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Sydney Brooke Simpson Net Worth: The Life Of A Famous Real Estate Business Woman And Her Net Worth In 2023

Sydney Brooke Simpson Biography

Sydney Brooke Simpson Net Worth in 2023

Despite being the daughter of the famous footballer, O.J. Simpson, Sydney Brooke Simpson has always been the master of her destiny. She opened her own real estate business and became quite successful. Her net worth even rose to a value of $1 million without her father’s interference.

YearNet worth
Net worth in 2023$1 million
Net worth in 2022$900,000 
Net worth in 2021$850,000

Earning sources of Sydney Brooke Simpson

Sydney Brooke Simpson owns a real estate business named Simpson LLC. The company is fairing pretty well, thereby helping her to earn a handsome amount.

The famous American footballer Orenthal James Simpson, popularly known as O. J. Simpson needs no introduction. 

And that is not only due to his marvelous career. It is also because of the murder trial that he faced in 1995. The magnificent footballer was accused of murdering his ex-wife and her best friend, Ronald Goldman. The trial being 

damn profile was said to be the ‘trial of the 20th century.’ 

A lot of people rose to popularity and attention due to Nicole Brown’s murder trial. One of them was she and Simpson’s daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson. This Lemony Blog post is about Sydney Brooke Simpson. People following OJ Simpson have always wanted to know about Sydney and her current life. So, here we are!

Read through the biography of Sydney Brooke Simpson. In the following blog, we have discussed everything you need to know about O.J. Simpson’s daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson.

Who is Sydney Brooke Simpson?

Sydney Brooke Simpson, 36, is the daughter of the legendary footballer, Orenthal James Simpson (or O.J. Simpson). She is one of the two children that Simpson had shared with his second ex-wife, Nicole Brown. 

Brooke rose to fame at the tender age of 8 when her mother, Nicole was brutally murdered on an unfortunate day. Nicole was killed in her Los Angeles home on June 12, 1994, alongside her friend, Ronald Goldman. Nicole’s ex-husband, Simpson was accused of the murder. He was acquitted in the trial and was sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment. 

Sydney Brooke Simpson has been under constant attention due to the mystery of her mother, Nicole’s murder. Read more about Sydney Simpson and her latest whereabouts in the upcoming section of the blog.

Personal Profile | Sydney Brooke Simpson – Daughter of OJ Simpson

Official Name – Sydney Brooke Simpson

Nickname – Sydney

Known For – Daughter of OJ Simpson 

Date of Birth – October 17, 1985

Age – 36 years and 9 months (as of July 2022)

Place of Birth – California, the United States of America

Current Residence – Brentwood, Los Angeles, USA

Zodiac Sign – Libra

Gender – Female

Sexual Orientation – Straight 

Nationality – American

Ethnicity – Mixed

Religion – Christianity

Profession – Restaurateur 

Net Worth – $500K

Height – 5 feet and 8 inches or 172.7cm

Weight – 70 Kg or 154 Pounds

Eye Color – Hazel colored

Hair Color – Shiny Brown

Social Media Presence – Inactive

Parents – Father: Orenthal James Simpson or O.J.Simpson; Mother: Nicole Brown

Siblings – Brother: Justin Ryan Simpson

Marital Status – Unmarried

Partner – Robert Blackmon

Children – Not Known

Sydney Brooke Simpson Biography

Sydney Simpson was born to a beautiful couple O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown on October 17, 1985. Her full name is Sydney Brooke Simpson. By profession, she is an American Real Estate Investor and Restaurateur. More about Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Career and Profession is discussed in the later sections. 

Sydney came into the limelight after her father the renowned American Football player, OJ Simpson was faced with a trial for her mother Nicole Brown’s brutal murder scene. Brooke was only 8 years old when her mother was stabbed to death alongside her friend. Her younger brother, Justin Ryan Simpson was 5 years old when their mother died. The lesser-known personality rose to the spotlight after appearing in the trial several times. While the trial was ongoing, people often wanted to know more about the brother-sister duo and their current lives. 

