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Pantry And Storage Solutions For Your Renovation

Pantry and Storage Solutions for Your Renovation

You’re renovating your home and need storage and pantry solutions? Fortunately, you aren’t the first to go through this process, and you won’t be the last. With this in mind, there are some fantastic ideas around. You’ll see just a handful in this guide today!

Hang Pots and Pans

If you’re like most, you often get frustrated by the number of room pots and pans take up in cupboards. Not only are they bulky, but they’re all different shapes, and the handles are highly inefficient for storage. Therefore, many people renovating their homes are choosing to hang their pots and pans on the wall. As well as saving space, it’s easier to pick the pan you need from the wall rather than trying to expertly navigate one out of the cupboard.

Spice Drawer

In the same way, herbs and spices also take up lots of space when stored in a cupboard. If you like to experiment with flavors, you probably have upwards of 20 herbs and spices just taking up room. Well, some designers now create unique spice drawers, and showrooms like the one at Arova bathroom supplies in Melbourne have a plethora of styles to choose from. With styles like these, you can pull the drawer out, choose your spice, and return it once finished.

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Choose Sideways Shelving

When in the kitchen and pantry, it’s natural to think of shelving as a horizontal design. However, this is somewhat outdated. Many homeowners are enjoying the benefits of sideways shelving for their baking trays, chopping boards, china serving dishes, and similar items. Isn’t it annoying when the chopping board you need is underneath a whole detritus of other objects? With sideways shelving, this isn’t a problem – it works for bookshelves, so why not try it in the kitchen/pantry?

Wicker Baskets and Glass Jars

When renovating, it’s time to move away from the old and consider something new. However, this doesn’t mean that traditional storage methods are forgotten. For example, you might consider wicker baskets and glass jars in your pantry. As long as they’re labeled, it doesn’t matter that you can’t see inside the wicker baskets. Also, you’ll come to know where everything is kept over time.

For instance, you might have a baking basket with all baking equipment and molds inside. Your glass jars could contain salt, sugar, pasta, and several other ingredients. If you don’t have a pantry, there’s no reason why you can’t include shelving in the renovation to accommodate glass jars and wicker baskets.

Integrated Washing Baskets

Another item that tends to take up lots of space in the kitchen/pantry is the washing basket. Do you spend your life endlessly sliding the basket out of the way to another part of the room? These days, it’s possible to integrate washing baskets into the cupboard space. If this basket is next to the washing machine, you save space and make the washing experience much more efficient.

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Microwave in the Wall

Recently, more homeowners are starting to think about their microwave and where it goes in the kitchen. Fortunately, there’s a solution because you can now have the microwave (and oven, for that matter) integrated into your wall. If this isn’t a possibility in your renovation plans, perhaps you can consider putting it into one of the cupboards instead. Imagine opening the doors to see an in-built microwave surrounded by ingredients, seasonings, and condiments.

Other Pantry and Storage Solutions

  • Divide all drawers and cupboards for more efficient storage
  • Build an ironing board into the wall
  • Utilise wall space with shelving
  • Use a pantry trolley if you don’t have a separate room for storage

Combine all these solutions, and your renovation project will be the talk of all friends and family!

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