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How To Open A Locked Door If You Forgot Your Keys

Open A Locked Door If You Forgot Your Keys

What should I do if the door is locked and I forgot the key? If you go out without a key, you can unlock the door in the following ways as well as using Lock Pick Set to open it:

1. According to the “fake” key to unlock the door

If the tamper-proof door is a project door installed uniformly by the real estate developer, and the lock is not changed after the accommodation, there will be a mutual opening rate with the key of the neighbor’s house next door. You can use the key of the neighbor’s house next door to detect whether the anti-theft lock without a key can be successfully opened. If it cannot be opened, you can choose to insert the neighbor’s key into the lock cylinder halfway, and use special tools such as screwdrivers or needle-nose pliers to tap the key rocker to quickly open your own anti-theft lock.

2. Use card unlocking skills

I believe that I have heard of the card unlocking method, but most people do not understand the main operation steps. In fact, the method is very simple. Just look for a hard credit card of moderate thickness (such as a debit card, ID card or beverage bottle), and use scissors to cut a long open door lock credit card. According to the gap between the door page and the door cover, insert the prepared hard credit card, and roll the credit card left and right to point to the spring latch of the anti-theft lock, just push the latch hard to quickly open the anti-theft lock without a key.

3. Using a wire hook to unlock the lock from the peephole

There are a wide range of burglar-proof door designs. If the key is not brought, you only have to remove it from the door, and then you can put special tools such as wire hooks into the room according to the installation hole of the door. As long as the steel wire is folded into a hook that can be opened before putting it in, you can easily press the door handle in the anti-pry door room to open the anti-theft lock without a key.

4. According to the gap between the door cover to open the door and lock the skills

After the key is not carried, if you are very impatient to open the anti-theft lock, you can use the method of picking up the door cover to find the lock slot where the anti-theft lock tongue is stuck. Use a larger screwdriver to press the lock tongue into the lock slot on the door cover, and the anti-theft lock without a key can be opened smoothly. Also, you can check our French door for better protection.

5. Call your family

If you forget to bring the key when you go out, you can choose to make a phone call for your loved one, so that he can go home immediately and get the car key to open the door, which can usually solve the current problem. If the relatives do not have a key, they have to choose another way.

6. Find a professional locksmith service to come to your door

According to my many attempts, when I can’t successfully open an anti-theft lock without a key, and I am in a hurry, the most appropriate way is to ask a locksmith for door-to-door service. The locksmith will have professional special tools. According to the use of various unlocking tools, the anti-theft lock can be opened without damage. Although you need to pay for the door lock, it can prevent the damage of the anti-theft lock.
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