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The Proper Way to Pack Comics for Shipping Internationally

Pack Comics for Shipping Internationally

Shipping comics internationally may seem easy. They are lightweight, have a convenient shape for packing and aren’t fragile. But such thinking can be misleading as comics can still be damaged during transit.

To avoid the risks of your comic books getting bent, ripped or harmed in any other way, you need to learn the proper way to pack them. And it’ll be a piece of cake to master the art of comics packing with the steps described below.

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Wrap and waterproof each comic separately

An international journey is a long one. Just imagine the road a parcel covers when you’re shipping to Poland from the USA. Many unexpected things can happen throughout such a distance. So prepare your comic book accordingly.

The biggest threat to comics and books in general can be humidity. That’s why it’s advised to waterproof them. The easiest way to do it is to wrap them in plastic or put them in a plastic bag. Just be sure to wrap each issue separately for best protection.

You can also add a backing board as a support and as a countermeasure against your comic book getting bent. While it’s not obligatory, it can be super useful when shipping vintage comics which are susceptible to even the smallest form of damage.

Sandwich comics for better protection

Putting your comic book in a plastic bag and adding a backing board is a good start. But it’s not enough protection to be sure that the package delivery will go smoothly. For the highest level of protection it’s recommended to sandwich your comics.

Cardboard is best for this purpose. It’s sturdy and not too heavy so it won’t unnecessarily increase your package weigh and the shipping price. But if you’re worried about that, you can always check the cost in a shipping rates calculator.

Begin by preparing two sheets of cardboard. Make sure that they are slightly bigger than the comic issue and the backing board. Lay the first piece of cardboard on a flat surface. Put the wrapped comic book face-down on it and secure with tape. Then, place the second cardboard piece on top and attach with tape on all four sides.

Be sure to use the kind of tape that’s easily removable to avoid stains. And don’t forget to check if both cardboard sheets and the comic book are properly immobilized. Only then they’ll serve as the strongest means of protection.

If you’re shipping multiple comic books, you can try sandwiching them in batches of 2-3. But this method works best when you sandwich issues individually.

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Use padded envelopes for single comic book

Choosing a proper container to send your comics with is very important. Whenever you’re shipping internationally, you have to think of a solution that best fits your items in terms of durability and size.

So if you’re sending a single issue, you don’t need a big container like a shipping box. Your comic book will nicely fit into a poly bag or envelope. If you have sandwiched your item, a poly bag might work for shorter distances.

But generally it’s best to choose a padded envelope. Its insides are covered with bubble wrap which will absorb any shock damage that may occur during transportation. Plus, padded envelopes come in various sizes, so some can fit even 2-3 issues which helps to save on the shipping fees.

Use boxes of a proper size for multiple issues

Although padded envelopes are very convenient, they aren’t as reliable as shipping boxes when you need to send more or heavier items. So if you have multiple comics to ship, opt for a cardboard box.

These also come in different sizes so you need to choose smartly. If you pick a box that’s too small, you won’t have space to add cushioning materials. And if you select a box that’s too large, you risk that your comics will tumble around which may lead to damage.

The optimal option is to find a box that’s only slightly larger than the items you’re shipping. Then, the comics will fit within nicely and you’ll have space for extra protection.

Cushion the insides

When packing comics in padded envelopes, you don’t need to worry about cushioning as it’s already included. But when shipping them in a box, make sure to pay enough attention to internal packaging.

The most common pattern for cushioning the insides is as follows. Start by covering the bottom of the box with bubble wrap or newspapers. Load your items. Then, fill in remaining void with more padding. Crumpled paper, air pillows, or packing peanuts are all great choices for this purpose. Cover the top with another layer of bubble wrap and tightly close the lid. With this, you’ll have safely prepared your comics for even the longest road.

The proper way to pack comic books requires some effort and patience. But it’s worth it as you’ll be confident that your comics will reach their destination in perfect condition.

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