clear about your expectations from the start.

We know it’s not easy to speak about before a wedding, but here is why it’s so important: You want to respect your parents while remaining independent from them and merging as a pair. If you disagree with what this looks like right away, you might be in grave danger. If they reside close by, you could consider renting for the first six months of your marriage (even if you can afford to purchase) in case you need to relocate closer to one of your families than you anticipated!

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