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The Basics Of Black And White In Design

The Basics of Black and White in Design

These are some of the terms that can be associated with “black and white.” But in interior design, going black-and-white is a foolproof choice for homeowners and designers alike who like to keep their style on point, timeless, yet on-trend.

The black and white motif is a basic motif anyone can choose regardless of their style preference in any interior design. It’s a clean yet chic color pairing that can be left as is or it can be elevated and paired with another color of choice (or two). Even those with little eye for style can maintain sophistication even with using only this color combination.

Approaching the black and white theme

When approaching the interior design of your house, the rule of thumb is balancing out the colors – 60% should be one color, 30% for another color, and 10% for a third color. But with black and white, you can choose to stick with the combo or choose another to go with it. Since both are neutral colors, almost any color will complement it. But the original combination is enough to maintain elegance in your interior.

But what if you prefer bright colors in general but wouldn’t mind a touch of black and white? The best way to add color to your design is by using accessories. In interior design, the choices are endless – vase, clock, frames, mats, etc. But one accessory that can be the centerpiece of a room or just an addition to the many pieces is wallpaper. And with black and white wallpaper, when placed strategically, can add that oomph that your space will surely need.

Approaching the black and white theme

Choosing the best black and white wallpaper

When choosing your wallpaper, you should identify the role of the wallpaper in the design of the entire space.

Should you choose to use the wallpaper to make the room photo-Esque, many black and white wallpapers have now been styled in modern fashion, making use of various brush strokes, patterns, the contrast of colors, and even lines art. The piece would depend solely on your preference.

  • Portraits

If you like portraits, black and white wallpapers are perfect for capturing nostalgia, giving off a vibe of a fading yet vivid memory.

  • Line Art

Millennial designs have also highlighted line art even more after the minimalist approach to design has taken great momentum.

  • Abstract Art

If classic is your liking, you can opt for abstract brush strokes which make use of the imbalance of black and white colors to create a masterpiece. This is a favorite piece among galleries.

Colorless abstract art in wallpapers is a prime example of an accessory that can easily blend in any aesthetic. Opting for this style is best for wallpapers that will be used in spaces that need ‘fillers’ and not necessarily the eye-catching piece of the room.

Choosing the best black and white wallpaper

The takeaway

Choosing wallpaper in black and white can understandably be overwhelming. Because black and white is one of the classic color combinations, artists have taken the color pairing to a new level, giving their audience a variety of choices that can help make or break a space’s design.

Luckily, the internet is filled with how-to’s. For a comprehensive guide on choosing the right wallpaper for your room, check out Elephant Stock’s great deal of ideas and black and white design inspirations that will surely lift the ambiance in your space. And while you’re at it, be curious and have fun!

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