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Secure Ways To Protect Your Valuables At Home

Protect Your Valuables At Home

There are 2.5 million burglaries every year in the United States with over 50% of these being home invasions, recent data from the United States Department of Justice reveals. Jewelry, in particular, is one of the most attractive items for thieves to steal. It’s also an easy item to accidentally damage and break. Fortunately, by working to mitigate risk, it’s simple to keep your valuables safe and secure in your home.

Don’t leave your valuables on display

Even if you’ve invested in a good home security system, double glazing on your windows, and deadbolts on your doors, it’s still not a good idea to leave your valuables out on display around your home. Thieves are persistent and resourceful; leaving your most valuable possessions out in the open simply isn’t worth the risk. Specifically, don’t ever leave your valuables in clear view of a window, on your mantelpiece, or even on a table in your hallway as they may be easily spotted from the letterbox. If a thief breaks into your home, you don’t want to have your valuables ready and waiting for them in these spots. Fortunately, there are a number of inconspicuous, hard-to-reach places to store your valuables. For example, in utility cupboards, hollowed-out books, or false wall outlets. Alternatively, nightstands, underwear drawers, or under the mattress are typically the first places thieves will look.
Also, installing a commercial fence around your home can be an extra layer of security for your valuables. Investing in solid locks on the fence’s gates can deter thieves from attempting to break in.

Ensure your jewelry

Insuring your jewelry is an easy and affordable way to protect your most valuable belongings. For example, engagement rings cost $3,756 on average, so ensuring these expensive pieces can provide couples with invaluable peace of mind. Depending on the exact policy, engagement ring insurance may cover damage, theft, loss, loose stones, and disappearance, but won’t cover intentional actions, deterioration, or critters. Although standard homeowners or renters’ insurance does protect against property damage or loss, it may not be the best option for your jewelry. For example, some policies don’t cover jewelry damage or loss at all while others don’t cover the full cost of replacement. Instead, a dedicated jewelry insurance policy can cover the entire value of your unique items in the case of theft, damage, and loss. 

Invest in a home safe

A home safe from Inkas Safes is the most secure place to store your valuables. It also helps keep them away from damaging sunlight and extreme temperatures, as well as decreases your odds of misplacing and losing anything. Ideally, you want to install your safe in a fairly hidden location and ensure it’s bolted down, so it can’t be moved. If a thief does break in and find your safe, they’ll hopefully leave after realizing they can’t get into it. When it comes to choosing a safe, you really do get what you pay for. Inexpensive safes aren’t as durable and typically don’t provide adequate protection. 

There’s nothing worse than having your most expensive, meaningful belongings stolen, lost, or damaged. By making sure your valuables are as secure as possible at home, you can better keep them safe and preserve them for longer.

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