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Mandana Karimi: Net Worth, Salary, and Sources of Earning

Mandana Karimi| Mandana Karimi Net worth, salary, Mandana Karimi earning

The estimated net worth of Bollywood celebrity Mandana Karimi is around $8 million. People might be apprehensive of the Bhaag Johnny fame actress, Mandana Karimi. From starting as model to becoming a fan favorite on the silver screen to doing multiple reality shows as well as launching her fashion label, Mandana Karimi has not only made a name for herself but also managed to amass enough wealth to lead a comfortable lifestyle. But what fans often wonder is how Mandana despite disappearing from the silver screen still managed to have such a fascinating net worth. Let’s dive into those details through this blog.

Mandana Karimi Net Worth:

Mandana Karimi Net Worth:

Mandana Karimi at present stands tall with a whooping net worth of $8 million. This shows her financial acumen and also her successful career. It acts as a testament to her hard work to bring her to the position she has brought herself to today. She has diverse sources of income, this is why despite disappearing from Bollywood she still manages to live a luxurious life and have such impressive net worth. Her varied sources of income, which include movies, YouTube videos, personal investments, and real estate enterprises, contribute greatly to her astounding earnings, which total roughly Rs 70-80 lakhs per year. Her consistent success in the entertainment sector, along with shrewd financial judgments, has catapulted her into financial prosperity. As she continues to enchant audiences with her skill and entrepreneurial endeavors, her net worth is also expected to rise further, solidifying her position as a strong force in the world of popularity and success.

Net Worth Growth

Here is a detail about her net worth accumulation in the past few years

Net Worth in 2023$8 Million
Net Worth in 2022$5 Million
Net Worth in 2021$3 Million
Net Worth in 2020$2 Million
Net Worth in 2019$2 Million

Mandana Karimi Earnings

Mandana Karimi Earnings

Mandana Karimi is a prominent figure in Bollywood. Her journey in Bollywood with critically acclaimed movies like ‘Roy’, “kya Kool Hai Hum 3’ etc. has not only gained her public recognition but also a handsome remuneration has come from these movies

. Now you may wonder that despite not being as prevalent as before on the silver screen how does Mandana still attribute to her financial success? This is because Mandana did not limit her income source to Bollywood. She ventured into the digital realm through her entertaining YouTube channel, where she offers pieces from her personal and professional life. She not only entertains her ever-growing fans on the network, but she also earns a large income via monetization, brand partnerships, and sponsored content. This additional source of income greatly increases her net worth.

Apart from this Mandana is also a shrewd investor which gives her a great passive source of income. Also, the fact that Mandana is a celebrated figure on YouTube, Reality shows and Silver Screen Mandana charges extensively for brand collaborations and endorsements.  Because of her massive popularity and prominent presence on social media platforms, she is an excellent candidate for marketers trying to reach a larger audience. Mandana reinforces her financial standing while linking herself with businesses that resonate with her personal values and aesthetics, charging roughly Rs 18-20 lakhs for every cooperation.

Mandana Karimi Bio:

Mandana Karimi, whose original name is Manizeh Karimi, is a famous Iranian Actress born in an Iranian Muslim family on 19th May 1988. As of 2023, she continues to keep up her glamorous look despite being 35 years old. After taking up several successful modeling ventures she made an appearance in the famous Bollywood movie, Bhaag Johnny and the famous Indian reality show, Big Boss 9. She is the daughter of  Reza Karimi, an Iranian Shia Muslim, and Saba Karimi, an Indian Sunni Muslim. She spent her early childhood in Tehran. 

Mandana Karimi Career: 

Mandana Karimi earlier began her career as a Cabin Attendant. However, she quit her job to pursue her modeling career. She worked on several modeling projects till 2010, after which she came to Mumbai. She has made an appearance in the famous Bollywood movie Bhaag Jhonny and has also shared the screen during advertisements with various Bollywood celebrities, like Shahrukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, etc. She also was a part of the Indian Reality show, Bigboss season 9 where she became the second runner-up. Later, she worked in the famous Starplus serial, “Ishqbaaz”. However, last year in 2022, she was part of a controversial show “Lock Upp” where she entered as a wild card contestant. Ekta Kapoor is the producer of the show, while the Bollywood fame Kangana Ranaut is the host of the show. She is an Iranian Actress, and model who has been a part of several successful modelling projects. She played the supereminent role in the Bollywood movie, Bhaag Johnny. She has also been a part of the notorious Indian reality show, Bigboss. She appeared in the 9th Season and became the second runner-up. Her original name is Manizeh Karimi.

Is Mandana Karimi married?

Is Mandana Karimi married?

 Mandana Karimi got engaged to Gaurav Gupta the Indian Representative from Mumbai in July 2016. However, the couple tied the knot the next year in court. Their court marriage was followed by a grand Indian Hindu Wedding in March 2017.

Controversies Revolving Around Mandana Karimi’s Life

The life of Mandana Karimi has revolved around controversies like moon revolves around earth, Yes that’s a lot! Some of the controversies that made headlines were

  1. It wasn’t a controversy but made quiet a buzz in media when she left Iran to pursue her career in showbiz, despite the strict scenario for women in Iran.
  2. Another controversy happened when she married her boyfriend Gaurav Gupta and them converted to Hinduism from Islam.
  3. She then got divorced from her husband within 6 months and accused him of domestic violence.
  4. Mandana and her controversial pictures on social media is no surprise to anyone.
  5. Last but not the least her fights in the reality TV show ‘Lockup’ is still tailing her. From fights with Ali, Asma Falla, Nisha Rawal to payal she has left quiet a controversial record. 

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