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Save More on Prescription Medicines When You Subscribe to Regular Orders!


So, you have been given a coupon code for Synthroid, and you have gone to a random pharmacy in your area, provided you live in the US, and they aren’t honoring the degree of savings the coupon suggests, or they turn it down out right. No, you probably have to find a pharmacy that complies with your insurance and your specific doctors practice. There may not even be one in your immediate area that matches all of these variables!

Well, to heck with that, you go to an online pharmacy for your stuff anyway. And you save a lot of money, especially if you’re shopping with a Canadian pharmacy where you can use the tax loophole to get your medications even cheaper, completely legally.

With your coupon code for Synthroid, you are saving a decent amount of money, but with the economy being the way it is right now, that is to say a complete and utter mess across the world, you want to save every cent you can. There is nothing wrong with being a spendthrift in this day and age, of course!

Well, surely you’ve done everything you can to get your medication prices down as far as possible, right? You have the coupon code, you are saving money by shopping online, and you are utilizing that tax loophole to get way cheaper Canadian drugs, a cheaper starting price before these discounts are applied. But, believe it or not, with most pharmacies, there is still one more thing you can do to save even more money, because it will issue you regular, automated coupon codes on top of the ones you may already have.

Obviously, a company wants to maintain customer retention, and will take efforts and utilize strategies for this, even if it costs them a little bit of profit on the dollar. Immediate profit versus long-term profit is a pretty easy argument anyone who has a basic grasp of business.

Therefore, many pharmacies, especially online pharmacies, will ask you to subscribe to regular orders. If this is a medication you will be needing long-term, and will need to have prescriptions filled on a weekly or monthly basis, they will want all of your orders to be done through them. Therefore, subscribing to these regular orders, which usually automatically bill and fill prescriptions based on information from the doctor, will add an additional coupon discount to the medications. Some of them even offer rewards programs not unlike airlines and grocery stores, meaning that with particularly-good pharmacies, you might even get one of your prescriptions eventually filled for free. The discounts alone mean that, if you distributed based on the original price it would be, you probably are getting every occasional prescription essentially for free through these programs anyhow.

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We automatically decline a lot of these sorts of offers from places, not wanting to take the time to fill them out, expecting them to amount to very little, and often expecting to be annoyed by spam that it will ultimately lead to. In the case of these regular orders programs, however, it is worth the time, it will amount to quite a bit, and you have no need to worry about spam, these companies are cleaner-cut than that.

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