According to her date of birth, Sydney is a Libra. She is of multiracial descent. Her nationality is American and she is a Christian. Having grown through the hardships, Sydney has come up to be a self-built woman. She has worked her way to start her life anew alongside her li’l brother. 

Early Life & Family Background

OJ Simpson’s Daughter Sydney Brooke Simpson

Sydney and Justin are the children Nicole Brown and O.J. Simpson shared. However, about 7 years after their marriage, Nicole and Simpson separated. At the time of her parent’s divorce, Sydney was 6 and her brother was 3 years old. The legal custody of Sydney and Justin was given to Nicole.

Nicole was a single mother until she was murdered in an inhumane way in June 1995. Because Sydney’s second parent, her father was charged with Nicole’s murder, she and her brother went to live with their maternal grandmother, Juditha Anne Brown in Florida. Nicole’s sister Tanya Brown was largely involved in keeping Sydney and Justin out of media attention. 

Brooke had spent her childhood with her grandparents until Simpson was acquitted. Eventually, O.J. Simpson won the custody of his children, Sydney Brooke, and Justin Ryan Simpson. However, Sydney refused to live with him. Until now, she believes Simpson to have killed Nicole. 

Educational Qualifications

Sydney completed her schooling at Gulliver’s Academy in Pinecrest, Florida. Thereafter she pursued her graduation in sociology from Boston University, Massachusetts.  

On her way to attaining a good career, Simpson’s daughter took up a variety of jobs.

How old is OJ Simpson’s Daughter Sydney Brooke Simpson?

Simpson’s daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson was born in October 1985. She is soon to turn 38 years old. Her age as of July 2022 is 36 years and 9 months. 

Sydney’s younger sibling, her brother Justin Ryan Simpson is 33 years old.  

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Her Physical Appearance

The restaurateur Sydney Brooke Simpson is a brave and self-made woman with an average physique. She is a natural beauty indeed. Presently, Simpson is in her mid-thirties. Here’s how she appears – 

  • Height – Nicole Brown’s daughter, Sydney Brooke has a height of about 5 feet and 8 inches. Her height in centimeters is 172.7cm.
  • Weight – Sydney has always been on the chubbier side. She weighs 70 Kg or 154lbs.
  • Eye Color – Like her mother, Brooke has hazel-colored eyes.
  • Hair Color – She has shiny brown hair. Her hair texture is silky and straight.
  • Body Type – Simpson has an oval body type.
  • Skin Tone – Despite coming from mixed ethnicity, Sydney has white skin. She is fair-complexioned. 
  • Tattoos and Piercing – Sydney has her earlobes pierced. She does not have tattoos.

How Did Sydney Brooke Become Popular?

Sydney Brooke Simpson rose to prominence after the murder of her mother, Nicole Brown. Having appeared in several trials for her mother’s murder case, Sydney became a center of attention. She has lived a tragic life since a very young age. At the age of 9, she had to appear for the murder trial of her mother, Nicole Brown. She had to stand against her father, O.J.Simpson, who was accused of Nicole’s murder. 

Her Parents

sydney brooke simpson net worth

Sydney Brooke is the daughter of the former American footballer O.J. Simpson and his ex-wife, the late Nicole Brown. Nicknamed ‘Juice,’ O.J. is a sportsperson, actor, and broadcaster. He is a convicted felon.

Justin and Sydney’s mother, Nicole Brown, was a waitress. She was the second wife of O.J. Simpson. After marrying Simpson, Nicole quit her job as a waitress and became a homemaker.

How Did Nicole Brown And Oj Simpson Meet?

