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The 411 on ROI: 8 Best ROI Home Improvements

Best ROI Home Improvements

In the real estate sphere, you often have to spend a little money to make money. This sentiment holds especially true in conversations concerning resale value. 

While the convenience of selling your home as-is might catch your attention, decorating your front yard with the lawn ornament that is your for-sale sign won’t always be enough to win over picky buyers. To the dismay of burnt-out sellers, you may need to slather your front door with a fresh coat of paint, part ways with outdated faucets, and dedicate a Saturday afternoon to weeding before the prospective buyers start knocking. 

However, don’t be fooled by home makeover misconceptions. Otherwise, you might find yourself met with paint-speckled hands, dirt-caked fingernails, and sweat-stained t-shirts with little to show for your hours of back-breaking labor. While inexperienced homeowners often share a more-the-merrier attitude to remodels, avoid jumping to these costly conclusions.

Despite the remodel rumors spreading like wildfire in today’s scorching-hot market, only a select few home improvement projects will yield the high return investment you crave. For those soon-to-be-sellers, keep distractions to a minimum and pinpoint the best ways to invest in your home, so you can up its value when it comes time to sell.

Minor kitchen remodel

As the hub of any home, a kitchen remodel is a project well worth the heavy-lifting and high financial impact. Whether you choose to invest in a complete demolition or opt for affordable alternatives to full-scale kitchen renovations, the choice is yours. 

For a kitchen remodel that wooes buyers without wrecking your wallet, swap out outdated cabinet doors instead of purging the entire cabinet or upgrade unsightly kitchen light fixtures. Homeowners can also consider stenciling over outdated tile before busting out the grout float. For a final touch that turns heads, purchase brand-new, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances. 

Goedeker’s, a reputable kitchen appliance retailer, is a great place to start compiling a cohesive vision for matching and modern appliances that homebuyers will love. If your home has non-upgraded, mismatched, or energy inefficient appliances, such as an outdated refrigerator, it could negatively affect your resale value. Matching the style to the neighborhood goes a long way to making your home move-in ready for new buyers, which increases its value.

Depending on your choices, a minor remodel, complete with energy-efficient appliances, can cost around $15,000 and result in a return of around $14,600, making it a brilliant choice for a healthy ROI.

Book an appointment with 1 Stop Cabinets today to discuss how you can remodel your kitchen.

Attic bedroom conversion

Wasted space is a shame, and it also costs you money when reselling your home. When it comes to bedrooms, in particular, families like to see as many as possible for the price when looking at available homes.

A standard attic bedroom conversion can cost up to $40,000, but the return on investment is worth it. In the end, it’ll add around $35,000 in value to your home.

Wooden deck addition

The same rule applies to outdoor living space. Adding a deck, porch, or patio increases the outdoor square footage, and using durable, high-quality materials increases curb appeal and value.

For a wooden deck addition, you will typically pay around $11,000 with a return of about $10,000.

Front door upgrade

The front door plays a huge role in attracting buyers to your home. But a front door represents more than just aesthetics. If you replace a standard door with a sturdier one, your home’s security and insulation will also benefit.

If you choose a sturdy steel door for upgrading, you’ll likely spend about $2,000 and see an ROI of $1,350.


The best landscaping jobs complement the style and shape of the house as well as the yard and neighborhood around it. Don’t feel the need to go all out. Choosing classic shrubs that can be easily maintained and trimmed will likely make your home stand out.

Landscaping often provides a nearly 100% ROI, making this a brilliant choice.

Siding replacement

Vinyl is a classic and easily maintained siding choice regardless of where you live. Updating or replacing it can help your home look fresh and clean. Overall, it can cost around $16,500 but can add $11,300 in value.

Basement remodel

Extra livable space is always attractive to buyers. Creating a welcoming, modern, and usable environment in an existing basement is an appealing safety feature as well.

Although it can be expensive, at around $50,000, the ROI is about $46,000.

Garage door upgrade

The garage door is often used as the point of entry as often as the front door, so it should be clean, updated, and make a statement. Also, a well-functioning one is efficient and convenient.

Replacing a garage door can cost up to $4,000, but your ROI is high, at around $3,900.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re preparing to move in the future or simply looking to keep your options open, these investments can significantly impact your profit when you sell your home.

Keep these excellent ROI home improvements in mind, and you’ll see your effort pay off in dividends down the road.

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