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How Shirt Embroidery Works

Shirt Embroidery

All over the world for hundreds of years, there have been people using embroidery for all kinds of reasons. Clothing, decoration, artwork, to stand out, whatever the reason for it, though until recently it was always done by hand. For this reason, it took time, and embroidery could be expensive. Today, corporate shirt printing does not need to just stop there. Now you can get printers who have digital embroidery machinery so you can design or choose a corporate logo and have it embroidered onto T-shirts and other garments. Here is a closer look at the modem marvel of digital embroidery.

Ordering embroidered logos in the past

Not too many years ago if you wanted embroidered logos as part of your company branding on things like merchandise, giveaways, and uniforms, for example, there were a few steps to go through. You would need a decent drawing of the lettering or imaging you wanted to be done for your corporate shirt embroidery. This meant either having a designer on staff or hiring someone to design it for you. Then you would have to find a physical shop that handled embroidered logos and mail that design to them, or have it delivered to them. Then you would have to wait a number of days to hear from them about your order, and then possibly weeks before the design you wanted was delivered to you. This is because it was all done by hand.

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Ordering embroidered logos now

Now with the advances made this is not as complicated and certainly not as long. Just have the design in the right digital format the printer will specify, or even choose a design they have, and email this to them. Depending on the size of the order, the size of the design and the complexity of the design you could have your product back within just days. There will not be differences between one product and the next because it is all done using technology rather by hand. There is still work to be done by the printer with corporate shirt embroidery, the machines need to be told what to do, the design needs to be in the right format if you have asked for a designer they need to work on the image and refine it until it is exactly what you want.

Finding a printer

There are a lot more companies offering corporate shirt printing and embroidery than ever before. If you do not have a local that you want to use go online and search. Look for a printer with good reviews and see if you can order sample work so you can explore their printing and embroidery skill level before you invest more money. Shipping tends to be fast even if you choose somewhere else in the world! As well as looking for quality in their printing and embroidery choose quality garments so that they last longer and look better. Choose someone competitively priced not just the cheapest.

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