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The Role Of Technical SEO Tools To Unlock Your Website Potential

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Digital marketers seeking to enhance their online presence always optimize their websites for search engines. Unfortunately, some rarely consider technical SEO and its benefits in digital marketing. Besides paying attention to keyword searches and content relevance, it is advisable to consider technical SEO, which is an unsung hero in the fast-paced world of online content creation.

So what is technical SEO? This involves enhancing the technical aspects of a website to improve the search engine crawling and indexing process. Technical SEO seeks to increase organic traffic, user experience, and search engine ranking. Here is a breakdown of some key areas that digital marketers should focus on when implementing technical SEO to unleash website potential.

Target Mobile Device Users

On average, more than half of web traffic usually comes from mobile devices. This means that sites not optimized for mobile devices will likely lose customers to competition. Therefore, it is crucial for digital marketers to invest in technical aspects that make their sites mobile-friendly. They can do so by hiring competent web designers, implementing a responsive design, adjusting their content for mobile users, and testing their sites with different mobile devices and screen sizes.

XML Sitemaps

What is an XML sitemap and its benefits? This is a roadmap to guide search engines through a website, highlighting important and relevant content. Therefore, digital marketers should update the site map whenever they upload content or remove irrelevant content from their websites. They should also learn about technical SEO tools that can boost ranking. For example, some digital marketers rely on online sitemap generators while others invest in content management plugins. Regardless of their preferred option, they should remember to submit the sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console to enjoy improved results.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Digital marketers generally avoid publishing duplicate content from other websites. They invest a lot to ensure they publish quality original content. However, they barely pay attention to duplicate sections from their own sites. So why should digital marketers avoid duplicate content from their own sites? The content tends to confuse the search engine, diluting the site’s authority. Site owners can eliminate duplicate content using canonical tags, checking their sites for duplicate pages, and setting up proper redirects. This helps stump the website authority.

Structured Data

Structured data offers additional information to search engines to better understand and display relevant information. Providing structured data often leads to rich snippets, which encourage readers to click through a website. So how can online business owners and bloggers implement structured data? They can do so using Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper, among other tools that generate the relevant code. Then, they should add the markup to the web pages and test the implementation with a structured data testing tool.

Broken Links

How do broken links affect web ranking? Broken links negatively affect user experience, making potential clients leave the site. They also affect the effectiveness of the search engine when crawling the site. Fortunately, tools such as Ahrefs and Screaming Frog can identify and fix broken links. The website owners can set up a redirect and monitor websites for broken links to minimize these negative consequences.

These are critical aspects of technical SEO digital markers that should consider. However, technical SEO is just the first part of the equation. Remember to improve keyword search, content creation, meta descriptions, and other best practices to achieve a higher ranking.

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