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What Are Some Amazing Uses of Roses



What Are Some amazing uses of roses

We have heard so many poems on the beauty of Roses, its symbolism, and the comparison of it’s beauty to women. But quite often we forget that the uses of this flower after all roses are not only edible flowers but it can be used for beautifying the whole house or any other premises you want to. During the olden days, it was used for beautifying the skin of not only women but men as well. Rules might not be considered a medicinal plant but its extracts and color and several other by-products extracted from roses are used in not only ayurvedic medicines but also it has soothing and healing properties too. But there is yet another thing that you must know about the rose growing in your garden. If it’s an ordinary Rose then it would not have any medicinal properties.

You need to go for a wild Rose which is an Indian variety of rose that is the one which has medicinal properties. So next time when you get online flower delivery in India, you can store rose flowers for a week using the natural preservation method but do not ever use them for drinking or beautifying your skin, because they might be full of toxins. So let’s check out some amazing uses of roses – 

Rose Drink

Rose Drink

Did you know that across India and the world rose is an edible flower? But there is something more to it. We Indians have taken it to some other level and decided to make squash out of it. so you can make it two ways one more like a smoothie by adding rose petals, beetroot lemon juice and mint together, blend them, and drink them as it is. If you are looking for something sweet and different than usual then you can make another square by grinding rose petals and mixing the same with sugar. Then boil it until you get a thick red-colored liquid, you can add more sugar and water to it or add it in some other drinks.

Rose Water

Rose Water

Ever since the ancient days we have heard our grandmothers tell us that rose water has a lot of hydrating properties and that is why whenever you will visit any herbal beauty parlors they would have rose water over there and because of its hydrating properties it is advised to put rose water not only in your eyes but on your face as well in fact If you don’t like putting on the chemical lysed moisturizers then just put on some rose water on your face and that will not only hydrate your face but also help it glow. You will find a lot of material available on how to make rose water at home. What the best way to make it is by collecting the droplets of evaporated rose petals and water. So this will not only be good for your skin and it would be the purest form of rose water. Just make sure you use non-fertilized homegrown flowers and also you can send this rosewater to your friends and family members as it will last at least two to three months in their fridge and also send flowers to Bangalore to give them a good surprise during this era of COVID-19. 

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Rose Tea

Rose Tea

Like to the beauty benefits of Rose that are not only long-lasting but natural in itself we have yet another thing that comes out of Roses and taste is amazing so there are some roses which are sweet and some might be a bit bitter but all of them are edible. And that is why I get another thing that you can make out of rose tea. All you need is a few petals. It would be my advice to go for the homegrown, not fertilized rose petals, boil them in water and drink them at least twice a day. It does not only suit our mind but is great with the digestive problems and in flushing out all the toxins out of your body so when you have something this good already growing in your garden it’s time to start incorporating it in your diet. 

Face Packs and Scrubs

Whatever the form of Rose whether it’s dried or fresh both can be put to proper use. Now if you have to make face packs you can make these face packs using kaolin clay and dried rose powder or even make a paste of fresh leaves and then mixed with cowling clay and rose water to make an amazing face pack which would be all-natural and toxins free.

Of course, if you don’t have fresh roses available then you can always switch to online bobs dried Rose leaves and then grind them at home to make a powder out of it. Never buy rose powder or any other draw floral powders online because even though they might claim that they are natural you don’t know how much adulterated those products might be. And of course, when you have dried rose petals left in your house you can use them in any kind of scrub. My favorite one includes sugar, coconut oil, almond oil, a few drops of any essential oil, and rose petals. And you can use it even as a soothing bath salt of course there you might be natural Rose leaves and you can mainly use dried once to both are fine.

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Now that you know the basics of making a rose Scrub and Rose face packs you can definitely dry rose petals at home and then send them along with cake and flower delivery in Bangalore to all of your loved ones so that they can improve their immunity during the COVID-19 era and otherwise. Did you know there is a whole science behind adding these rose petals into the water and they are not just there for the show of Rose has been considered a natural healer and it helps in soothing and relaxing your mind? And amazing benefits you should always add rose petals in hot water to let them infuse properly for about 25 minutes before you take the bath. 

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Black Leather Jackets for All!



Black Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are famous all over the world and people of all cultures and countries have a certain liking towards leather jackets. Leather jackets have been popular among people and particularly fashion enthusiasts for a very long time, and the rising of their popularity dates back to many, many decades.

