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Try This New Online Running App For Your Exercise

Online Running App

Are you fed up with staring at the same wall while running on your treadmill? It is normal though, for many people to quit running for this sole reason. While you exercise, it is not just your body that’s doing work, your mind is working too. It needs constant stimulation from the environment. This is why it is recommended to run outdoors. But if you are living in a city and you can’t enjoy the outdoors, you need not worry, for you have this Online running app. It is called Vingo and it brings the outdoors to you.

Explore The Endless Routes In The Virtual World

Vingo combines virtual reality with social media. You can get into the online world of Vingo via your smart device and explore it while you exercise. You can then post your progress on your social media accounts for all your followers to see. As for the virtual world itself, the app comes with a lot of maps and routes, which will unfold before you as you run on your mill. All you need to do is install the app on your phone, connect it to your treadmill, and place the phone before you. The app will automatically track your speed and adjust the visuals for you.

Invite And Workout With Your Close Friends

In this virtual world, you need not go for a solo run and feel lonely. You can always invite your friends to join you. They can be in another city, or even next door, you can all sync up with each other and go for Indoor running within the Vingo world. You can hang out with your friends anytime you want.

Create Your Personal Avatar For The Virtual World Of Vingo

An interesting feature of the app is that it allows you to create your digital version. The avatar feature uses your selfie and creates a digital You inside the Vingo world. You can customize your appearance by adding different outfits, changing different workout gear, equipment, and so on. This digital image is what people will see as you inside the virtual world. So, make sure you look stylish while you customize your avatar.

The Vingo App Is Affordable & Easy To Use

Now, you might think Online running and the Vingo app might be a costly affair. But, it is not. The app comes with a very affordable price tag of less than $10 per month. This is far less than other similar apps in the market, which charge up to $15 per month.

Add Up To 8 Profiles To Your Account

You can even create up to 8 different profiles with one single account. This means you can use your account to bring your family and friends together for online exercises. You can run, jog, or even go for a ride indoor cycling with this amazing app. There are a lot more features in the app. You can explore them all right now by installing them on your iPhone.

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