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Millennial Brides Are Resetting The Wedding Jewellery Trends

Wedding Jewellery Trends

A bride’s trousseau is incomplete without jewelry. Especially in Indian weddings, jewelry is given a lot of importance. From the time a girl child is born, her mother starts putting aside traditional gold jewelry pieces for the big day. The moment we hear wedding jewelry, we picture larger-than-life necklaces embellished with precious and semi-precious stone, heavy earrings, thick gold bangles. But with changes in times, the perspective towards wedding jewelry is changing. Millennial brides are redefining wedding jewelry and how! New-age brides, unlike their mother and grandmother,  are driven by the desire to showcase their taste, class, and fashion through their wedding jewelry and don’t look at it as a wealth accumulation that needs to be passed down to generations. Let’s see how wedding jewelry has evolved.

1. Light-Weight Necklace –

There has been a paradigm shift towards non-traditional choices in necklaces. The wedding outfits have an indo-western whiff to them, and hence millennial brides look for light weight gold necklace sets that match their attire. There is an increased belief among young women to not buy jewelry that they won’t wear often, so lightweight necklaces are the way forward. The newer contemporary designs of necklaces are now making their way into the wedding collection because they make the bride look uber chick, elegant, and youthful.

2. Stylish Gold Earrings –

Yes, like necklaces, millennial brides are trading the traditional heavy juhmkas with something trendy, smart, and with unique designs of earrings. They are on the lookout for shoulder dusters that not only look pretty on a lehenga but also go well with a sophisticated gown. These days reputed online stores have several stylish gold earring designs to select from to make the bride stand out on her special day.

3. Haathphool Replace Bangles –

A closer look at the new-age bridal jewelry collection, and you will notice how a dozen of gold bangles have been replaced by edgy designs of haathpools that are studded with pearls, and gemstones that make a striking contrast to their wedding sari or lehenga. Most bridal haathpools have a floral pattern, adding a beautiful, mystic look to the jewelry piece.

4. Tasteful Kamarbandh –

Unlike traditional kamarbandhs that are broad and mostly have a temple design, modern brides prefer to pick classy kamarbandhs that have diamonds studded to them. Pearly white kamarbandhs are also a new rage among brides because it adds a touch of regalness to their overall look.

5. Matha Patti –

Matha patti has become the most non-negotiable piece of jewelry in a bride’s bride’s trousseau. From celebs like Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma, chose to adorn a heavy matha Patti. The center circular maang tika is large and it has straps attached to it that are hooked to the hair. It is one piece of jewelry that new-age bride like to keep it heavy and traditional. Layering matha pattis is also catching up on-trend.

6. An oversized Nose Ring –

Nose ring or famously called Nath is also an integral part of an Indian bride’s wedding jewelry collection. Oversized nose rings with peppy design gives an edgy look to the bride.

So if you are a bride-to-be, take inspiration from the above trends to ace your bridal look.

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