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MBBS in Philippines and Its Amazing Advantages

MBBS in Philippines

MBBS is itself a hard field to choose, an individual needs to put up hard work and determination to fly high in this course. As it’s a hard course choosing a perfect country with a well recognized university is a must, so here comes the one the best option for you: the Philippines.

The Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries around the globe. The country is also known for having an abundance of beautiful beaches and delicious fruit. The collection of islands is located in Southeast Asia and was named after King Philip II of Spain. That means the Philippines may also offer you some time to chill out which will help you release your tension of studies.

MBBS in the Philippines is a pursuit of excellence, each professional and personal is a way of life. If this best balance describes you, I inspire you to apply to study MBBS withinside the Philippines.

With a literacy rate as high as 96.3 % and English recognized as one of the official languages of the Philippines. The continuous development of over 37 medical faculties withinside the Philippines makes MBBS a really perfect choice for Indian students. 

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As we have introduced you to the brand now let’s show its products with there price, lets some of the university from the Philippines from which you can choose which is suitable to you :-

1. UV Gullas College of Medicine

The environment of the UV Gullas College of Medicine is comfortable and most conducive to engage in learning The university campus is positioned in Cebu. The university is on the central location and accordingly it’s far accessible through all means of land transportation.

Year16-monthsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Pre-MedicalMD ProgramInternship
Tuition Fees (approx.) in RsRs. 7,22,610Rs. 2,98,000Rs. 2,70,000Rs. 2,70,000Rs. 2,70,000
Tuition Fees (approx.) in USD9,700 USD4,350 USD4000 USD4000 USD4000 USD
Hostel Fees(approx.)Rs. 2.97 LakhRs. 1.98 LakhRs. 1.98 LakhRs. 1.98 LakhRs. 1.98 Lakh
Total Fees (approx.)Rs. 8.9 LacsRs. 4.96 LacsRs. 4.96 LacsRs. 4.96 LacsRs. 4.96 Lacs

2. Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical School Foundation was the first medical university placed withinside the city of Mindanao and was established in the year of 1976. Davao Medical School Foundation is the best choice for MBBS because the medical aspirants on this college receive clinical training in the southern Philippines medical center, the Brokenshire Memorial hospital, and San Pedro hospital with 4000 beds.

Particulars1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year5th Year
Tuition Fee (in USD)93755100510051005100
Hostel Fee (in USD)22502600260026002600
Visa Fee (in USD)N.A920920920920
Total Fees (in USD)116258620862086208620

3. AMA School of Medicine

The institute has a list of successful medical practitioners with its case-based curriculum that will develop self-directed and lifetime learners.

During the primary three year course of study, college students understand basic science and clinical science concepts withinside the class of medicine. From the 4th year course of study, college students are taught the practical factors through the exercise of medicine, epidemiologic, health and research based programs.

ParticularPre-Medical (BS)Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Total USDTotal INR
Tuition Fee USD620052005200310020632176315,23,410
Hostel Fee USD2400120012001200120072005,04,000
Total Fee USD860064006400430032632896320,27,410

4. Our Lady Of Fatima University

OLFU has a computer laboratory that is ready with internet access to facilitate networking of all medical college students and research work in medicine. The college has 5 buildings with sophisticated and modern-day medical laboratory gadgets that meet the requirements of the Board of Medical Education.

Year16-monthsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
BSMD ProgramInternship
Tuition Fees in USD (approx.)12,0006400640064006400
Hostel Fees in USD(approx.)1,0001,0001,0001,0001,000
Total Fees in INR (approx.)Rs.9.10 lakhsRs.5.18 lakhsRs.5.18 lakhsRs.5.18 lakhsRs.5.18 lakhs

5. University of Perpetual Help

The University of Perpetual Help is a preferred and apt choice for global aspirants to pursue MBBS withinside the Philippines.

Also referred to as the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD), the college is a pioneer in medical education withinside the Philippines.

Academic yearFee amount in PHPFee amount in INR
Pre-medicine (AP Psychology)4,50,0006,75,000
First Year4,00,0006,00,000
Second Year3,00,0004,50,000
Third Year2,00,0003,00,000
Fourth Year2,00,0003,00,000
Total Fees15,50,00023,25,000

6. Lyceum Northwestern University

The college is located 230 km away from Manila International Airport. Around more than 2000 foreign college students are studying MBBS at Lyceum Northwestern University. Out of which 250+ are Indian college students.

Due to the balanced educational curriculum, the college has been indexed withinside the global directory of medical schools. The college emphasizes on producing compassionate, knowledgeable, highly equipped professionals to enhance the skills of college students to become a doctor.

