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How Can You Succeed in The Online Product Customization Business?

Online Product Customization Business

E-commerce retailers are facing intense competition with the growing trend in online shopping. There is no single rule that would consistently work for the performance of your shops. 

The success of your e-commerce business is determined by how you implement and present the ongoing trends. 

For this, I recommend you to check ImprintNext product designer tool in your e-commerce store. The product configuration/tool by ImprintNext provides one of the newest features that are common with shoppers.

Large sites like,,,, etc. have been some of the essential features in their store and have significantly increased sales. 

However, that does not mean that the personalization of products is an option for major brands only. 

Even for small eCommerce shops with a niche client base, the technology is cheap enough for every seller to implement.

Why Is Product Personalization Essential?

By giving customization choices, brands raise dependability when it’s a higher priority than at any other time. In an ongoing study by Bian, more than 1,200 worldwide executives over a scope of ventures, 67% accepted their clients are getting less faithful to their brand. 

Similarly, customization helps organizations with distinguishing their items from those of their rivals when the Internet is quickly making significant progress — thus making it simpler for clients to contrast items and standard highlights.

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As indicated by Google, 49% of cell phone users utilize their gadgets to analyze costs, and the quantity of cost associated applications is expanding. We found that clients are happy to pay 20% more than the standard price for personalized items. And numerous organizations are effectively charging higher costs per product.

Customization additionally assists organizations with arriving at explicit purchasers. In the age where customers dominate the market, a gathering known for their quick-moving inclinations. 

As a developing consumer power, young customers request more individualized items than their more seasoned partners—they’re not a one-size-fits-all age.

Furthermore, because of the increase in web-based life and internet publishing, styles and patterns change more quickly than at any time in recent memory. Driving dealers to stay aware of changing preferences.

Who Is The Leading Brand In Product Customization?

Nike is the leading brand in the personalization of products right now. In its flagship shores and affiliate stores, the company is actively performing innovative trials to tailor the merchandise throughout-store or online. 

Nike has laid the foundations and now both online and off-market unique goods aggressively.

While most companies are not ready for this level of coordination of development and personnel, they have to see how they type. 

Digital is already changing the retail experience and products purchased from retail stores.

Fortunately, because not many brands set up to put resources into the advanced space, there is a great deal of chance at present — even merely following the pioneer. 

Brands that put forth an attempt to organize their online battles with a computerized segment presently. Therefore, it will discover the little challenge.

Such endeavors likewise will empower brands to increase better client criticism, also and increase some noteworthy information that can help manage future speculations as advanced gets inserted further into the retail experience.

It’s hard to make and oversee a consistent personalization experience without any preparation, and it will inevitably change. 

The brands that start currently will be the ones that succeed later. 

This degree of personalization complexity is the result of coordinated efforts by several teams, which requires planning for something useful for clients and the company.

Advanced is now a force held by each client that strolls in the entryway. It is the ideal opportunity for brands to begin making up for the lost time to their clients so they don’t lose their capacity to be relevant to another age of customers.

What Product Customization Offers You?

A few brands permit purchasers to plan the item they want. It works to add a scope of design features as the buyers prefer their choice.

That is the thing “Indochino” does with its handcrafted suits, which are just accessible on the web. Different organizations prevail by offering minor customization choices. Adding a monogram to a standard shirt or etching a name on a folder case. A few organizations just permit customization in fit or design.

Furthermore, such as Serena and Lily, give “buyer decision packaging.” Shoppers at Serena and Lily’s online store plan their sheet material blends. The procedure may feel individual, yet it doesn’t include real customization: Customers purchase actual items that are then gathered from a distribution center and shipped to them.

Here are some ideas on how product customization can benefit your online sales:- 

01. Design-Templates:

 You should give them a simple design template instead of accepting the clients from scratch. These buyers are not trained artists, so the operation should be smooth. 

It is essential to simplify and work on the design of the feature page. Instead of looking for suggestions on their own, give them the choices. 

Your customers should be able to choose everything from colors and other adaptations by a click. If you don’t have all these features in your product configuration method, choose one like ImprintNext. 

The simpler it is to customize the products of what your customers want, the more revenue you gain.

02. Make Personalization Simple:

There’s a problem with customization. Clients need a straightforward and simple design layout as a beginning stage, instead of a transparent canvas. 

If the online customization is excessively confused, troublesome, or ugly, numerous potential customers may leave your store. They may likewise dismiss such a large number of alternatives. 

That is the reason the best organizations segregate the number of items that can be customized. In footwear, that could mean constraining choices to the 7 to 10 design choices that are both imperative to clients and simple to implement.

03. Sharing Across all Platforms:

The current trend can be called social media sharing. It should be used for the good of your shop. You can use the concept where customers create designs and share them across social media. 

They are always more satisfied with the product as they share designs with friends and family. You can also expect several other potential customers to arrive at your site as they meet satisfied customers who share their designs.

Longchamp gives a Facebook application that permits client creators to share their tote manifestations on the web. Different organizations enable clients to make a virtual list of every one of their plans. 

Organizations can make plan pioneers out of their most imaginative clients, positioning them dependent on the number of supporters and recognizing the generally famous individuals. 

The North Face has propelled a display of designs made by clients for its Denali coat, which fills in as motivation points on other people.

04. Return Policy:

As you find in other standard products, you should be able to offer return policies. If no return or exchange policy exists, the customer must doubt the product and refrain from purchasing it. 

While people do not consider returning self-designed products, the alternative gives them a sense of trust and security. 

The rate of return for custom products is much lower than for other commodities.  Therefore, you have less to lose and more to gain.

You can limit the return policy for the other 10-15 items for personalized goods if you give 30 days return policy. Just make sure that you notify your customers when the package is purchased so that they do not feel cheated. 

You can also check for enhancements to attract more customers.

05. Set your goals:

Do not set targets to deliver all at once. You should keep up a pace to see how and when to introduce personalization with new features. Be specific on everything you have to sell. 

Many companies require only names and numbers to be written on their customized goods while some provide scratch design. 

Make sure to develop experience in any product that you expertise.

06. Enhance your customer experience:

Customization will increase the number of engaging customers. You must make the designing and returning the products seamless if you are to succeed in the world of product customization.

Further retail and brands will raise competitive turnover, remain in contact with their best customers, and decrease prices by giving them the option of design-it-yourself.

Victors will know their objectives, understand how much adaptation they need. Simplify things and create a model that will repeat themselves again and again to delight customers.


Customization of the product and, in particular, successful implementation, can be a challenge for print companies. It transforms the things in their core, and therefore all the processes around them need to be reimagined.

When done correctly, the benefits of product design often outweigh their drawbacks.

The product customization provides remarkable achievement in setting up product design for print e-commerce focused on the areas discussed in this article. 

The aim is to provide enterprises with complete freedom to specify and control the personalization process. And according to their needs while providing world-class user experience and end-user experience.

Author Bio:

Kevin Cook is an eCommerce specialist for Online T-Shirt Design Software at ImprintNext, who has vast experience in web-to-print technology. He offers valuable tips and solutions about ImprintNext Product Design software and other app extensions.

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