 But the real moment when leather jackets became popular worldwide was when Hollywood legend Marlon Brando wore a leather jacket in one of his movie scenes while striding a bike in the 1950s, after which the fans got crazy after leather jackets and such jackets got associated with bikes as well.

Features of leather jackets:

Shine and Luster

Leather jackets come are particularly famous for their shine and luster. There is a peculiar quality in leather that attracts just about everyone to it.

The way leather shines and sparks with luxe and elegance is what most people really like about it. Leather usually has a very smooth and fine texture and even low-quality leather jackets give a feel of finesse and charm, forget about high-quality top-notch leather jackets, which seem to have come from another world.

Resistance to Winds

Apart from their fine look leather jackets are also famous for their ability to resist winds. The leather jacket is able to keep out cold winds and protect the body from them very easily. Due to the closely bonded nature of molecules of leather winds can pass through them, and keeps the body very warm.

Similarly, they are also very resistant to heat, and sun rays can’t affect your body if you’re wearing leather. This is the reason why leather jackets are mostly used by people in winters worldwide.

Timeless Durability

Leather Jackets are also very popular for their durability, and probably this is one of the main features that most people find interesting about leather. Some leather jackets are known to have lasted for lifetimes. And, this is quite true.

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The quality of leather is such that it can last for many years without being damaged, as it can take a great amount of wear and tear without getting destroyed. Therefore, a lot of leather fans like it because of it durability.

How is Leather Manufactured?

Leather is derived from many different kinds of animals like sheep, goats, cows, camels, horses, buffalo, ox, zebra, reindeer, deer, warthog, moose, etc. Most of the animals used for leather making are farm animals. But a lot of leather jacket makers use other animals like lions, tigers, cheetah, leopards, giraffes, crocodiles, snakes, and other wild animals to make their leather products.

In many countries, governments have banned using skins and hides of animals that are endangered and at risk of going extinct. Huge fines and other restrictions can be imposed on people violating the rules and regulations and killing endangered species for their skin.

Our company always stands with the rights of endangered species and we also condemn all those who use endangered animals’ skins to extract leather and make products.

Once the skin has been neatly removed from the animal’s body, it is taken for further processing and all the abnormalities that affect the beauty of the leather-like scratches or dents on the skin are removed until the skin looks absolutely clean and free of all flaws. Once it is done the skin is cut into small equal pieces necessary for coat and jacket making.

Tanning is a complicated process

After this process, the skin or hide is sent for tanning. The process of tanning means the skin is made suitable to be made a clothing material. The skin is passed through several chemical processes to make sure the skin is preserved forever and doesn’t decay as it obviously would unless certain chemicals are applied to it.

The tanning drum contains a mix of vegetable agents and chromium mix salt.  Chromium salt application to leather also makes it very flexible and easily stretchable. At last special fats are added to the leather which makes it stronger and tougher as well as enhances the softness of the fabric. The process is called the liquor process.

Further tanning and drying

In the final step of the process, leather is tanned again to make sure the necessary quality standards have been achieved after which the fabric is air-dried and vacuum dried, which gives the final product. After this, the leather is ready to cut and adjusted, weaved, and sewed into a jacket, coat, bag, or shoes.

Leather styles and fads

Leather is not only worn in one style and there are 1000 different styles of black leather jacket and themes of fashion in which leather jackets fit and are worn. Leather jackets have always been worn by people of various cultures for many hundred years, for example, the nomads even many thousands of years back used the skins and hides of their domestic animals to make themselves clothing to protect them from cold and freezing winds.

Leather used by kings

Times changed and later there were kings and royal rulers who used to wear very exotic leather made clothing, and they particularly used lion or tiger skins to give themselves a royal look, whereas the rest of the common people used goat or sheepskin for clothing purposes.

As years passed by and people became more sophisticated, they learned how to make fashionable and cool looking leather jackets and give the jackets a very sharp and catchy look, because in the old age jackets were just makeshift kind of clothing and would also decay with time as there were no chemicals to preserve them. So modern people made leather jacket durable as well as fashionable.

Bomber Jackets from the World Wars

In the past century, the leather gained real popularity and an immortal kind of name, mostly because of the fact that it was the century of wars, and both World War One and World War Two took place in the same century.

In the two wars, the soldiers were made special leather jackets which came to be known as bomber jackets. The bomber jackets were used by the army men on the battlefields and also by the fighter pilots to protect them from cold winds in the skies. Later, from the bomber jackets stem another kind of jackets called café racer jackets which were used in the 60s by the soldiers riding to their homes back on bikes.

