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How Office Plants Help Your Profits Grow

Office Plants

The average modern office space is not very friendly. A colour pallet of silver, grey, and white coupled with mostly metal surfaces, and a kind of spare, edgy look to the furniture that makes you fear it might give you a nasty cut if you sit in it wrong, are all the rage these days, a kind of spartan modern dystopia that the robots who eventually come for our jobs will feel right at home in!

It doesn’t have to be that way, and wiser businesses are beginning to clue into the fact that all that soulless drab might not be too good for employee morale! The thing is, humans evolved in nature and it’s still nature we inwardly crave, and even if we have forgotten about it consciously, a part of us still remembers, and that’s why we have city parks! So, how do you get the park into the office building? Easy! You just ring up office plant hire in North Sydney and let their green thumbs do their magic! Their plant experts can put their botany skills to work to make your workplace into a garden of natural delights that will have your employees breathe a sigh of relief when they step into the office to behold the magic of living greenery instead of cold hard steel!

Sound nice? It is! Here are some more reasons why having a well-planted office space is a good thing for everybody!

Better Employee Health One of the most obvious positive effects that office plants have on employees is an almost immediate reduction in sick leave taken! Office plants filter toxins naturally from the rooms they are growing in, creating a fresher, more breathable atmosphere. Many office spaces have very poor ventilation, and are made of less than desirable materials which can put your hard-working team at risk by giving them “sick building syndrome”! It’s a real thing, and nothing to be trifled with, it can make people very ill! Some of the symptoms are nausea, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and breathing problems, and some highly sensitive people even develop flu-like symptoms! The presence of live plants alone can’t always fix all of the health problems this modern office malady causes, but they are proven to provide some relief!

Increased Productivity It is a highly researched fact that offices with no decor at all are considered to be “the most toxic” space for human beings to exist in. You may have thought it was your secondary school maths classroom, but it probably shared some features! All of that stark silver that is so popular these days makes us feel as if we are in a cage! Employees who work in spaces with living plants perform their work much better than those who don’t, the effect is that profound. Workers in planted office spaces are more productive, and have a much easier time staying focused on their tasks!

Decreased Noise Levels If you stop and listen, it’s easy to realize that office spaces are very loud places, there is always a lot of background noise going on from office machinery, temperature control systems,  and people going about their tasks, all echoing off of those hard metallic walls! Even though people are able to learn to tune it out on a conscious level, it’s still there, and it can be highly distracting and annoying, which can make tasks that require focus and concentration harder even if you don’t realize it! The presence of office plants can absorb much of that background noise, softening it so that employees can enjoy a bit of real peace and quiet while they do their work!

Reduced Stress Levels Office plants have a definite positive effect on the reduction of stress and anxiety among employees, with many reporting they felt better about their workplace, more relaxed, and more inspired to do their best work after the plants were introduced!

The Australian Government’s Comcare Office Safety tool that identifies health and safety risks in your work or home office lists plants as one of the most efficacious methods there is to promote good health and mental well-being in the office space. So, if your office is a cold steel nightmare-scape, talk to your employers about all the good things that live plants can do for the employees, and how their profits will grow with them!

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