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Some Reasons Why People Purchase iPhone 12 Pro

purchase iPhone 12 Pro

Apple is the leading smartphone manufacturer in many countries because of its innovative and well-designed products, especially the iPhone. The company is investing a large amount in research and development so that the phones have better features and technology. The iPhone Pro 12 is the latest iPhone model from Apple. For more details, you can check out the apple mobile service center. They will guide you properly. Like most Apple products, it is a premium product and will cost more. Though there are many people who are Apple fans and use Apple products extensively, they may find that the price of the iPhone12 pro is very high. So these potential iPhone buyers would like to find out if the iPhone 12 pro worth the buy? Hence some of the main features of the iPhone Pro 12 are evaluated.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Faster CPU

One of the reasons why the iPhone Pro 12 is expensive is because it has a newly developed A14 microprocessor which is manufactured using the latest semiconductor fabrication technology. This chip has a 16 core neural engine, for 80% improvement in performance and machine learning. The processor includes a six core CPU for faster processing of numerical and other data, and a four core graphic processing unit (GPU). This chip is much faster than the chip used in other smartphones, so individuals who are using apps and other software on their smartphones will find that using the iPhone Pro 12 can help save time.


The iPhone has a 6.1 inch retina display for high-quality images and visuals. One of the reasons why many people will prefer this iPhone model is because it has a cover using the latest ceramic shield technology. This cover is tougher than the glass used in any smartphone since it is infused with special nano ceramic crystals. This greatly improves the performance of the smartphone when it is dropped since the glass is four times less likely to break. Since cracked or damaged displays are the main cause of repairs to the iPhone, for those who have damaged the display of their iPhone earlier, many prefer to purchase this model to reduce repairs required.


Most people are using their smartphone extensively for taking photos, selfies, making videos which they post on their social media account. Hence those who want the best cameras will prefer this iPhone model since it has high-quality cameras of resolution 12 Megapixels. The camera has a telephoto lens with 4X magnification for taking quality photos of birds, and other items some distance away. The camera has a night mode so that photos can be taken when it is dark when the visibility is poor due to weather conditions or other reasons. The Lidar scanner also helps in improved night vision and makes augmented reality (AR) more realistic.

iPhone 12 pro Max features

Other features

For most iPhone models, spilling water or liquids on the iPhone can damage the iPhone electronics. Similarly, if the iPhone is wet for a longer period of time, it will get spoiled and expensive repairs may be required. Hence the iPhone Pro 12 is designed with IP68 protection so that water will not enter the phone even if it is submerged in water for up to thirty minutes. Additionally, the phone is designed for the fast charging of the battery.

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