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5 Most Popular Women who Caught on to Lab-grown Diamonds

5 Most Popular Women who Caught on to Lab-grown Diamonds

Shining and glittering diamonds have been women’s best friends for decades. From an engagement proposal to a birthday gift, women have always shown their love for diamonds. 

But recent times have seen some market differences for mined diamonds. Are people falling out of love for mined diamonds? If yes, then what alternative is overpowering them. 

Lab-grown diamonds are overtaking mined diamonds in recent years. The millennials and Gen Z are inclining towards guilt-free gems. From commoners to celebrities, everyone is leaning towards lab-grown diamonds.

But why is the market shifting towards lab-grown diamonds? Who is wearing these diamonds on today’s date?

Let us find out the answers throughout the article.

Why Lab-grown Diamonds are Getting Popular 

People are indeed showing interest in lab-grown diamonds. According to a report, 70% of the millennial generation shows interest in buying lab-grown diamonds. But a large audience is not yet aware of what a lab-grown diamond is and how we are making them. 

But with the increase in interest in these diamonds, people are also questioning whether lab-grown diamonds are natural?

Yes, the lab-grown diamonds are just as natural as mined diamonds. The physical, optical, and chemical composition and nature are similar to mined diamonds. The mined diamonds naturally occur in the Earth’s mantle. The majority of the diamonds we mine today are billions of years old. 

Lab-grown diamonds are similarly made under very high pressure but inside a machine. These can be made in majorly two ways: 

  • High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) system.
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). 

Because of the high demand for lab-grown diamonds, more and more companies are manufacturing these.

Companies like Clean Origin, Overnightmountings are leading the market. Engagement rings and tennis bracelets, earrings, and pendants also see a growing demand for lab-grown diamonds. In recent years, many celebrities have been wearing lab-grown diamonds on red carpets and outings. Let us look for the most famous women wearing lab-grown diamonds in recent times.

Popular Women Spotted wearing Lab-grown Diamonds 

Bindi Irwin

Bindi Irwin

The famous Australian television personality Bindi Irwin wore a lab-grown engagement ring. The renowned personality got engaged to her long-term boyfriend, Chandler Powell. Bindi Irwin took his father’s legacy, known as “The Crocodile Hunter.” She took her social media platform to announce her engagement and how “incredibly thoughtful Chandler was capturing the essence of who she is.”

The diamond ring was a magnificent oval with an antique twisted band that weighed 2.01 carats.

Megan Markle 

Megan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex is always known for making statement appearances and her progressive thoughts. In January 2019, she attended an event in London. The Duchess of Sussex paired her outfit with lab-grown diamond felicity earrings, which everyone noticed. She was wearing a Kimai’s earrings. Kimai’s is a modern Dutch jewelry brand that uses lab-grown diamonds with 18k gold for its jewelry pieces. The lovely pair of earrings complimented her whole outfit wonderfully and was applauded by many activists.

Emma Watson 

Emma Watson has always been a visionary when it comes to environment-friendly solutions. It was very evident when she wore a pair of earrings from Vrai and Oro at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Afterparty. She also used the stage to present her tattoo that read, ‘Times Up’ proving that she is always the beautiful activist that she is. 

The lab-grown diamond jewelry look was complete with a sheer black dress. It is these rare appearances that show us the value of lab-cultured diamonds which look even better than the original ones. And all of it was ethically sourced, which is the best thing about lab-grown diamonds. One can be sure that these lab-created creations are perfect due to the controlled conditions they are grown in.

Emma Watson

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

With Lady Gaga, there is no telling what to expect. But one can be sure that it will definitely be a thing to go ‘Gaga’ over. The popular American Singer/Songwriter was seen in an intricate corseted Alexander McQueen gown with which she sported a beautiful pair of pearl and lab-grown diamond earrings by Anabela Chan. Lady Gaga has always been very active in her philanthropic works and these gorgeous appearances put her up on the pedestal higher. Her fans appreciate her sense of responsibility towards the environment and she is indeed a great human being as a whole.

Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed

When it is about taking lab-grown diamonds to the next level, Nikki Reed leads the pack. The Twilight actress launched her own brand of lab-grown diamonds called Bayou With Love just for the passion she has towards the unique creations.

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The brand focuses mainly on bridal fashion and has become a go-to brand for people who wish to make the world better. We did have a small concern though. But the actress has allayed it through a recent statement. Her engagement ring wasn’t a lab-grown diamond. But she revealed her plan to replace it with a beautiful one. Lab-grown diamonds were simply not in the market during the time of her engagement. Regenerative fashion as she hails it should replace sustainable fashion in her opinion. We agree!

Wrapping up 

As the world changes, we should be adopting ethical and environmentally friendly methods to provide for the ever-growing and heavily demanding market. It is not just the lower market that bears this responsibility. Luxury brands have the heaviest carbon footprint in the world. Lab-grown diamonds offer a simple yet lovely solution to this ever-looming threat. If any industry has to survive, adopting sustainable methods of production is the way forward. This when combined with the latest technology can produce beautiful works of art.

With so many lovely women sporting this gorgeous jewelry, it simply can’t be wrong. The different designs you get in these are practically limitless and bound only by imagination. And we are sure that the importance of such ethical and lab-created jewelry will reveal itself in years to come.

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