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Is It Possible To Refuse The Services Of A Realtor When Buying A Property In Dubai?

property in Dubai

A sale and purchase transaction can be made between the seller and the buyer without the
involvement of a third party. However, in the UAE, there is a strict law on this subject, according to which the presence of a realtor is mandatory in buying and selling housing.

We will tell you more about the role of real estate agents in Dubai in our review.

Do You Need An Agent For The Deal?

Theoretically, the seller and the buyer can make a deal on their own without resorting to the
services of a realtor. The final stage of the transaction takes place in one of the trustee offices – a branch of the Land Department. Here the parties bring documents; here, they are registered and sent to the Land Department to check the papers, debts, the fact of ownership of the real estate, and the conformity of the declared data with the real ones.

In practice, the vast majority of transactions occur with the participation of certified agents. The notary and lawyers do not participate – the realtor takes over their functions.

Under the law, an agent is a professional person with state registration who, for a certain fee,
provides consulting services in the field of real estate. It also searches for objects and links the
parties together.

Agent Tasks

Under the laws of the United Arab Emirates, a realtor is a professional person with state
registration confirming his qualifications. The agent takes a fee to provide consulting services on the purchase and sale of real estate in Dubai. The list of his services also includes searching for an object relevant to the client and establishing a connection between the buyer and the seller.

Requirements for real estate professionals:
− Providing reliable information about real estate;
− Awareness of objects in the housing market;
− Verification of documents.

The activities of an agent in Dubai are clear and transparent. Negligence in checking documents for housing will incur material or criminal liability, depending on the damage caused to the client.

What Other Functions Does A Realtor Perform In The Uae?

The specialist provides comprehensive transaction support:
− Carries out the selection of objects relevant to the client’s requests;
− Organizes showings;
− Checks the cleanliness of documents;
− Negotiates with the seller;
− Analyzes offers on the market to find the best price;
− Responsible for signing Forms A, D, and F;
− Provides support in requesting a NOC document (certificate of no debts and permission
to sell the apartment) for the seller.
For complete information on an agent’s duties and powers, see Law No. 85 of 2006, “On the
rules and ethics of the transaction and the behavior of an agent.”

Who Pays For The Services Of A Broker?

The responsibility to compensate a real estate agent fibs with the one who employed him.
Nevertheless, this is only sometimes the issue. In Dubai, an agent’s job is delivered by
agreement, which is prescribed in forms A and B. If both parties hire a worker, they each pay
their fair percentage. This course is standard for the secondary real estate sector. If the developer makes the deal of the object, he also pays the agent’s task.

The agent can be very reasonable for the customer, as he can control the community of the most suitable conditions for the buyer, getting a discount or delayed prices. In addition, the
professional will see and show housing and control the confirmed receipt of the keys.

Assistance In Buying Property In Dubai

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