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5 Simple Musical Instruments to Learn in College

Musical Instruments

If you are a college student thinking of taking on a new significant hobby, learning to play musical instruments is a great option for you to choose. In fact, many schools and universities offer specialized music programs. There are also many tutors, particularly for learning musical instruments, that you can get help with. Playing musical instruments is highly beneficial for you. From joining a band to simply playing music as a means of relaxing, the advantages that you can get are diverse. You can even boost your physical, mental, and emotional state. There are endless reasons for you to consider learning how to play musical instruments.

List of Musical Instruments to Learn in College

After learning how extremely beneficial it is for college students to learn to play musical instruments, you may be interested and convinced to try learning one. Here is the list of musical instruments that you can choose from just in case you want to learn one:


Among the different musical instruments out there, the piano has always been one of the most commonly known by the public. Although piano may seem a little complicated at first, it is still a fantastic way to learn about music. The good thing about a piano is that all of the notes are already laid out in a logical way for you. Aside from that, all of the notes are literally right in front of you. This is why it is also not that hard to get a pleasing sound out of a piano instrument, as it does not require complex body movements. You don’t have to exert so much physical effort in order to play the piano.

Electric Violin

Even though electric violins are not as simple as the other ones mentioned in this article, they are still a great choice for you to learn. Learning to play the electric violin in the right tune will allow you to develop your hearing, dexterity, and finger independence. This is why you should not hesitate to learn to play a violin instrument. Grab the best electric violin available out there and start enjoying the process of learning musical instruments.


Cellos are one of the most versatile stringed musical instruments that are available out there. Cellos are a good instrument that will greatly help you to develop the areas of your brain which are concerned with memory recall. Aside from that, the sound of a cello absolutely encompasses the sounds of its other stringed counterparts. This is the reason why the sound of a cello is unlike any other musical instrument.

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Most of the time, drums seem to be a peculiar choice of a musical instrument, but actually, they are a great instrument to start. If you are able to learn how to play drums, you will definitely possess a great sense of intricacies in terms of rhythm and beats. Learning how to play drums will also improve your physical health as it requires physical force and effort in playing the instrument itself.


In learning to play guitars, you will surely get your fingers hurt at first. However, after achieving it, it will be extremely fulfilling for you. Guitars are very popular with many people. You can play guitar as an accompaniment for a song, you can play it for music and play it for fun. There are also a wide variety of guitar brands that you can choose from.


Although few people believe that music is not as important as the core academic subjects taught in colleges and universities, multiple studies have revealed the benefits of learning musical instruments. Musical instruments are a common remedy for those college students who are feeling stressed and anxious. Not only can it boost your focus and concentration but also it can serve as a defense mechanism against stress and anxiety. If you are still undecided about which particular musical instrument is best for you to learn, this discussion will surely help you come up with a decision. These simple musical instruments are a great list of choices that you can choose from.

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