The Charming Biker Jackets

Another very popular kind of leather jacket is the biker jacket, which is exclusively attached to bikers all over the world. These jackets are specially designed to make bikers very comfortable while they are riding bikes, and also are quite stylish and shiny generally.

Punk or Gothic Jackets

A similar kind of jackets is the punk or gothic styled jackets and these are related to the punk subculture found in Northern Americas, and many other parts of the world. The punk style jackets are mostly black and there are silver beads or chains, and at times even spikes, attached to it to give it a mysterious and dark look. They are also very commonly worn by punk rock stars.

Leather Jackets and Hollywood!

Hollywood can be credited for making the leather jackets so popular worldwide that they are now almost immortal in the fashion world. They will surely evolve as they always have but will not possibly go out of fashion.

Leather jackets have been worn by numerous American and British actors as well as actresses but the very first time any major actor wore a leather jacket was in the 1950s when Marlon Brando, a legend actor, wore a cool jacket in one of the scenes of his movies while striding on a bike. From there on the leather jackets got so popular that people started rushing to shops to buy the same for themselves.

Some famous actors who have worn leather jackets include Clint Eastwood, who is famous for his symbolic cowboy leather vests and jackets. Others include Al Pacino, Robert De Nero, Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jean Claude Van Dam, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Costner, etc.

The leather jackets are not only for men but also suit and fit women a lot. Some famous female celebrities who have worn leather jackets include Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Beyonce’, Sandra Bullock, and many more.

Author Bio:

Jacket Junction is an online jacket selling platform. It makes and sells jackets for customers all over the world. The jackets and coats made here are custom made and particularly stitched to the specifications of the customer. This is one of the best jacket sellers worldwide that offers a very easy and lenient shipping policy and puts customer satisfaction on priority.

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All About Men’s Accessories



All About Men's Accessories

Your clothing defines you, but so do your accessories. They add a luminous charm to your appeal if not decrease it. Well, this implies even to men. It might be a niche sector that is not explored by many men. Men’s accessories have evolved, and there are ample options available today. In the old days, there were minimal options for men’s accessories. Today, if you go for accessories shopping, your mind would probably stop responding to the available options.

Also, since there is not much knowledge about the kind of accessories that are appropriate for men, most men oftentimes misunderstand clothing for accessories. Clothing can be any fashionable or straightforward item that you wear on your body as a layer and to look good. Whereas, a prop is anything that intensifies the look and is an add on.

A pair of jeans, a shirt, a t-shirt, and jacket come under the category of clothing; while, a bracelet, watch, glasses, shoes, jewelry, etc. are accessories. The accessories for men can be tricky as they differ from occasion to occasion. You can seldom avoid the confusion of wearing a pair of shoes at a party or a meeting. Only to simplify things and to enhance your every day, here is your bible to accessories for men.

The Power of Watches:

If there is some other thing that most men are obsessed with other than cars, then it certainly is a watch. An important thing for most occasions, its precise job is to add charm to a man’s personality. This does not mean that you should feature a branded and expensive watch on your wrist. Most of the time, the luxury of the watch hardly matters if you choose the correct one. There are a plethora of watches for every occasion. From sporty to luxury, to smart, there is merely any occasion where you would want to go without a watch on your wrist.

The power of watches

Men’s Jewelry, For Real!

Yes, this is an established thing in the world today. Long gone are the days when most women wore jewelry. Despite there being a wide range to choose from, men’s jewelry is entirely different from women. Well, there might be some similarities in the kind of jewelry, but the usage differs completely. Some of the famous jewelry for men includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, and beaded bracelets. These can be traditional or rare metals. The important thing with them is that you need to pair them up correctly with your attire.

Carrying Around Those Bags:

The purpose of the bag is not always to take stuff around, it is much more than that. We overlook this most of the time. It defines how much you value the occasion that you are attending. Well, this not only includes the conventional strap bags that you wear on your back. The bags can be of all sorts, a haversack, a laptop bag, a side bag, an office bag, a gym bag, and a college bag. They all add to level up your style game in several ways. Choose your bag correctly the next time you are going to a place. As an example – take a beige leather side bag as your work bag, and you shall get many positive comments.