Sydney Brooke’s mother Nicole Brown met OJ Simpson in 1977 at a nightclub called Daisy. She and Simpson started hanging out together frequently. The frequent meetings eventually turned into romance. The love affair between the two resulted in Simpson and his first wife, Marguerite Whitley’s divorce. The divorce was followed by Nicole’s wedding to him. 

The two were soon blessed with a baby girl that turned into a self-built lady, Sydney Brooke, and a young boy called Justin Ryan. 

However, the couple did not last for a long time and parted ways after 7 years. Two years later, there came the news that the couple reconciled. Soon Nicole along with her friend, Ron Goldman was found dead in her apartment. And then began the Trial of the Century against OJ Simpson.

After Nicole’s demise, the Simpson kids stayed with their mother’s parents. OJ had to share their custody with them. After trial and imprisonment for nine years, OJ Simpson claimed to have no relation with his kids.

The Love Life Of Sydney Brooke Simpson

The Simpson girl is currently unmarried. She prefers living a low-key life away from the paparazzi. 

However, there have been a few rumors about her dating someone. According to her public appearances, she seems to be dating Robert Blackmon, a City Council Candidate. She and Robert have been spotted together quite many times. 

The rumored couple has yet not confirmed their relationship though. Before Robert, Simpson was said to date Stuart Alexander for about 5 years.

Career & Professional Life

Right after her graduation, Sydney started working in a café. Thereafter, she moved ahead into the event planning business. There she was associated as an event coordinator. 

After working there for a while, she moved up to follow in her mother’s embarked footsteps. She started her own real estate company called Simpsy Properties, LLC. She started investing in the same too. Sydney even managed to open a restaurant of her own. 

Simpson currently owns three properties in the US that she rents out to tenants. She runs a restaurant alongside her brother Justin. Sydney’s mini business empire seems to run quite well.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Net Worth

With her real estate business and the restaurant that she runs successfully with her brother’s help, Sydney has managed to earn quite a lot in her life. Though we do not have any exact figures available about her earnings, going with the estimates, Sydney Brooke has earned a good amount of $500 thousand as her net worth.

Rumors and Controversies

Sydney Brooke has not been in any sort of critical rumors. She has, however, been involved in a lot of controversial scenarios. These controversies involving Sydney date back to 1995 when she appeared in Nicole Brown’s murder trials. 

While the court had acquitted O.J. Simpson, Sydney still believes him to have murdered her mother.

After coming out of prison, Simpson welcomed his children with a controversial statement. She said that he has no relationship with Sydney and Brooke. He said that he does not regard Nicole’s children as his own anymore.

Social Media Presence 

Sydney Brooke Simpson is not active on social media.

Latest Whereabouts – Sydney Brooke Simpson

Sydney Brooke Simpson moved to St. Pittsburgh with her sibling Justin after her mother’s murder trial ended to start a new life. She did this to avoid media attention. There she started her own business of Real Estate Investment and a restaurant. 

Years later, they moved to Brentwood in Los Angeles, California. The two siblings live a life away from their father on their own and stay away from public appearances and social media.

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Frequently Asked Question | Sydney Brooke Simpson

Who is Sydney Brooke Simpson?

Sydney Brooke Simpson is the daughter of former footballer and convicted felon O.J. Simpson and his second wife, Nicole Brown. 

How old is Sydney Brooke Simpson? 

As of July 2022, Sydney Brooke Simpson is 36 years and 9 months old.

How much is Sydney Brooke’s net worth?

Sydney Brooke has a net worth of more than $500K.

Where Are Sydney Brooke Simpson And Her Brother Now?

Sydney Brooke Simpson and her brother, Justin Ryan Simpson live near Brentwood, Los Angeles. 

Who is the mother Sydney Brooke Simpson?

The late Nicole Brown is the mother of Sydney Brooke Simpson. 

Who is Nicole Brown?

The late Nicole Brown is the second wife of a former American football player, O.J. Simpson. She is also the mother of Simpson’s children, Sydney Brooke Simpson, and Justin Ryan Simpson.

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