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Latest Digital Marketing Predictions for 2022

digital marketing

Several trends that gained ground in 2021 comprises of:

1. Digital acceleration

2. Metaverse

3. NFTs

4. Social Commerce

5. Connected and streaming TV explosion

6. First-party data

7. AI-driven automation

These trends will be active and propel digital marketing to new heights in 2022. It has been two years that the industry is slowly adapting to global pandemic conditions and ever-changing socially aware and digitally savvy consumers; digital marketing will definitely experience an evolution in 2022. Experts from digital marketing agency Kelowna have made many predictions across the industry to discover what’s new on the cards for digital marketing 2022.

  1. Marketing Behavior Adapt To Suit COVID Hangover: Consumer behavior has changed a lot, and brands will need to meet the needs for value, convenience, innovation, and sustainability for consumers. The brands must invest in insights, data, people, and marketing to witness growth in the coming years. They must explore the deeper segmentation and engage with communities outside their existing audience.
  2. Generation Z Consumer Gains More Buying Power:  Marketers and publishers both have to work really hard to deliver engaging content to their audience, giving them value beyond just advertising. Content development will be more significant than it is today. Brands will need more money to invest in creating content that keeps up with the pace.
  3. Programmatic Marketing Hooks Into New Data Sets: Today’s programmatic advertising infrastructure is joined to the cookie. It includes measurement, retargeting, tracking, capping, and much more. There is a need to re-engineer the cookie department and make it agnostic. Also, there is a need to automate processes to service workflows and customers to ease up human capital. All of these processes can be simplified by using professional marketing automation software such as This technology enables you to manage all of your advertising campaigns, from programmatic to local marketing.
  4. First-Party Data Is Going To Rule: Third-party cookie downfall is the driving force behind first-party data investment by several brands. Companies are focusing on first-party data unique to the brand that they can use to create long-term value and sustainable competitive advantage. Omnichannel management driven by accelerated digitalization and an increase in the new channel has revealed issues around first-party data architecture that needs attention. It must be sorted, which is a long-term process.
  5. Brands Prioritizing Experience & Loyalty: The benefit of having an online business is concealed by the value of owning the experience and data. More and more companies are focusing on creating a clear direct-to-consumer value exchange by tying together existing advantages and creating new ones with another brand. This will help you know why providing your data is essential, and companies will be more transparent on why they need it.   


2022 will undoubtedly bring several robust discussions about the privacy regulation outlook in several countries. These will be the concerns about targeted marketing, personalized content, and the role of online identifiers. Digital Marketing Agency will be responsible for helping organizations find the way through the complexity of regulatory and agreement issues to prolong long-term customer trust and commercial momentum. The First-part data strategy will definitely help them achieve this! It will help if you start working on your business strategies with marketing experts to taste the success soon.

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