Get Geared with Them Glasses:

The sexiest thing that a man can pull off without much effort is undoubtedly the glasses. They all seem appealing when you look at them from afar. The majority of men fail to notice their effect. They often buy a pair that does not go very well with their face cut. This makes them look either funny or too old for their age. The glasses not only include regular glasses but even your sunglasses or reading glasses. Regardless of whether a man is lean or stout, clean-shaven or bearded, glasses intensify their sex appeal all the same. Men can use beard shampoo or other tools to groom up their beards.

The widely popular variants of sunglasses are aviators, wayfarers, circular, clubmaster, shield, sport, and many others. All of these go well with different face shapes and sizes. You may consider grabbing a new pair of glasses, and you would not rue it.

Heed the Hats:

Ever wondered why Mexican cowboys or English gentlemen are most famous for? Yes, it is their hats. But what if even they had not heeded to their hats. We’d not remember them as distinctly. This is true even for most of us. Caps have their own variety wherein they look very appealing, and you stand out wearing them. This does not mean that you must wear a hat every time you step out of your house.

A cowboy hat or a sunhat is ideal if you are on vacation; a flat hat gives a more casual vibe; a cap is preferable for a sporty look. Hats have their own science with which they function. Research a bit about their game and pair them appropriately with your attire to level up your style game. 

Heed the hats

As you must have seen, accessorizing is not as tricky as proclaimed. Still, you need to be careful and creative when choosing accessories, and you surely would not go unnoticed. Also remember, be it a party or casual walk, there are always specific accessories for them. 

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7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Special Moments with Family



Celebrate Your Special Moments with Family

Family is always special regardless of where you go or what you be. Therefore, spending time with your family is obviously a special thing always. However, one might find it difficult to find more excuses to spend quality time with their families. Yes, most often we see that most of us are fretting about how they can spend good time with their families without being bored out or embarrassed. But don’t worry because we are here with you with some creative ways to celebrate your special moment with your family.

If you are planning a sudden family get-together or staying with your family for a while now without any interesting ideas to get along well together as you had been earlier, then you are at the right place. This is because here we will discuss some innovative ideas to put on the family glue once again and hope for some moments to cherish with your family!

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7 Creative Ways You Can Celebrate Your Family Time With!

Wondering how to fill your family time with excitement, entertainment and all laughs and giggles, then here are some quick tips that will help you get back your lively family all together. So, let’s start off!

Happy Cooking with Your Family

You have always eaten the food cooked by your mother/father but when you grow up, it’s time that you treat others with your food and cooking is a wonderful option to get along quickly together. Therefore, you can easily opt for a cooking fest where you cook the food together with your family. This will also be your test as a cook too where your mother and father will be your judges.

Gossiping with Your Family

Gossiping with your family on random incidents and present society, politics, sports and numerous other nameless things that you have seen and done can never go wrong. Yes, chatting with our family deserves a special spot and shall always be special no matter how random the topics are!

Relating to Your Past

Losing in nostalgia with your family is a transcendental occurrence that you should at least try once. Nostalgia is one such feeling that brightens up forever and what is better than delving in the distant past with your family from which you came? Therefore, relating to your past events or occurrences is one of the favorite pastimes for all of us that we like to do with our families.

Upping the Party Vibes in the House

Partying can never become boring and it is all the more interesting when you party with your family. Plan a dinner party with some tasty starters, sizzlers, and all of your favorite beers and cocktails is always dreamy! Plan a party ordering online & brighten things up among all of you and everyone joins the party keeps ifs and buts aside!

Planning an Outing

Planning an outing is one such plan that works well with your friends and even your loved ones. You can decide on a place where you can go all together, like a day trip or so. Shopping together is also a great deal of fun with the all-new Max Fashion discount codes. Furthermore, you can also book a dinner or lunch together in some restaurants, pubs or bars where you can party to the brim outside!

Gardening with Your Family

If you want to spend some quality time with your family, only some things are better than strolling around your good old garden/yard and tending the plants together, planting some more seeds or plants that will grow beautiful each day together. Gardening truly is one of the best times one can spend with their loved ones.

Plan a Family Photoshoot

Photos are our best companions when we are alone and it is those photographs that help us with the feeling of staying connected even when we are actually miles away.

Therefore, photoshoots also always turn out to be special because we at least cherish our photoshoots numerous times after they happened in the distant past. So, when it comes to shooting photos with your family, it is nothing else than making some awesome memories together to cherish for a long time in the future.

So, the next time you are fretting about how to celebrate your special moments with your family, then dissolve all your worries and spark up some of these ideas, savoring the moments.

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