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Make Cycling More Enjoyable with the Right Accessories

Cycling More Enjoyable

No matter the reason for making it part of your lifestyle, cycling is undoubtedly one of the greatest sports. Your bike can be your means of transport to and back from work, as well as a way to get in shape and shed some kilos. As such, it’s a solution that can help you with your optimal well-being, curing you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Simply said, cycling is a fun and healthy activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Of course, there are situations and things that can interfere with the enjoyment. Some of these can be a growling belly from hunger as you pedal long-distance, painful foot and hand blisters that can harsh your mellow, and even rain and strong winds. So, for the rides to be as enjoyable as can be, you need to rely on certain items that are designed to boost your comfort.

As you prepare for your rides, you’re going to stumble upon a range of practical cycle accessories online stores and retailers are full of, each of which is more appealing and useful than the other. To prevent you from bankrupt right away, it’s best you first choose the most essential pieces and leave the rest for your future riding adventures and shopping sprees. The following are some ideas on categories of what’s crucial.

Accessories to Take Care of Your Safety

Say what you will, but there are no more important accessories than those concerning your safety. If you aren’t safe, then you’re not really enjoying your rides to the fullest! You may be thinking of helmets immediately upon reading about this category, and you’d be right – wearing helmets is mandatory in all parts of Australia. Besides helping you avoid paying exorbitant fines, a helmet is the first and most crucial component of safe cycling.

As the latest statistics show, the mandatory helmet laws are responsible for halving cycling fatalities which were common during the pre-law period. With this thought in mind, if you care to further boost your protection, you may also include elbow, wrist and knee pads as part of your basic protective gear. Other essential cycle accessories online shops can provide you with are front and tail lights because they offer you the right amount of light that’s needed during night rides. In addition to the separate options, there are convenient sets of the two available too.

Same as they help you with the visibility, they make you visible to others in the traffic. They also assist with this during bright and direct sunlight when it’s just as easy to have trouble with visibility. Much like the quality flashlights, these convenient bike light models are weather-resistant, USB rechargeable, easily mounted, and come with several modes that let you choose the number of lumens you require for your specific ride and conditions.

An extra step you should take when it comes to visibility includes purchasing hi-vis clothes. Unlike in the past when these pieces had nothing to offer on the stylish side, today’s designs are equally functional and trendy. You know what this means, right? You’ve got no more excuses about failing to invest in cycling clothes! And last but not least, you can’t say you’ve completed the “safety” bit without a proper bike bell and a sturdy bike lock. Such pieces are now among the popular accessories because they’re very stylish too and can seamlessly increase your bike’s aesthetic.

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Accessories to Take Care of Your Weather Protection

When you truly commit to cycling as a hobby, or rather as a way of life, you ride regardless of the weather. Come heavy rain, scorching sun, high winds, or snow, you’re determined to keep on pedalling so it’s only logical to get equipped with the accessories designed to protect you from the elements.

First and foremost, you need to dress up properly for the conditions you’re riding in. Specialised cycling apparel is created with premium properties in the example of moisture-wicking, thermo-regulation, and quick-drying. So, even if you already like your cotton outfits, synthetics are better if you want to arrive at your destination with as little perspiration and the feeling of cold or heat as possible.

In late spring and summer, it’s imperative to dress up in pieces that are lightweight and airy, whereas in autumn and winter, layering up will save your chilly rides. Other key components you can’t do without are goggles, which protect your precious eyes and keep the annoying bugs away, and natural sunscreen that’s advisable to use year-round if you like your skin youthful and radiant.

As for the handy cycle accessories online retailers have for your beloved smartphone, you can’t leave home without a protective phone case as well as a slip-on cover. Look for covers that are made from durable and transparent TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) since they won’t hinder your use of the screen or any of the side buttons. Lastly, if splashes and dirt are a nuisance, and you mostly ride through muddy, bumpy terrains, a pop-up bicycle shield and mudguards are more than welcome.

Accessories to Take Care of Your Comfort

Comfort is a must for any rider, no matter how long or short the rides may be. If you don’t count on comfortable rides, then chances are you won’t be in the mood for cycling as often as you would when everything is just peachy. Now, comfort can mean a lot of things, but if we had to narrow down the options of bikes accessories in this case, then it would be the following items.

No one likes to ride heavily loaded with items, but there are essentials you simply shouldn’t imagine leaving out which is why you first need to deal with the clutter and organisation. Finding the right bag is mandatory, and the choice of design depends entirely on your taste, and your requirements regarding the size, shape, mounting and compartments.

There are hybrid designs that double as hydration packs too and this simplifies hydration time. If utmost convenience is what you’re after, a backpack is an ideal option, however, if you care about additional storage, baskets, saddle and handlebar bags, panniers and trunk bags are all at your disposal.

Once you find the bag of your dreams, don’t forget to fill it up with necessities like water (lots of water!), nutritious bars or drink mixes and cramp fixes that have all the nutrients you need to keep pedalling because it’s all fun and games until hunger or cramps surprise you. The same can be said about blisters, so make up a first-aid kit with band-aids, blister plasters, sterile wipes for dressing, some tape, analgesics, saline pods and antihistamines and wrap them up nicely in zip-log bags.

Speaking of blisters, if you want to prevent them or nip them in the bud, you may want to go the extra mile and find your ideal handlebars, pedals, and shoes to ensure you get the right dose of ergonomics and support. A great cyclist is prepared for anything!  

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