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The Stunning Beauty of Chanderi Sarees 

Sarees are a staple in every Indian woman’s wardrobe. It is a beautiful and elegant symbol of Indian culture and tradition all around the globe. Due to India’s cultural and linguistic diversity, there are different styles, fabrics, and designs of sarees originating from other parts of India. One of the most beautiful types of sarees in India is Chanderi sarees. It is one of the most famous handloom sarees in India. 

History of Chanderi Sarees in India 

Also known as ‘woven air’ due to its transparent texture and opulent sheen, the fabric originated from a small town called ‘Chanderi’ in Madhya Pradesh. According to an ancient legend, the Chanderi fabric dates back to the Vedic era. Where Shishupal, Lord Krishna’s cousin, founded the material. Chanderi fabric attained unprecedented heights of adulation during the Mughal period in India and became the fabric of choice for queens. However, fabric development began in the 1890s when weavers in Chanderi switched from using handspun yarn to yarn produced in mills. In 1910, the Scindia family purchased Chanderi sarees. It was when sarees made of cotton muslin first featured golden thread. Madhya Pradesh weavers discovered Japanese silk in the 1930s. Japanese silk soon started to take the place of the cotton saree wrap, which contributed to the creation of Chanderi silk. 

Fabrics and Designs of Chanderi Sarees 

The unique feature of Chanderi sarees is their sheerness and transparency. Chanderi sarees can consist of a mixture of cotton and silk fabrics. This combines silk’s sheer luster with cotton’s comfort, giving Chanderi sarees a unique advantage. Chanderi sarees depict beautiful and intricate zari work consisting of gold and silver threads. It also displays gorgeous and elaborate motifs like ‘Dandidar,’ ‘Jangla,’ ‘Chatai,’ etc. 

Chanderi sarees are also available in beautiful geometric patterns and varied designs, which display modern and contemporary beauty. Floral or paisley motifs are also extremely popular with Chanderi sarees. The motifs are generally inspired by nature and the everyday world, like gardens, leaves, gold coins, etc. Chanderi sarees can be worn in various beautiful and vibrant colors like violets, burgundy, maroon, blue, emerald, etc. Thus, you can find your favorite color and design amongst the myriad of Chanderi sarees available in the market. 

Blouse Designs with Chanderi Sarees 

Blouses are meant to enhance the beauty of your saree and make you look more beautiful. For Chanderi sarees, you can wear stylish blouses to make you look more elegant. Try matching the color of the blouse with the saree. For example, pairing a green saree with a green blouse would give a distinctive monochromatic look. You can also pair the saree with the same color blouse but of a darker shade, like green with dark green. On the other hand, you could go for contrasting color blouses. It would be best if you tried pairing red with yellow, green with red, gold with blue, etc., which are all fantastic options. 

Keep the blouse design simple and classy not to take away from the raw beauty of the Chanderi saree. A round or boat neck, with an elegant backless look and a sleeveless look, would go amazingly well with a Chanderi saree. You can add tassels and hangings on the back to amp up the face. 

Styling Tips for Chanderi Sarees 

Since Chanderi sarees dwell in the beauty of their simplicity, styling them in a classy yet simple way is the path to take. Wear elegant jewelry, like a gold Kundan choker necklace and gold jhumkis, if you are going to a big wedding. Keep the jewelry simple for simple and sober events with a small pendant and dainty dangly earrings. You can wear bangles on your hands along with signature rings to show off your style. As for the hairstyle, you can make an elegant bun. 


Wearing a Chanderi saree is a matter of national pride since we all need to collectively preserve the art of Indian handloom sarees and protect the weavers from losing their livelihood. So, next time you purchase a saree, ensure it is authentic and handloom.  

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