Academic yearFee amount in PHPFee amount in INR
Pre-medical (BS) Biology5,00,0007,50,000
First Year2,00,0003,00,000
Second Year2,00,0003,00,000
Third Year2,00,0003,00,000
Fourth Year2,00,0003,00,000
Total Fees13,00,00019,50,000

7. Emilio Aguinaldo College

The university gives high quality medical training at a cheap cost. The university is positioned withinside the heart of Manila city. The MBBS degree from this faculty is identified through NMC and other bodies and it is also indexed with WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools).

Year16-monthsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Pre-MedicalMD ProgramInternship
Tuition Fees (approx.)3,47,222 Pesos2,36,111 Pesos2,36,111 Pesos2,36,111 Pesos2,36,111 Pesos
Rs.5.00 lakhsRs.3.40 lakhsRs.3.40 lakhsRs.3.40 lakhsRs.3.40 lakhs
Hostel Fees (approx.)Rs.10,000Rs.10,000Rs.10,000Rs.10,000Rs.10,000
Total FeesRs.5.10 LacsRs.3.50 LacsRs.3.50 LacsRs.3.50 LacsRs.3.50 Lacs

8. Angeles University Foundation

Angeles University Foundation is the best choice to pursue MBBS withinside the Philippines and the college is a pioneer in health science training withinside the Philippines.

The admission procedure of the Angeles University Foundation has commenced and the last date of filing the applications might be 15th July.

ParticularAnnual Fee
Fee in USD (approx)5779.48 USD
Fee in Indian Rupees (approx)4,27,586 INR
Hostel in Rupees (approx)80,000 INR
Total Fee5,07,586 INR

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9. University of Santo Tomas

The University of Santo Tomas is featuring a combination of modern and historic buildings. It’s one of the top five universities withinside the Philippines and ranked among the top 2500 universities worldwide, owing more than one hundred years of quality training.

The University of Santo Tomas gives a wide variety of bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree programs in addition to secondary education programs.

ParticularAnnual Fees
First-Year (BS)2,10,000 INR
Second-Year (BS)2,10,000 INR
First-Year (MD)2,62,500 INR
Second-Year (MD)2,62,500 INR
Third-Year (MD)2,62,500 INR
Fourth-Year (MD)2,62,500 INR
Total Fees14,70,000 INR

Now as we have seen the brand and its products too, let’s jump to what advantage it carries which keeps them in demand, because every individual needs a valid reason to use something. following are the advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines :-

  1. MBBS in the Philippines is affordable & also the cost of residing for Indian students.
  2. Every Philippines medical university follows the US pattern of training which directly allows the scholars who desire to give the USMLE examination.
  3. Higher FMGE passing percent than Ukraine, China, Russia, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan & Germany (2016-17).
  4. In the Philippines, One of the most noteworthy NMC Screening Test passes.
  5. Direct MBBS admission in the Philippines with exceptional medical universities.
  6. All top medical universities in Philippines are identified by – WHO, NMC, ECFMG & WFME
  7. MBBS degree from the Philippines is globally identified.
  8. No donation and capitation prices to take MBBS admission in the Philippines.
  9. IELTS & TOEFL examination isn’t required.

Last thing to be covered, let’s see what it takes to use one of them. As the brand we are talking about has its own eligibility criteria, for making use of the brand an individual needs to clear that criteria. After all, nothing in life comes without struggle. Following are the eligibility criteria for studying MBBS in Philippines :-

  1. The college students need to clear the 10+2 examination with 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as obligatory subjects.
  2. For reserved class students, the marks criterion of 10+2 is 40%.
  3. The college students have to have scored the qualifying marks in NEET UG Examination.
  4. The qualifying marks are stated through the NTA in the cut-off list each year.
  5. The age of the student has to be between 17 to 25 at the time of admission.

So here comes the end MBBS is a worldwide in demand course, which makes it extremely competitive and without dedication and determination an individual can’t make it upto top.

And here I present to you a brand which can help you to fly towards the top. The Philippines is  a country which is often on every MBBS aspirant’s mind as a desired destination to study MBBS. but remember whichever university or country you choose can only take water but you have to drink it by yourself.

And if it’s final in your mind that the Philippines is going to be your new home, then also give some to yourself to chill so that you won’t get stressed out. Where to chill out you know it well if you have read the whole blog. Now finalize your decision and fly to the Philippines, be successful and send me tickets as a bribe.

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