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Recommended Cake Shops For The Celebrants With Allergies

Recommended Cake

One’s birthday only comes once a year, and what’s a birthday without a cake? Getting one for the celebrant is a thoughtful gesture. However, it would be a waste if the recipient had some food allergies and dietary restrictions and so he can’t take a bite of that delicious cake. You don’t want the celebrant to be the party pooper at his birthday party, do you?

But is cake really out of the equation then? Luckily no. There are cake shops and bakeries that can cater to your request to leave or avoid some ingredients. Some shops are also specific in that they only sell vegan and gluten-free goods. But before you go out and place an order, you must do these things first.

Know The Celebrant’s Allergies

Milk, soy, eggs, wheat, and peanuts are some of the most common foods that can cause allergies. Some of these ingredients might be present in cakes, especially eggs and dairy. The celebrant might be allergic to only one of those mentioned, or maybe even more. You can just ask the celebrant directly if he has any food allergies. But if you want to give the cake as a surprise or perhaps you’re too shy to ask, you can ask his friends. Also ask what flavor he likes too. A little investigation does not hurt; it actually shows that you care.

Know Where To Shop

You have now obtained information as to what ingredients to avoid, so the next step is to look for where to buy a cake. It is best if you buy from artisanal shops rather than those made in assembly lines like the ones you find in groceries. Those from the latter usually do not mention a list of ingredients. You can only assume that those contain the common food allergens.

Before placing an order, you must read the shop’s Frequently Asked Questions page. In here you can read about same-day deliveries, lead times, pick-up locations, scope of delivery, etc. Once everything has been settled, you can now order a cake. Below are some cake shop recommendations depending on your location.

1. VG Pâtisserie (Paris)

If Emily from Emily in Paris was vegan, she’d probably visit this first fine plant-based pastry shop in Paris, VG Pâtisserie. Their menu includes pastries (because what is Paris without croissants), travel cakes, and whole cakes. They also have big cakes but orders must be placed 48 hours in advance by phone or by email. 

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2. Apbbang (South Korea)

Korea is not only popular with kpop and kdramas but also with their cute, Instagrammable cafes. Even their cakes look aesthetically pleasing just like the ones at Apbbang. Hidden a bit away from the streets, this small yet cozy cafe is one of the best-rated vegan cafes in Seoul. They also have gluten-free and raw items available as well.

3. The Vegan Cakery (United Kingdom)

Would you believe that this bakery is registered by The Vegan Society? And just after a year they opened, they were named the Best Vegan Company. No wonder this bakery has stellar accomplishments, not to mention they also have a vast menu of about 200 items!

4. Bunner’s Bakeshop (Canada)

Looking for traditional baked goods that are not only vegan but also gluten-free? Bunner’s Bakeshop guarantees great taste and great value for your money. You can even have the option to customize a 6-inch cake through their fun and easy custom cake design selectable menu process.

5. Emicakes (Singapore)

Established in 1992, this shop has been known as Singapore’s No.1 Durian Cake Maker. As of the present, they have nine outlets island-wide. Now that’s a highly-reputable brand. Asides from their well-known durian cakes, you can also buy eggless cakes from Emicakes. There are tons of flavors to choose from but of course, the durian a must-buy.

Keep in mind that you do not have to necessarily fly to these abovementioned shops if you’re not from these countries. Though if you are currently in the area, it’s a good idea to give it a try.

Now with the cake in check, along with presents, drinks, guests, and the birthday celebrant, let the party begin.

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