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Why Stairs are the Real Symbol of Modernity and Class

unique stair designs

I personally think the stairs of any flat, house, gym, office, or any building represents the actual state and condition of the building. The architecture of the whole building aside, I always want to see how the stairs have been designed. I think the way an architect fits the stairs into a building or a house tells a lot about their talent. The fitting of unique stair designs in places is an art. Not everyone can pick and choose the right design and make it look classy and modern.


Stairs consist of 5 major parts that give it the outlook that it does.

·        Risers

·        Treads

·        Swell steps

·        Balusters

·        Handrails

To pick and choose the right unique stair designs for a perfect look, one must understand these parts thoroughly and pick one that fits best according to the premises the stairs shall be set in.

The treads are the actual steps of the stairs, and they give the major outlook of the stairs upon first glance. Treads should especially be tended to while deciding stair designs.

The risers are vertical segments at the back of each step to determine the height of each step.

The swell step is also known as the first step. It is the base tread. A vital part of the stairs, the swell step requires time and effort when designing the stairs.

The handrails are the safety nets of the stairs. Used mostly in houses and tall buildings for safety purposes, handrails offer bolster.

Lastly, Balusters are the rods connecting risers to the handrails.


If you pay attention to details, you must’ve noticed that there are numerous types of stairs. Mostly, these stairs differ in terms of shape. Every unique stair designs have various stair shapes. Let’s discuss some fashionable and classy options.

1.   STRAIGHT STAIRS: the easiest and simplest to use, straight stairs are the most common types of stairs. They have no change in direction.

2.   L-SHAPED STAIRS: the second most common type of stairs as they take up less linear space. A landing is added at the transition point at a 90-degree turn.

3.   CANTILEVER STAIRS: Straight stairs with treads that seem to look as if they’re floating mid-air without support, the cantilever is surely an interesting and elegant choice.

4.   SPIRAL STAIRS: Stairs consist of a compact design following a helix arc. Spiral stairs are complicated and hard to design, but I think thin wooden treads in spiral stairs make the stairs look chic.

Material options

Lastly, the most important vital constituent of stairs that gives a very chic look is the material.

·        Wood

·        Tile

·        Composite

·        Stone

·        Steel

·        Glass

·        Textured wood

To choose the best unique stair designs, one must always keep all these factors in mind. The color of the stairs should match the color of the surrounding walls. For example, if the stairs are built in a two-storied house, I would personally pick out L-shaped stone tread stairs in color black with silver or white handrails.

Remember, choose what looks elegant, attractive, and suitable for you according to the area they’re being built on!

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